The Circuit Walk. Islington.132

The Circuit Walk. Islington.

Tillingham in Comitat. Essex. per annos 5. Et postremum hujus Ecclesiæ Rector annis 9. Hic expleto Curriculo subtus sepultus felicem resurrectionem sperat. Natus anno 1584. Denatus 1638. Vitam duxit c┼ôlibem.

Vixi, nec quicquam vel vitæ nomine dignum     
Sensi, vel quare longa petenda foret.     
Hic situs est, qui res divinas calluit, Artes     
Omnes, cui lingua, & plurima & una fuit.     
Qui benè Judicio purum solidavit acumen,     
Famam ultra prudens, ac sine teste pius.     
Qui potuit citiùs quam quærere munus obire,     
Seu quod Civilis, seu Toga doctu regit.     
Mens humilis fuit in sublimi Corpore, pectus     
Sincerum donans, dextera Penna volans.     
Pulcher erat primo, cum vir, Virtute venustus,     
In sene, Mors vixit, dormit is illa fuit.

Middle Ile.

On a flat Stone before the Pulpit:

Deceased Septemb. Anno Dom. 1652.
Here was interred the Body of John Leigh, Gent. Son of John Leigh of Leigh Hall in the County of Lancaster, Gent. Who was married to Talbot, Daughter of Benjamin Pigot of Gravehurst in the County of Bedford, Esq;. By her Direction this Monument was made.

Two other ancient flat Burial Stones, with Effigies and Inscriptions in Brass, but torn away.

On the South is a Chappel, sometime belonging to the Pophams, Lords of the Manour.

North Ile.

Against the North Wall, near the East, is an ancient Table Monument without any Inscription. On the Side are some Shields. One bears the three Nails of the Cross; another, the Cross, with the Crown of Thorns hanging on it.

An ancient flat Stone, with Saxon Capital Letters round it, hard to be read.

Under this Stone, in a Vault, lyeth the Body of James Porter of Newington Green, Gent. Who departed this Life the 26th of August, 1693. Aged 67 Years. Also of his Wife, and George his Son.

John Stocker, Esq; buried by his Fader in S. Thomas Chapel in the Church of Stoke Newington in Middlesex. By his Will dat. Sept. 13, 1500, gives several Lands in Newington and Crepulgate.]


Reg. Lond.



WInding West from the Parish of Hackney, by Dorleston and Kingsland, Wards in the said Parish, is Iseldon, corruptly and commonly called Islington, placed pleasantly upon an Hill: Whence is a fine Prospect of London, on the North West Side of it.]

J. S.

In the Church at Islington are these ensuing MONUMENTS.


In the Chancel, on the South Side, is this Inscription:

Under the Hope of the Resurrection,

Here lyeth the Body of Alice Owen, Widow, the Daughter of Thomas Wilkes. She was first married to Henry Robinson. By whom she had six Sons, John, William, Henry, John, Thomas, Henry. Which said Henry the younger was married unto Mary the Daughter of Sir William Glover, Kt. Alderman of London. And five Daughters; Margaret, married to Sir John Bret of Edmonton in the County of Middlesex, Kt. Susan, Anne, and Anne the younger married Robert Rich of Horndon on the Hill in the County of Essex, Esquire; and Alice, married to John Washborn of Withingfoord in the County of Worcester, Esquire.
The second Husband was William Elkin, Esquire, Alderman of the City of London; by whom she had Issue only Ursula Elkin, married to Sir Roger Owen of Condover in the County of Salop, Knight.
The third Husband was Thomas Owen, one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas to Q. Elizabeth.

On a fair Stone in the Chancel is the following Inscription.

Sperat Resurrectionem
Militis & Baronetti
Natu tertius)
En! Christi Regno sum.
Qui moritur, vivit Christo: huic mors
Semita, Ductor
Angelus, ad vitam janua Christus erit.

Hac iter ad superos, calcans vestigia lethi,     
Intrabam Christi Regia, Templa Dei.

12o die Mensis Julii, An. Dom. 1627.

On the North Side of the Chancel is thus written:

Here lyeth buried the Body of NICOLAS KEMPE, Knight, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, and an Honourable Member of the High Commission Court, &c. Who had to his first Wife Cicelia; with whom he lived in blessed Amity near forty Years together; with Sarah his second Wife six Years: And having past, with much Prosperity, Love, and Credit, the reverend Years of 72, he changed this terrestrial Condition, for that everlasting State of Blessedness, the Third of September, 1624.

Wise, loving, liberal, religious, just:
Those Graces fill'd the Soul of him, whose Dust
Lies here intomb'd, all that Praise can bring forth,
There are not Words enough t'express his Worth:
For his good Works, this Stone cannot comprise
Half the Particulars of his Pieties:
What Goodness ever was, is, and to come,
In mortal Man, that makes up his just Sum.

Near this is a Stone for D Kempe, married to Thomas E and after to Sir Kt. She dyed 1650, in the 77th Year of her Age.]

J. S.

Another Monument on the North Side of the Chancel, hath this Inscribed:


Vivit post funera virtus.
Here lyeth the Body of William Richorne, late of Canonbury, Esq; Which William married with Anne the Daughter of John Quarles of London, Merchant, and dyed without Issue the 18th Day of November, in the Year of our Lord God 1582, and in the 54th Year of his Age.

A Monu-