Hackney. Stoke Newington.131

Hackney. Stoke Newington.

1669.Henry Mongers, Esq; payable by Sir John Casse, Kt. and his Heirs12 00 0
 For these Uses. 
 To Mr. Monger's six Alms-men, by 30s. a-piece 9 00 0 
 For Stock to repair the Alms-Rooms 3 00 0 
1670. Joanna Martin. 
 Sir Stephen White, Kt. gave 100l to purchase per Ann.5 00 0
 For which the Parish have the Field Revenleys: To be bestowed for the Use of the Poor, by the Churchwardens, and two other Inhabitants, to be chosen at Easter, yearly. 
1675.Anne Wood5 00 0
 Payable out of certain Marsh Land, on the 5th Day of November. Given for these Uses: 
 To the Vicar, for a Sermon on the 5th of Novemb. 1 00 0 
 To 16 poor Widows past Labour, at 5s. a-piece 4 00 0 
1677. Tho. Hawks, Esq; 200l. to the Poor, that is per Ann.12 00 0
1678.Sir Stephen White, Kt. gave 100l. more, that is per Ann.5 00 0
1679.Mr. Tho. Jameson, late Vicar, gave 100l. to the Goldsmiths Company in Trust, to be paid yearly, the 10th of March5 00 0
 For these Uses: 
 To the Vicar, for a Sermon to be preached on Good Friday 1 00 0 
 To the Poor on that Day, by 12d. a-piece 1 10 0 
 To the Vicar, for a Sermon to be preached on Holy Thursday 1 00 0 
 To the Poor, on that Day, by 12d. a-piece 1 10 0 

And more of late, these Gifts following:

1706.4l. per Ann. The Gift of Mrs. Johanna Hussey, to the Poor of Hackney for ever, payable at Michaelmas yearly, and is issuing out of Lands of greater annual Value, lying in Hackney Marsh.
1714.March. Mr. John Hammond, deceased, by his last Will, left 100l. to be continued and put out at Interest, upon good Security, by the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor: The Profits to be distributed in Manner following:
 3l. 12s. Part of the yearly Interest and Profit thereof shall be laid out and distributed by 3s. a Week in Bread, on every Lord's Day, between Michaelmas and Lady-day, in every Year, unto 12 poor Housekeepers belonging to the Parish: And the Residue of the Interest and Increase thereof shall be once in four Years paid and applied towards and for the setting out of a poor Boy of the Parish an Apprentice to some honest Employment, whereby he may get himself a Livelihood.
1716.An Anniversary Sermon, to be preached on New-Years Day, given by a Person unknown; yet alive.

In this Parish stands Kingsland: Where there is an ancient Hospital, with a Chapel. Some Account whereof, this Extract, from an old Will in the Bishop of London's Register, will shew.


John Pope, Citizen and Barber, by his Will dat. 1437, gave to the Masters and Governours of the House of Lepers, called Le Lokes, at Kyngeslond without London, an annual Rent of 6s. 8d. issuing out of certain Shops and Tenements situate in Shetebone Lane, [Shereborn Lane] in St. Mary Abchurch Parish, towards the Sustentation of the said House at Kingeslond for ever.

Hospital at Kingsland.



ONE Ward of Hackney Parish lying North-West, is called Stoke Newington, and lies upon the great Northern Road: On the West Side of which Road is the Parish of Stoke Newington, and Newington Green; pleasantly situated, and full of fine Country Houses for Citizens, being about 3 or 4 Miles from London. The Minister's Living hath been lately augmented by the Rent of certain Houses given by Dr. Sympson, late Incumbent there.

Regist. Lond.

The Monuments that shew themselves in this Church, are these that follow:

In the Chancel:

Against the South Wall, a very handsome large and somewhat ancient Monument, with Pillars of different Marble, presents a Knight kneeling, and a Lady facing him, kneeling also; and behind her a Daughter: A Head-piece behind him. The Epitpah is this:

Under him:

Vivo miles Christo ductore triumpho,     
Stix, caro, mors, mundus cuncta subacta mihi,
Exivi terris fessus, velut bistrio scenâ:     
Acta est ætatis fabula longa meæ.
Finis adest, clare spectantes plaudite, vixi,     
Et cum desisto vivere, vivo magis.

Under her:

Vivo, sed absque meo, mors est mihi vita, marito:     
Cumque viro veris sum viduata bonis.
Charus eras summis imísque benignus, at uni,     
O! mihi quam charus quámque benignus eras?
Rara fuit Pietas; Genus & tibi nobile: Vixi:     
Tu cum desistis vivere, vivo minus.

Lower on the Base, are these Verses:

Vivo prius durus mutúsque, sed undique mutor,     
Ore loquax, mollis pectore fio Lapis.
Me tua mollivit (mi Dudlei) vivida Virtus;     
Quæ tam sancta fuit vita perennis erit.
Et quæ freta viro optato simul optima vixti,     
Tu (neque desistis vivere) vivis adhuc.

Over his Head is writ,

Obiit 29 Decembr. Anno Dom. 1580.

On the East Wall, North of the Table, is this Inscription:

Johannes Taverner, natus in Comitat. Hertfordiensi, Familia honesta, Parentibus piis & probis. A prima Infantia Literis operam dedit; primò, sub privato magistro: dein Westmonasterii institutus, Cantabrigiæ studuit per annos 8. Ubi etiam Magisterii gradum suscepit. Dein Oxonii per annos 5. Posteaquam Joanni King Episcopo Londinen. a Libellis per annos 9. & unus Prælectorum in Collegio Gresham, Londini, per annos 28. Demúmq; Sacris Ordinibus susceptis, Vicarius de