The Circuit Walk. Hackney.130

The Circuit Walk. Hackney.

This Parish is endowed with these annual Revenues of Charity for the Relief of their Poor, and Reparation of their Church and Ways.

   l. s d.
1603.Tho. Herne, to the Poor in Bread2 12 0
1613.Will. Swaine gave 100l. to the Poor, for which the Parish have Hilly Field. 
1616.Mrs. Margaret Audley gave 700l. to the Skinners Company in Trust, for these Uses, at four quarterly Payments yearly, viz. 
 Towards the Maintenance of the Schoolmaster of the Free-School20 00 0
 To the Poor for Bread 5 04 0
 For the Repair of the Church, if needful, otherwise, for the Poor in Coals5 16 0
 To repair Bridges, Stiles, and Rails, which she had made betwixt Clapton and Shoreditch, if needful; otherwise, to the Churchwardens for other Uses4 00 0
1618.Hugh Johnson, sometime Vicar, for the Drapers in Trust, for the Poor, and Collectors for the Poor, with the Advice of the Vicar or Minister, per Ann.10 00 0
1620.Sir Henry Rowe, to the Mercers Company in Trust, 
 To the Poor, in Bread 2 12 0 
 ------------ in Coals 2 04 0 
 ------------ 4 16 0
1624.Valentine Pool, to the Poor8 00 0
1625.Richard Cheyney, Esq; payable by the Churchwardens of St. Mary Woolnoth, London,2 00 0
1626.Henry Banister, Esq; to the Goldsmiths Company in Trust, to put out four Children Apprentices8 00 0
1632.Bp. Dolben, sometime Vicar of this Parish, gave 30l. 

I will here insert, in Memory of this pious Bishop, his Letter, wrote scarce a Fortnight before his Death, to the Inhabitants of Hackney, concerning his charitable Gift, as it is extant in their Parish Books: Communicated to me by the present Vicar, the Rev. Mr. Peter Newcome.

To the Inhabitants of the Parish of Hackney, but especially to the poorest Sort of People, that maintain their Livelihood by Carriage of Burthens to the City of London: All Blessing from the Fountain above and below, be multiplied upon you.

Bp. Doulben's Letter concerning his Gift.

Mr. Pet. Newcome.

I DAVID, by the permission of God, Bishop of BANGOR, sometime your unworthy Pastor, in Testimony of my unfeigned Christian Love to you, as to the Place where I was so much beholden unto you all, do earnestly entreat you to accept and take in good Part, this Mite of 30l. according to my poor Estate: Which I have sent unto you by my worthy Friend Mr. Richard Davies; to be employed for continuing and everlasting repairing (I hope) to Posterity, of the Causeway, or Footway leading from Clapton and Hackney Church unto Shoreditch. Which poor Mite of 30l. I do desire may be employed or laid out on some proportionable Parcel of Ground, Tenement, or yearly Rent-charge, or otherwise, by my loving Acquaintance, Mr. Richard Davies, Mr. George Robins, and Mr. Roger Jones, as soon as possible may be: But with the Approbations of my Right Worthy Friends, Sir William Bulstrode, Mr. John Baily, Mr. John Milward, and Mr. William Cheney, or by any four of these Men.

And likewise my Desire and Request is, that the said yearly Rent, issuing out of the said Lands, Tenement, or Rent-charge, may be, by Order of the Vestry, yearly paid unto the Churchwardens, for the Time being, of the said Parish: And the Churchwardens to be accountable thereof.

And lastly, my earnest Desire is, that according to my said Trust, the said Rent, with its Profits, or Increase, at every 3 or 4 Years, being accompted for by itself, and particularly reserved for that Use, may be employed every 3d or 4th Year at the farthest, for the sufficient Repair of the said Way. Conceiving, for divers Reasons, that it will not be requisite to repair it oftener. Wherein I do earnestly desire the Vicar for the Time being, in the Bowels of Charity, to have a special Care to accomplish this my Request.

Provided always, that if there be a Surplusage remaining of the said Rent, after the Repair or Mending of the said Way at the Term aforesaid, that then the said Money and Surplusage shall be distributed by the Discretion of the Vicar, Churchwardens, and four of the ancientest substantial Parishioners, among them of the poorest Families, that have the greatest Charge of Children: Also, likewise provided, that if it may appear that the said 30l. it shall revert and be for the Use of the Poor of the Town of Denbigh, where I was born.
Your faithful Friend and
Servant in the Lord Jesus,
David Bangor.
Bangor-House in Shoe-
Lane, London, this 11th
Day of Novemb. 1633.

 George Humble, Esq; gave 50l. for annual Rent5 00 0
 To repair the Foot Path from Clapton and Hackney Church to Shoreditch 1 10 0 
 To twelve poor People, in Bread 2 10 0 
 At the Discretion of the Vestry 1 00 0 
 The Parish gave 20l. 
1664.Sir Tho. Viner gave 80l. 
1666.Mr. Tho. Viner gave 100l. 
 The Parish 5l. 
 Whereby is purchased the House called the Queen's Head, at the yearly Rent of12 00 0
 For these Uses: 
 To put forth poor Peoples Children Apprentices 5 03 9 
 To the Poor, in Bread 3 12 0 
 To be distributed among the Poor every Christmas Day, at the Discretion of the Minister and Churchwardens 4 04 3 
1668.George Clark, Esq; payable by Alderman Thorold, and his Heirs, on the 17th of Novemb.6 00 0
 For these Uses: 
 To the Vicar, for a Sermon on that Day, commemorating Q. Elizabeth's Acces. to the Crown 1 00 0 
 To the Clark and Sexton 0 10 0 
 To six poor Widows in Dr. Spurstow's Alms-house, by 5s. a-piece. 1 10 0 
 To twelve 3 00 0 

1669. Henry