Henry Lord Percy, Earl of Northumberland, of the most Honourable Order of the Garter. Who dyed 1537, 29 H.8. the last Day of July.

Sergeant Alexander a Lawyer, who, in his Inscription, was charactered to be,

Sacer Ecclesiéq; Deiq;
Cultor, & in populo Pacificator erat.

He dyed 1438.

The Date of his Death being set out by this Distick:

Sono ter deno bis centeno quater anno,
Milleno Domini qui pius assit ei.

Alice Ryder, she dyed 1517.

Her Pourtraiture was in Brass, with a Milk Pail upon her Head. She seems to have been a Milkwoman, and to have obtained great Wealth by selling it into the City. She was said to have been a good Benefactress to the Church. This was her Epitaph:

For the Sowl of Allis Ryder of your Cherite,
Say a Pater noster, and an Ave.

Hic jacet in fossa Robertus Stork, Elizabet uxor suo honore vivebant Pauperes debiles & alebant Robert. obiit primo die mensis Octobris, Ao. Dni. Mo CCCCo XVI. Elizabet. obiit die mensis, Ao. Dni. Mo CCCCo.
Quorum aiab. propitietur Deus.

Jone Onely, the onely most faithful Wiff of John Onely of Warwickshire, Esquire: To whose Sowl the onely Trinity be merciful, Amen. She dyed 1525.

By another industrious Collector of Monuments, she is written, Jane, Daughter of Henry Smith of Shersard in the County of Warwyke.

MSS. Hutton. in Off. Armor.

William Heneage, the Son of Robert Heneage, one of the King's Auditors. Dyed Aug. the 5th, 1535.

John Elryngton, Filycer [or Filazer] of London, and Keeper of the Records of the Common Pleas. Departed 1504. He was Founder of a Guild in this Church.

Robert Walsingham, third Clerk of the Spicery to K. Henry the Eighth, [and Margaret his Wife.] Dyed 1522. [1524.]

By the Review of these Persons here interred, one might conclude, that many of the Nobility and Court in former Times, chose to have their Country Seats at Hackney.

To all the rest, I add these few very ancient.

Here lyes Jone Curteys, the Daughter of Shordych, Anno 1399. This Gentleman might give Denomination to that old House near Well-street in this Parish, called Shoreditch Place.

Roger Ford, 1453.

John Butterfield, 1454.

Tho. Symond, May 11, 1542.

John Catcher, May 9, 1487.

Henry Therket, 1503.

John Jenyings, 1423.

William Lowthe, of London, Goldsmith, 1528.

John Hern, Esq; hath a Monument without an Inscription or Date: And was the Founder of this Church, as I take it, by the Representations of Herons graven in Stone upon every Pillar of the Church.

Monuments in the Churchyard.

On the North Side of the Church are these Table-Monuments adjoining to the Church.

Near the little Chancel Door is a Table Monument for Bailiff, thus inscribed:

You that remain, disturb not the Rest of the Body of THOMASINE, when she lived, the Wife of John Bailiff, Esq; here under this Stone preserve the Dust, by the Power of the Almighty, unto the appointed Day for the Resurrection of the Just. She died the 2d Day of Febr. in the Year of Christ her Redeemer 1641.

Another well wrought Table Monument of Marble, more West, on the same Side, is set up for Thomas Trench, a very honest, discrete, charitable, pious, as well as wealthy Merchant of London, while he lived; buried here according to his last Desire, with this Inscription only:

Here lyeth the Body of Tho. Trench, Esq; who dyed the 10th of December 1699. Aged 51. Near this Place ly Rebecca and Thomas his Children, that dyed very young.

On this Side also East, is a Monument for George and James Sons of Andrew Hutchinson, and Luce his Wife. The former dyed An. 1688. The latter 1689.

A raised Monument also on this Side adjoining to the Church, for William Gray, Citizen and Merchant Tayler of London. Who dyed Aug. 5, 1663. And his Son Josiah Gray, 1669, aged 26.

On the South Side of the Church, in the Churchyard, is a Monument for John Burstall, late of London, Merchant: Who dyed 28 May, 1681. Aged 40.

Another more West, for John Kent, Chirurgeon. Who dyed 1660.

At the West End of the Churchyard, a fair Table Monument somewhat ancient, without any Inscription, or Coat of Arms.

There be many other raised Tombs lately made in the same Churchyard. One of the last on the North Side is, for Sarah Hill, Widow of the Reverend John Hill of Worcestershire, who dyed 18 Dec. 1715, the 87th Year of her Age.

Reader, if thou wouldst know her Character, examine all the Duties of Nature and Religion: Which, as conscious of the End of her Being, she fulfilled. And then go, and do thou likewise.

To all the rest, I add this Inscription upon a Head-Stone in the East Part of the Churchyard.



A Maid near Eighteen, we have laid in this Green,     
To rest herself here a short Space:
And after that Time, this Rose in her Prime,     
Shall rise up again by God's Grace.
Anno 1716.