The Circuit Walk. Hackney.128

The Circuit Walk. Hackney.

Next to this, against the Wall in the Chancel, is a little neat Monument of white Marble, thus inscribed:

Near this Place lyeth interred the Body of John Stock, late of London, Gent. born at Royle in Comitat. Lancast. May 18, 1631. Descended from a very ancient and good Family. Ob. 17 Jan. 1703. Ætat. 73.

Lower in this South Ile, against the Wall, is this Inscription in guilded Letters, for the Father of the wealthy and wise, notable and prosperous East India Merchant, Sir Josiah Child, Bart.

Richard Child, Merchant of London, died May the 7th, 1638. And Elizabeth his Wife, late Wife of Thomas Sone, Citizen and Grocer of London, departed Jan. 1. 1670. Left behind her two Sons, and one Daughter, by her first Husband, viz. John, Josia, and Anna.

Lower towards the Belfrey is a vey comely Table Monument of black Marble polished, inscribed with Letters deeply engraven:

Here lyeth the Body of Mrs. FREDESWEDE KEKEWICH, Wife of Mr. Samuel KEKEWICH, Merchant. Who dyed in Puerto Sta. Maria, [in Spain] the 29th of Aug. 1693.

And there also is buried her Husband, being a Gentleman of a good Family in Cornwall; who dyed about the Year 1701.

Under the Belfrey, another fair Table Monument of black Marble, with this Inscription:

Her ly the Bodies of Capt. Robert Dean: Who dyed the 13th of Febr. 1699, the 46th Year of his Age. And Mary, and Robert, and Katharine his Children, who all dyed before him.

This was lately erected at the Charge of his Wife, now or late living at Portsmouth.

At the lower End of the North Ile of the Church, joyning to the Wall, is a Table Monument of black Marble polished, for

JOHN DOD, Citizen and Mercer of London; Son of Peter Dod of Tussingham in Cheshire, Gent. by Jane his Wife. Who married MARY Daughter of Richard THOROWGOOD, Esquire, Alderman of London, and Elizabeth his Wife. By whom he left Issue five Sons, and one Daughter, viz. Benjamin, Richard, John, Piers, Edward, Mary. He departed this Life June the 4th, 1688. Ætat. 44.

On the Stone in this Coat: On a Fesse three Crescents, between two Bars wavy.

Against this Wall, at the West End of the Church, is set up a handsome Monument of white Marble, of Tho. Cartwright's making, with this Inscription:

Prope jacent Cineres BENJ. DOD, Generosi & Civis Londinensis: Ob patrium ferè in suos, & verè fraternum animum, ab iis præcipuè multum Lugendi: Ob genii autem Probitatem & Mores suauissimos, ab omnibus desideratissimi. Qui vitæ benè transactæ Documentis mortis incertæ Monitionem adjecit, præcipiti ex Equo Casu immaturè, improvisò decumbens, Anno Ætat. 32. Domini 1706.

Memorati etiam jacet chara, unica & dilectissima Soror MARIA CRADDOCK, ejusdem Tumuli Consors, tridui solummodò superstes: Hujus vitæ exuvias deponens in spem melioris.     
Obiit { Jun. 10.     
{ Ætat. 19.

The two last Monuments set up in this North Ile, somewhat higher against the North Wall, are,

One for Richard de Beavoir of Balmes in the County of Middlesex, Esq; of the Island of Guernsey. Who departed this Life the 17th of June, An. D. 1708, in the 67th Year of his Age. His Arms, Argent, a Cheveron Gules, between three Quatrefoils of the same.

The other higher Eastward, In Memory of Mr. James Cæsar Paget of London, French Merchant. Who dyed the 11th of Dec. 1714. In the 80th Year of his Age.

In the Body of the Church, upon a flat white Stone, this Inscription:

Here lyeth the Body of Robert Matson, Citizen and Salter of London. Departed the 18th of Novemb. 1695. Aged 44.

The Body of Edward Matson, Citizen and Grocer of London. Departed the 30th of Sept. 1688. Son of John Matson of Dover, and Mary his Wife.

Mr. John Johnson, departed the 4th of Novemb. 1686.

On a fair Marble:

The Body of Sarah the loving and beloved Wife of John Pierse. She departed the 26th of Aug. 1702. And John Pierse, their Son, the 23d of Jan. 1694. Aged 4 Years.

The Coat, A Bend wavy, between two Unicorns Heads erazed.

In the Body of the North Ile, a fair Stone covering the Body of Mr. Thomas Cook, Merchant: Who departed the 20th of Decemb. 1694, in the 60th Year of his Age.

And lower, under another Marble Stone, Alex. Johnstown, Esq; Buried 1709. Aged 60.

A Hatchment upon a Pillar in the Chancel Northward, thus Inscribed:

In the Vault near this Place lyeth the Body of Dame Katharine Reynolds, Widow to Sir Samuel Reynolds of Castle Camps in Cambridgeshire: Who was buried the 3d of March, 1658, in the Year of her Age 52. Also the Bodies of Phebe Berry her Mother, and Elizabeth South her Sister.

In this Church was buried Frances the Wife of John Mauchel or Machel of Hackney, Esq: Daughter to Will. Coton of Panfield in Essex, Esq; Dyed at her House in Homerton, May 11, 1574, in Childbed: Deliver'd of two Children, John Son and Heir, and Frances. Buried May 21. But her Monument (if she had any) is gone.

The Monuments of many more of ancienter Times are perished and gone; and so had their Names and Memories too, had they not been preserved by an industrious Antiquarian in the former Age. Some of the most remarkable I shall sepecify.

J. Wever.