deceased in this Parish on the 25th of July, An. Dom. 1628. Aged 90. He was,

The Hand of Amity to all deserving,
The Heart of Integrity in all his Dealing,
Anf the Soul of Sincerity in religious Living.

And of Anne his Wife: Who, after his Decease, married to Sir William Bulstrode of the County of Rutland, Kt. She left this Life on the 4th of Jan. Anno Dom. 1633. Aged 55. She was,

The Mirrour of Discretion, in chusing and using her Friends,
The Platform of Providence for her Kindred,
And the Patern of Piety both in Publick and Private.

Reader, note this, and labour to lay down,
Such Earnest for an everlasting Crown.

A Tablet hung up very near this Monument, thus inscribed:

An Epitaph,
Made by Sir William Bulstrode, Kt. upon the Death of his most dear Wife Anne Lady Bulstrode; and consecrated to the Memory of her excellent Vertues, and his faithful Affection.

Sad Fate! Here lies interred Woman's Glory:
Whose rich and rare Endowments were a Story,
Fit for the shrill and golden Trump of Fame
To make eternal: That her vertuous Name
Might be a sober Pattern, Rule, and Guide,
To all her frailer Sex: In whom, beside
Her modest Beauty, grave, and pious Wit,
Wisdom, and Judgment, so enthron'd did sit,
And so unnatur'd in her female Passion,
As all the Actions of her Life, Discretion
Did always measure: And to crown her Praise,
Religion was the Pilot of her Ways.
Nor did she her great Zeal as fruitless smother,
But by her Practice still incited other.
Her Nature sweet, fix'd with a Mind so even,
As here on Earth her Soul enjoy'd a Heaven.
Which to Perfection her strong Faith hath carried,
And to the Lamb for ever blessed married.
So that her Death's but Jacob's Dream exprest,
A Ladder to convey her Soul to rest.
Rest then, dear Soul, ne'er to return to me,
While I here mourn, and long to come to thee.
She dyed Jan. 4, 1633.

On one Side of this Monument, against the same East Wall, is a Brass Plate, representing a Man kneeling before a Desk, and four Women kneeling before Desks behind each other, and Children behind them. And upon the same Plate these Epitaphial Verses:

Hereuner lyeth ARTHUR DERICOTTE,     
Who buried was of late:
Of London sometime Citizen,     
And of Esquires State.
Of Drapers whilome Company,     
But late of Hackney Town,
A Parishioner he was full good;     
All Vice he laid a down.
Wives four by Marriage he had,     
That lawful was and right,
Mary, Anne, and Margaret,     
And Jone the fourth she hight.
By whom two Children here he had,     
And ended then this Life,
The twelfth Day of November Month,     
One Child alive and Wife.
A thousand and five hundred     
And sixty Years and two,
Since Christ his Incarnation,     
He gan to live anew.
God grant to Christians all,     
Of Life such Race to run,
That at the length they may receive
Of Christ a joyful Doom.

The Coat of Arms of this Dericote set here, is, A Dragon passant; on a Chief three Escalop Shells.

I find this Gentleman's Funeral solemnized after this Manner, on the18th of Nov. 1562. He gave 24 poor Men 24 Gowns of Rats Colour at 7s. the Yard. He had a Penon of Arms, and Coat Armour. Mr. Richmond was the Herald attending. Many black Gowns more were given; and 32 Dozen of Escutcheons were used. Twenty Clarks of London singing before the Corps: With the Masters of the Hospital walking with their green Staves. Mr. Avenon and Mr. Minors chief Mourners. The Funeral Sermon preached by Mr. Phessyon. And after, all returned to his Place to Dinner.

On the other Side of Banister's Monument, are the Resemblances of a Boy and two Girls kneeling upon Cushions, named, Henry, Mary, Anne; holding each by their Hands over their Heads. And these Verses:

By Truth, the Word of God, these guided were,     
By Death, the Way together they did go:
The happy Life where living now they are     
In Joy celestial, void of earthly Woe.
These Daniells far surpast the Graces three,
Which did in Life and Death so well agree.

Between them kneeling is this Word,

The Way.

The Boy points upward to a bright Cloud, wherein is writ,

To Life.

Above their Heads these Words,

Mense Oct. 1592, diem obierunt.

But who these were, it is not mention'd, their Surnames being omitted: But probably the Children of Henry Banister.

In this Ile, on the South Wall, is Sir Thomas Row's Monument. The Man and his Wife kneeling before a Desk, with their Hands together in the Posture of Praying. The Coat of Arms is, Sable, a Cheveron charged with three Bezants, between as many Cinquefoils.

Anno Dom. 1570, Septemb.2.

Sir Thomas Rowe lies buried here,     
Of London Knight and Alderman;
Who late was Maior, and Rule did bear,     
To right the Cause of every Man.
A Merchant Venturer was he,     
Of Merchant Taylors Company:
A Citizen by Birth also,     
And eke his Wife Dame May Rowe.
In Wedlock one and thirty Year,     
They did continue Man and Wife:
Eleven Children she did bear,     
But five of them have left this Life,
And six alive do yet remain,
Four of them Sons, and Daughters twain.
His Soul, we hope, with God is blest,
And doth remain in Abraham's Breast.