The Circuit Walk. Hackney.126

The Circuit Walk. Hackney.

Hic jacet, Justorum Resurrectionem expectans, Reverendus in Christo Pater DAVID DOULBEN, S.S. Theolog. Dr. Episcopus BANGORENSIS Gegrotti in Agro DENBIENSI natus. Penatibus non obscuris. Qui cum in Pastorali hujus Ecclesiæ Curâ tria annorum Lustra transegisset, Episcopus BANGORENSIS factus est. Unde in Beatorum numerum adscitus est xxvii die Novembr. An. Dom. 1633. Ætatis suæ LII.

Above his Head are these Latin Verses:

Conditus exiguâ jacet hic DOULBENUS in urna,     
Qui nuper Præsul Bangoriensis erat.
Hic tria Lustra prius Christi invigilabat Ovili,     
Et Domino errantes voce reduxit Oves.
Ergo quies ubi sudor erat, messemq; ubi sevit,     
Expectat, munusq; hic, ubi pavit Oves.

Not far hence, somewhat on the North Side of the Communion Table, was buried also another Vicar of this Parish; under a flat Stone, having a Brass Plate fastned on it, with the Resemblance of a Man in a Gown, and this Inscription:

ROBERTUS STOKES, vir Doctrina & morum Probitate insignis, Cantabrigiæ olim Sacræ Theologiæ Bacchalaureus fuit; necnon hujus Villæ HACKNEÆ per duos & viginti annos Vicarius. Qui Anno Dom. 1570, Octavo Calendas Aprilis Naturæ concessit: à Summis juxta atque ab infimis magnopere desyderatus.

There is yet in this Chancel the Monument of another Vicar of this Parish: Where, upon a Pillar on the North Side is a Brass Plate, with the Effigies of a Minister in a Pulpit, with this Inscription:

Here lyeth the Body of Mr. HUGH JOHNSON, who was Vicar of this Church forty Years; and departed this Life the 16th of Jan. 1618. Aged 72. And was a good Benefactor to the Poor of this Parish, and to the Poor of the Town of Macclesfield in Cheshire, where he was born.

I have retrieved one Vicar more, incumbent here in former Times; but whether buried in this Chancel, I cannot tell: Namely Thomas Hert: Who had his Monument in this Church, and his Effigies thereon: And these Monkish Verses:

Subjacet hic strictus hoc marmore nunc homo pictus
THOMAS HERT dictus hic Vicarius benedictus.
O Cambrig. per te fuit ille Magister in Arte.
C. quater & Mille, Sex X. quarto ruit ille,
Et Julii plena Septena luce serena.

Wev. Mon. p. 537.

So that you may compute his Death to fall on the 7th of July, An. Dom. 1464.

Advanced on the South Wall against the Communion Table, is the Monument of the Woods; the Man and Woman standing before one Desk, facing one another, with their Hands in a praying Posture: Sons and Daughters behind them, with a Mitre at the Side of the third Son, who was a Bishop, viz. of Litchfield. The Inscription is as followeth:

In the Vault near to this Place ly the Bodies of Thomas Wood, Esquire and Susan his Wife:

He was buried the 18. May, 1649,}{ 84.
 } Aged{
She was buried the 17. Oct. 1650,}{ 80.

They had Issue 4 Sons and 4 Daughters; Sir Henry, Kt. and Bart. John Citizen of London, Thomas, D.D. and Chaplain in Ordinary to K. Charles I. and K. Charles II. and William, one of the Clerks of his Majesty's Spicery.

Joan, Dorothy, Mary, and Elizabeth.

All go unto one Place: All are of the Dust, and all turn to Dust again, Eccl. 3. 20.

Just within the Rail on the South Side of the Communion Table, a flat Stone thus engraven:

Here lyeth interred the Body of George Clark, Esq;     
Deceased 14 Aug. An. Dom. 1668.

If any desire to be me nigh,
Pray let my Bones in quiet ly,
'Till Christ come in the cloudy Sky,
Who will us all both judge and try.

This Gentleman left twenty Shillings yearly, for an Anniversary Sermon to be preached on the 17th Day of November; and other Monies to be distributed charitably in the Parish on that Day.

In the Body of the Chancel, under a fair black Marble, is this Inscription:

Hic jacet Joannes Ivat de London, Mercator, filius natu secundus Gulielmi Ivat, hujus Parochiæ Generos. Qui dum rem mercatoriam per varios annos prosperè egisset, tandem hanc vitam pro beatiori sine prole mutavit, 23 die Februarii, 1693. P.M. tam dilecti viri Maria conjux superstes hoc Marmor m┼ôrens ploransq; posuit, Ætatis suæ 44.

The Coat of Arms here engraven is Baron and Femme. Baron, A Cross charged with five Flowers de Lis. Femme, A Fesse with three Trefoils, between as many Bulls Heads guardant, erazed.

Upon the Ground, on the North Side of the former, under a fair Marble Stone with an Inscription, is buried the Body of Thomas Blackall, Esquire, late of this Parish. Who departed this Life Novemb. 7, 1688, in the 68th Year of his Age. And Thomas Blackhall, his eldest Son; who departed Jan. 22. 1693, in the 45th Year of his Age. The Coat of Arms engraven upon this Stone is, A Greyhound running, upon a Chief endented three Roundlets.

Against the East Wall, on the upper End of the North Ile, is a Monument for Richard Hallily, Gent, who married Margaret Lathom: Dyed 1605.

Now to pass over to the South Ile.

First, against the East Wall, a good Monument; where appear two Statues, the one of a Man in a Gown kneeling, the other of his Wife kneeling also, facing each other: And this Epitaph:

Near this Place interred ly the Bodies of Henry Banister, Esq; of late Citizen, Goldsmith, and sometime Sheriff of London, and Justice of the Peace in the County of Middlesex. He was born in Preston in Anderness in Lancashire; and