An Epitaph upon the Death of the vertuous and worthy Gentleman, Edward Saunders, Esq; Obiit ultimo die Novembris, Anno 1599.

His Name, his Place, the Gentry of his Birth,     
And Credit held unto his dying Days;
Were Things that gave him Favour here on Earth,     
But gave him not the greatest of his Praise.

His greatest Glory was his godly Life,     
The Bounty of his House, and open Door;
His Country's Love, his Kindness to his Wife,     
Faith to his Friend, and Pity to the Poor.

His Vertue, Valour, and all good Desires,     
His Zeal and Life agreeing to the same;
And last, the Death that such a Life requires,     
These be the true Records of lasting Fame.

These write him Blessed in the Heavens above,
And leave him in the World Good Will and Love.

On the North Side of the Chancel, first an ancient Table Monument, with a fair Grey Marble Stone without Inscription. There were Coats of Arms on the Sides, but torn off. This Monument is concealed by the Schoolmaster's Pew.

J. S.

Next, a Memory of the Right Honourable the Lady Lucy Latymer.

Such as she is, such, surely shall ye be,     
Such as she was, such if ye be, be glad;
Fair in her Youth, though fat in Age she grew,     
Vertuous in both, whose Gloss did never fade:
Though long alone she lead a Widow's Life,
Yet never Lady liv'd a truer Wife.

From Wales she sprang, a Branch of Worster's Race,     
Graft in a Stock of Brownes, her Mother's Side;
In Court she held a Maid of Honour's Place,     
Whilst Youth in her, and she in Court did bide:
To John Lord Latymer then she became a Wife,
Four Daughters had they breathing yet in Life.

Earl of Northumberland * took the first to Wife,     
The next, the Heir of Baron Burleigh chose;
Cornwallis hap the Third for Term of Life,     
And Sir John Danvers pluck'd the youngest Rose:
Their Fathers Heirs, them Mothers all she saw:
Pray for, or praise her; make your List the Law.

*Named Henry.

Sir Tho. Cecill.

Made by Sir William Cornwallis, Knight, this Lady's Son in Law.

This is a very magnificent advanced Monument: Whereon lies a Lady with a Coronet, in a Scarlet Robe, praying, her Hands broke off. And against the East Wall are these Words inscribed:

J. S.

The Rt. Honourable Baron JOHN NEVYL,. Kt. Lord LATYMER, departed this Life at his Manour of Snape in the County of York, the 22d of April 1577, in the Year of his Age 61, and lyeth buried with his Ancestors at his Church in his Town of Well.

Under her Head, near the Bottom, is this Inscription:

Here lyeth the Rt. Honourable Lady LUCY, Daughter to the Right Noble HENRY Earl of Worcester, Wife to the late Right Honourable JOHN NEVYLE, Kt. Lord LATYMER. By whom she had Issue four Daughters, Katharine, Dorothy, Lucy, Elizabeth. She departed this Life the 23d of Febr. 1582, in the Year of her Age 59.

As she four Daughters, so they are placed kneeling under her, two on one Side of the Monument, and two on the other; their Names, and with whom they matched, mentioned, and set over their Heads; and their Childrens Names under them. The two former on the South Side, are obscured by a Pew, that they cannot be read. Those on the North Side are as follow:

DOROTHY her second Daughter, married with Sir Tho. Cecyll, Kt. and had Issue as hereunder appeareth, viz. William Cecyl, Richard, Edward, Christopher, and Thomas: Katherine Cecyl, Lucy, Mildred, Mary, Susan, Elizabeth, Dorothy, and Frances.

Next on the said North Side, kneeleth the youngest Daughter, and over her thus written:

ELIZABETH her youngest Daughter, married with Sir John Danvers, Kt. and had Issue as hereunder appeareth: Charles and Henry Danvers: Anne, Lucy, Eleanor, and Mary: With another Name obscure.

Near this, against the North Wall, Altarwise, is an old Monument without any Inscription at all: Only on the Sides appear the Arms of the Hernes, anciently Lords of Shacklewell.

But to return back unto the uppermost Part of the Chancel.

On the North Side against theVestry Wall, is another ancient Monument, Altarwise, whereon is engraven,

Anno Dni. 1519.lb
Christophoro. Urswyk. Rectore.

The Coat of Arms is, The Field a Bend Sable, charged with three Lozenges; on each of which are as many Crosses Gules.

At the Foot of this Monument is the Effigies of the Man at Length, in Brass, with his Habiliments, and this Subscription under him:

Christoforus Urswicus Regis Henrici VII, Elemosynarius: Vir sua ætate clarus; summatibus atque Infimatibus juxta charus: ad exteros Reges undecies pro Patria Legatus: Decanatum Ebor. Archidiaconatum Richmondiæ, Decanatum Windosore habitos vivens reliquit. Episcopatum NORVICENSEM oblatum recusavit. Magnos Honores tota vita sprevit, frugali vita contentus, hic vivere, hic mori maluit; plenus annis obiit, ab omnibus desideratus. Funeris Pompam etiam Testamento vetuit. Hic sepultus carnis Resurrectionem, in adventum Christi expectat.
Obiit anno Christi incarnati MDXXI. die xxiiii Marcii, Anno ætatis suæ LXXIIII.

Above this old Monument is the Effigies of another Churchman, a Bishop, in his Ruff and Lawn Sleeves, and a Book in his Hand, in a preaching Posture.