The Circuit Walk. Hackney.124

The Circuit Walk. Hackney.

One Stephen Cobbe, Esq; formerly lived in this Parish: And by his Will, bearing Date Dec. 4, 1565, willed to be buried in the Chapel of the said Parish Church: "Where my Wife lyeth buried; and my Arms there to be set up for a Memorial. At which Burial I will, ordain, and appoint, that there be 24 poor Men, and that every one of them, during the Funeral Service, bear and hold a black Staff in his Hand, standing about the Corpse, to every of which Poor Men I give, will, and bequeath, a Gown of black Frieze at 18d. the Yard, and 12d. in Money. Item, I give and bequeath to all such poor People, Man, Woman, or Child, as shall inhabit in the said Parish of Hackney, and to every of them, 4d. Item, I give and bequeath to the worshipful and ablest to live in the said Parish, for Token of good Will, for a Dinner among them, to be had on the Day of my Burial, 10l. And to the Preacher that he shall fortune to preach at the said Time of my Burial, 6s. 8d. Item, I give and bequeath 10l. of lawful Money of England, to be paid by my Executors at their Discretion, toward and for the Maintenance of two Singing-Men, or Conducts, for the due Ministration of God's Service, celebrated and done within the Parish Church of Hackney aforesaid." And he appointed his well beloved Son Rob. Cobbe, and his faithful Friend Henry Smith, Citizen and Girdler of London, to be his Executors, &c.

Steph. Cobb buried in the Chapel here.

J. Worthingt.

His Legacies.

Joh. Roberd of Hackney, Yeoman, by his Will, dated 28 Oct. 1484, gives to the Vicar of Hackney, and his Successors for ever, an half Acre of Land, in a Field called Dammold's Field: To the Intent, that they every Sunday pray for the Souls of him the said John, Alice and Isabel his Wives; Nicolas Roberd, his Father, and Agnes and Cecille his Wives; Joh. Roberd, and Elyn his Wife; in the Pulpit in the Church,

Reg. Lond.

E. A. Lex.

Alexander Broke of Hackney, buried in the Churchyard there, by Will, 16 Aug. 1484, gave to Agnes his Wife 20l. and his whole House: And one Cottage, called Busterd's House, with a Garden, in Fee Simple. And also bequeaths to his Son William Broke, Bastard, xx Marks, and two Cottages in Well-street, in Fee simple.]

In this Church of Hackney are these ensuing Monuments of later Times.

J. S.

First, in a Chapel South of the Communion Table, the Monument of Sir Henry Row and his Lady, represented in Effigie kneeling: Before him a Head-piece and Gauntlet, before her a Bible.

Here, under Fine of Adams's first Defection,
Rests in the Hope of happy Resurrection,
Sir Henry Row, Son of Sir Thomas Row,
And of Dame Mary, his dear Yokefellow:
Knight and right worthy (as his Father late)
Lord Maior of London, with his vertuous Mate,
Dame Susan, his twice fifteen Years and seven:
Their Issue five, surviuing of eleven.
Four named here, in these four Names forepast;
The Fifth is found, if Eccho sound the last.
Sad Orphans all, but most their Heir (most Debtor)
Who built them this, but in his Heart a better,

Piè obiit Anno Salutis 1612, die Novembr. 12. Ætatis 68.

His Coat, Gules, a Quaterfoil Or, impaled with hers, a Fesse Sable. Underneath, kneeling, six Figures, viz. 3 Sons and 3 Daughters.

This Monument is opposite unto the other, supported by two Boys in white Marble, one with a Spade, setting one Foot on it, and the other holding a Torch downwards, resting on a Death's Head, and hath this Inscription on the Wall North.

Memoriæ Sacrum.
What needs an Epitaph, to sound our Praise,
Our Wealth, our Greatness, Birth, or Length of Days;
When briefly on this Marble we may read
The Glory of the Living and the Dead?
A modest, chaste, religious, loving Wife,
Lyes here at rest, patient in Death and Life:
Even all the Graces which 'mongst many were
Divided, sweetly flow'd and met in her.
And tho' Death did his worst, thinking in Rage
To leave no Pattern for succeeding Age;
Yet lives her Vertue, and this Memorie
Tells what she was, and what her Sex should be.

Erected by John Bennet, in Memory of Elizabeth his beloved Wife: Who departed this Life the 18th of Novemb. 1625. The Coat of Arms, Gules, three Demi-Lions Argent.

In the same Chapel, against the East Wall, is another very handsome large Table-Monument of black polish'd Marble; and on it these Words:

In Memoriam HENRICI ROWE de Shacklewell in Com. Middlesex. Armig. Qui duxit in uxorem WARWICK STAVERTON, unam è filiis Deodati Staverton de Eversly in Comitat. Southampton, Armig. Obiit 15 die Augusti, An. Dom. 1670, & Ætat. suæ 36. Posuit hoc illi m┼ôstissima Conjux.]

In the Chancel, over the Vestry Door, a Monument against the Wall, with the Effigies of a Man and Woman, and this Inscription:

Hereunder lyeth the Body of Henry Thoresby of Thoresby in the County of York, Esquire, late Counsellor in the Law, Bencher, and Reader of Lincoln's-Inn, Justice of Peace, and of the Quorum; one of the Masters of the most honourable Court of Chancery, and one of the sixteen Governours of King James's Hospital, elected at the first Foundation thereof by John Sutton, Esquire, the only Founder. Which Henry Thoresby passed his Pilgrimage in this Life in all Godliness and Christian Piety, and so constantly did continue unto his last Breath, which he yielded up to the Almighty in this Town of Hackney, on the eleventh Day of May, 1615.


Under the Woman thus:

Hereunder lyeth the Body of Jane, late Wife of the said Henry Thoresby, Esquire, Daughter to John Palmer of Clarkenwell in the County of Middlesex, Esquire, and Paulina his Wife, Daughter of Anthony Sandes * of Throwly in the County of Kent, Esquire: Which Jane lived with the said Henry in Wedlock 30 Years and more, and had Issue by him two Daughters, viz. Jane, who died in her Infancy about six Years of Age, and Eleonor Lady Hardres, the now Wife of Sir Thomas Hardres of Great Hardres in the County of Kent, Knight: By whom she had Issue four Sons and one Daughter. Which said Jane overlived her said Husband Henry Thoresby, and died in all Christian Piety on the 18th Day of August, 1616.

*Or Sondes.