Hackney. Shore Place.123

Hackney. Shore Place.

Bishopsgate; as was found by an Inquisition in 12 E. 1. Concerning a License Hospitali Ste. Marie extra Bishopsgate, for Lands in Hackney granted to John Ducket. The Inquest found, that he held those Lands of the Bishop of London: And the Bishop of the King.

Hackney Church had, five hundred Years ago, a distinct Rectory and Vicarage: As appears by a Record in the Tower, 20 E. 1. of the Value of that Ecclesiastical Preferment. Ecclia. de Hackeney val. 50 Marc. Vicaragia 12 Marcas. Which was occasioned by an Order from Pope Nicolas, that all the Benefices in England should be taxed, to know their Values.

Hackney Rectory and Vicarage.

Rot. Taxat.

Add also, a Patent 26 Ed. 3. about 1352, to the Bishop of London, that instead of the Church of Stortford in Hertfordshire, (which belonged to the Precentor of St. Paul's) for the Church of Hackney, to be appropriated to the same Precentor of St. Paul's, for the Maintenance of his Quality. The Patent ran to this Tenor:

The Præcentor of St. Paul's hath the Church of Hackney. Pat. Rol. 26. E. 3. pt. 1. m. 18.

"Upon the Supplication of Radulph Bishop of London, for the better Sustentation of the Estate of the Precentor of St. Paul's, to which the Church of Storteford, of the Taxations of twenty Marks, was only annexed; which, by reason of the Smalness of it, was not sufficient to sustain a Man of so great Estate: We do will and grant to the said Bishop, that he, for the Augmentation of the said Precentorship, and that he that is now Precentor, and his Successors, may more decently live, and in a more competent Manner sustain themselves, may annex, appropriate, and unite the Church of Hakeney, which is of the same Bishop's Advouson, taxed at 50 Marks to the said Precentorship, in the Room of the said Church of Storteford. So that the Precentor of the same Dignity, and his Ancestors, may have the said Church of Hakeney annexed and appropriated, in the Room of the said Church of Storteford, to him and his Successors."

The King once presented a Clerk to the Living of Hackney, in the Vacation of the Bishoprick. So it is found in the Patent Rolls of 10 E. 2. (i.e. about the Year 1316.) Robertus de Wodehouse Clericus habet Literas Regis de Presentatione ad Ecclesiam de Hakeney, Lond. Dioc. vacantem ad Regis donationem spectant. rone. Epatus. London. vacantis & in manu Regis existent. Et diriguntur Litere Regis Electo Lond. Confirmato. In cujus, &c. Teste Rege apud Clarryndon x die April.

One Wodehouse presented to Hackney.

Record. Turr.

I will here also subjoin K. Edward the Fourth's Letters Patents, for allowing the Chauntry abovementioned in this Church; that as well something may be seen of the Devotion of the Inhabitants of Hackney in those Times; as also what Tutelary Saint this Church then owned.

Patent for the Chauntry.

Omnibus ad quos, &c. That is in English, "To all to whom these Presents shall come, greeting. Know ye, that, of our especial Grace, we have granted and given License for us and our Heirs, as much as lies in us, To our beloved Master Henry Sharp, Parson of the Parochial Church Sti. AUGUSTINI de Hakeney, to our beloved Simon Elryngton, Gentilman; and John Elryngton of Hakeney, Gentilman; Parishioners of the Parochial Church aforesaid; that he, of any of them, or their Executors, longest living, to the Praise, Grace, and Honour of the Holy Trinity, and the glorious Virgin Mary, may, either he or they, in the same Church, begin, found, erect, unite, create, and establish one perpetual Fraternity or Guild, consisting of two Guardians, and Bre- thren, and Sisters, of the same Parish, and of others, who, of their Devotion, will be of the same Fraternity or Guild. And that the Guardians, and Brethren, and Sisters, may augment the same Fraternity or Guild, as often and when it shall seem hereafter to them necessary. And on the Feast of Trinity, they might choose to themselves two Guardians."

Hackney hath several Wells of wholesome and excellent Water; as Pig-well; another Well in Church-field; another, which gives the Name to Well-street; another on the Downes: And also Shacklewell seems to take its Denomination from some Well thereabouts. There is also another Chalybeat Well, passing a little Way out of Church-street, towards Dorleston: But now disused. For the greater Convenience of this Parish, Pipes have been lately laid from the River up to Clopton, and so to other Parts and Places of the said Town, at the Charge of Mr. Tyssen, late Lord of the Manour.

Good Water in Hackney.

In Shacklewell is an ancient Manour House, formerly belonging to the Family of the Rows, eminent Citizens, ever since Q. Elizabeth's Time: Late possest by Francis Tyssen, Esq; Father and Son both deceased. In the Hall and Parlour Windows are several painted Coats of Arms, that seem to have stood there from ancient Times; as, besides the Rows, the Mortymers, &c.


The Manour of Wyke in Hackeney and Stepney was granted anciently, 1. Hen. 4. to Matild, Wife of Alane Buxhul, and John Aubrey; and after married to John Montague, Earl of Sarum. She was Daughter and Heir of Adam Francis, a mighty wealthy Citizen, and Alderman of London.

Manour of Wyke in Hackney.

There is a Manour in this Parish, called The King's Hold; where, near Well-street, is an ancient House called Shore Place; because, thay say, Jane Shore had an Habitation here. And in this House, to preserve this Tradition, now, or late, was her Picture. I have been told, it was formerly the Manour House, and the Lord's Court kept here. It now belongs to St. Thomas's Hospital in Southwark. But more probably its right Name is Shoreditch Place; and so Stow calls it, tho' he cannot tell why it is so named. 'Tis likely enough it was the Mansion of Sir Joh. Shoreditch, a Gentleman that lived 3 or 400 Years ago, read of in our Chronicles: And whose Corpse lay in Hackney Church, and had anciently a Monumental Stone and Inscription, tho' now gone.

Shore Place.

Survey, p. 474.

There is a fair House near the Church, called The Black and White House, formerly belonging to Sir Tho. Viner, sometime Alderman and Maior of London, now a School for young Gentlewomen. In a large Dining-Room above Stairs, is a very fair Bow Window, with several Coats of Arms curiously Painted. Whereof one is the Arms of K. James I. underneath is his Motto, Beati pacifici. Next, the same Arms with a Label, for Charles Prince of Wales: Underneath are these two Letters C.P. Then are the Arms of the Prince Palatine of the Rhine, (whose Titles were, Elector, Cup-bearer, and High Steward of the Empire) empaled with the Arms of Elizabeth, eldest Daughter of the said K. James, with the Crest and Supporters of the said Elector, who married the said Princess Elizabeth, Feb. 14, 1612. The Ancestors of our present King, K. George I. All which Arms makes it probable, that that Prince sometime dwelt here, or, at least, that it was his House of Country Retirement.

The Elector Palatine's Arms in the Black and White House.