The Circuit Walk. Hackney.122

The Circuit Walk. Hackney.

Company; pleasantly and healthfully situated. It was formerly in the Crown. Where Q. Elizabeth sometimes came; and K. James I. retired here, when he pleased, for his Hunting Recreation. The present Honourable Possessor thought fit upon some Decays, to pull down the old House, and hath erected, and near finished, a most noble Structure in the Place; being 260 Foot in Length, and 74 in Depth: Where, among other Rooms of State, is a Chapel and a Library, for Religion and Learning.

In this House the great Earl of Leicester in Q. Elizabeth's Reign resided. And from hence went General of the Queen's Forces to Tilbury Camp, when the Spaniards in the Year 1588, came with their Fleet to invade the Realm. Upon his Death (which was that Year) it reverted to the Crown. Before this, it belonged to Richard L. Rich, Lord Chancellor to K. Henry the Eighth. And before him this House and Manour came to that King from Giles Heron, a great Man in that Reign. Who (for some Crime, as is likely) made a Gift thereof to the King: Yet, notwithstanding, was executed then, or afterwards. For so I read in an old Writing, that gave Account of all the Manours and Revenues that came to King Henry the Eighth, from the 3d Year of his Reign, and so onward. Among the rest, there is an House and Estate thus termed: "A great Messuage, called Naked Hall Hawe, [i.e. Court] and Lands in Wansted and Ilford in Essex, given by Giles Heron, Esq; in the 23d Year of his Reign, [Ann. 1531.]"

Ann. Dom. 1540, Giles Heron was attainted of Treason, (no special Matter being mentioned) and executed at Tiburn. So our Historians.

In little Ilford Church, which is the next Parish, bordering upon Wansted, there is, or lately was, an old Monumental Inscription for Tho. Heron, Son and Heir of John Heron, Kt. Treasurer of the Chamber. Who dyed at Aldersbroke, Ann. 1517: Which is an ancient Seat hard by Wansted: Now possess'd by Sir John Lethieulier, Kt.

Hist. Reformat. Pt. I. p. 161. Hollinsh.

If this Wansted Place be the same with that Naked Hall Hawe, it might antiently well be so called, lying so naked and open by reason of its Advancement upon Hills, and so without the Covering and Shelter of Trees: But had it not lost that Name long ago, now it must; the vast and beautiful Plantation of Trees about it, having imparted Cover to it, as well as Ornament.

Still above an hundred Years before, I meet with a Citizen, and sometime Sheriff of London, owner of this Manour of Wansted, Anno 1442, Robert Tatersal, Citizen and Clothworker of London, one of the Sheriffs that Year, gave by his last Will, dated 1449, his Manour of Wansted in Essex, to his Wife Anne, for her Life: And after, to his Son Joh. Tatersal: And bequeathed twenty Shillings to some of the young Men and Workers in that Trade, to feast together, and to pray for his Soul. He was buried in St. Swithin's Church. Vid. the Surv of London, Walbrook Ward.

Bp. of Lond. Regist.

B. II. p. 191.



The Circuit Walk on the North and North West Parts bordering upon LONDON, viz. Hackney. Stoke-Newington. Islington. Pancrass. Highgate. Mary le Bone. Together with an Account of Records, Antiquities, Country Seats, Charitable Wills of many eminent Persons, and Monuments of the Dead in those Parishes. Also, an exact List of all the Stage Coaches and Carriers, with the Names of the Towns they come from, and their respective Inns in London, and the Days they go out: Very useful for Shopkeepers and Tradesmen.



NOW bending Westward on the other Side the River Ley is situate the pleasant and healthful Town of Hackey; where divers Nobles in former Times had their Country Seats, as, an Earl of Northumberland, a Countess of Warwick, Lord Brook, &c. This Church of Hackney hath been of late stiled by the Name of St. John's at Hackney, as tho' it belonged to the Knights Templars of St. John at Jerusalem, as certainly they had a Mill, and some Tenures in the Parish. But in an ancient Record of the Tower it is found to have been written, Ecclesia parochialis S. Augustini de Hackney. And in the Cotton Library there is a Volume about the Knights Templars; wherein mention is made of St. Augustine's Hackney, and of the Lands and Rents they had there, namely, about 12 Acres, and 7l. quit Rents, and a Mill, commonly called Temple Mill.

J. S.

There are besides, these Antiquities concerning this Parish of Hackney, found in Records: And some of them kindly communicated to me by Mr. Yardley, sometime Inhabitant; and with the Favour of Francis Tysson, Esq; late Lord of the Manour, deceased, whose Clerk he was.

Antiquities of Hackney.

Andrew Yardley.

There is in the Tower-Records a Patent, being a License to erect a Guild in the Church of Hackney, to the Holy Trinity, and the glorious Virgin Mary; granted to Henry Sharp, Persone Ecclesie Parochialis S AUGUSTINI de Hackney.

A Chauntry founded in St. Augustine's Hackney. Pat. 18. E. 4. pt. 2. m. 21.

The Bishops of London had Demesnes in Hackney, in the Time of Edward the First: In the nineteenth of whose Reign, which was Anno 1290, free Warren was granted to Richard de Gravesend Bishop of London, in terris suis dominicis de Stepenhethe, [alias Stebunhithe] & Hackeneye.

Demesnes of the Bishops of London in Hackney. Record Turr.

There was one John Duckett held Lands in Hackney, of the Bishop of London, who had granted them to St. Mary's Spittle without

Lands in Hackney given to St. Mary's Hospital.

Record. Turr.