The Circuit Walk. Stepney100

The Circuit Walk. Stepney

Susanna the Wife of Samuel Sambrook of London, Merchant, Daughter of Capt. Arnold Browne of this Parish, Esq; 1672. Over, and on each Side of the Arms, Aspice, Respice, Prospice.

Capt. William Wildy, Mariner, 1679. And Sarah his Wife, 1667. And Richard Wildy late of Ratcliff, 1703.

Capt. Edward Johnson, late of Low Leyton in Essex, Gent. 1669. And Elizbeth his Wife, 1662.

Capt. Nicolas Sulk, 1664. And Margaret Sulk, his Wife, 1660.

Robert Wakelyn, late of Ratcliff, Rope-Merchant, 1679. And Mary his Wife, 1681.

Capt. John Willimot of Ratcliff, 1699.

Richard Power, late Captain of the Prince Rupert, 1681.

Thomas Wise of Ratcliff, Distiller, 1683.

Sarah the Wife of Richard Marshe of Limehouse, Esq; Keeper of the Stores of Ordinance, Arms, and Ammunition in the Tower of London, and elsewhere, unto his late Majesty K. Charles the First, and Gentleman Usher, daily Waiter to King Charles the Second. She departed 1659.

William Aldersey, late Lieutenant of his Majesty's Ship Kings-fisher, 1691.

Capt. John Dawson, late Commander of his Majesty's Ship Advice, 1675.

Capt. Arthur Baily of Mile-end Green, Mariner, 1682.

Anne Bristan, beloved Wife of Richard Bristan of Limehouse: Just and stedfast to the Doctrine and Discipline of the established Church, &c. 1694. And Richard Bristan, 1701.

James Luton of Yarmouth, Mariner, 1686. And Percis his Wife, 1686. Both in the Month of July, within four Days.

Anne Knight, Wife of William Knight of Limehouse, Mariner, 1671.

All these, with a great many more, lie buried under fair Grave-stones, or raised Tombs in Vaults made for the respective Families. Whereby it comes to pass that the Ground of the Churchyard is better improved for Graves: For, by digging these Vaults deep, there is more Room for Burial of Corpses: Which the Churchyard, tho' large, is scarce able to contain. For they bury 2000 People, or upward, every Year.

In the Year 1703, from December the 13th, to December the 14th, 1704, were buried in Stepney Church and Churchyard 2150. Sometimes they bury more in a Week in this single Parish, than are buried in that Space of Time in all the Parishes of London within the Walls. As in the Bill from the 5th of Spetember to the 12th of the same, An. 1704.

Numbers buried yearly in this Parish.

Buried within the Walls45
Buried in Stepney48.

They have in this Church a good Organ: Galleries about the Church, capacious for abundance of People: A Table of Benefactors hanging up. A fair Vicarage House and Garden, not far from the Church, lying on the left Hand of the Road coming from London: Late inhabited by the Reverend Mr. Wright, sometime Vicar. In the said House remains a good old Picture of Dr. Gouldman, sometime Vicar of the Parish, Doctor of Law, and Justice of Peace.

An Organ.

Vicarage House.

At Mile end Town, within this Parish, there is another Burying Place; which is peculiar for the Jews. There is a handsome House of Brick, late erected at the Eastern Part of the Town: Through which the Corps is carry'd on Mens Shoulders into a large Piece of Ground of an Acre or more: where be abundance of Monuments of Marble, with Hebrew Inscriptions: And the Corpses laid North and South.

The Jews Burial Place.

A Specimen of which Inscriptions were communicated to me by the Favour of the learned Rabbi David Netto, Chief Priest of the Jewish Synagogue in Bevis Marks. Which were transcribed by himself, and translated into Latin; and are as followeth; shewing the Manner of their Epitaphs:

Two Inscriptions on two Monuments there.


Lapis sepulchralis senis intelligentis, & perspicacis Jahacob-Israel Bravi. Obiit die Lunæ 12. Mensis Tesri, Anno à mundo condito 5477.
Anima ejus admittatur in vitæ thesauro.

Davis Netto.


Lapis Sepulchralis Excellentissimi, Sapientis, pii, atque Humilis Ribbini Danielis Perez. Obiit 14 Mensis Elul, 5476. [Anno Dom. 1715, Aug. 30.]
Ejus Anima Gloria fruatur.

The Benefactors to this Parish of Stepney, whose Names and Benefactions are expressed in two Tables placed against the South Wall in the said Parish Church, are as follow:

John Fuller of Bishops-hall, Esq; by his last Will, dated 1592, gave the Almes-house of Mile end Green: And 50l. for ever, out of his Lands in Lincolnshire: To twelve poor single Men of this Parish, of good Name; of the Age of 50 Years or above.

Thomas Joans of Ratcliff, in his Will gave 40s. per Ann. for ever, to the Poor of the said Hamlet.

Elizabeth Colbert of Limehouse, in her Will dated 1631, gave 45s. per Ann. to the Poor of the said Hamlet: To be paid them by the Wardens and Assistants of the Trinity Company, in Consideration of 50l. to them paid.

Captain Edward Johnson of Low-Leyton, in his Will dated 1669, gave 400l. to be laid out in a Purchase for the Relief of twenty Poor Inhabitants of the Hamlets of Limehouse and Ratcliff, yearly forever. And 30l. to be distributed among the Poor of the foresaid Hamlets.

Captain William Curtis, in the Year 1669, bequeathed a Rent Charge of 60l. per Ann. for the Release of poor Prisoners: Relief of aged People: For a Weekly Distribution of Bread, and the placing out of poor Children to Trades: For the Benefit and Behoof of the Poor in the Hamlets of Poplar, Mile-end, Limehouse, and Ratcliff, for ever. The Trustees for this Charity are, or lately were, Sir Henry Johnson, Kt. Hugh Squier, Esq; and Capt. Joseph Stevens. And for this Charity seems to be an Anniversary Sermon appointed to be preached. Dr. Josiah Woodward, late Minister of Poplar deceased, who preached it in the Year 1698, in his Dedication of his Sermon to the said Trustees, shewed their great Integrity in this Trust, and that they had put their Accounts in such an exact Method, as would not only justify their own Faithfulness, but make it difficult for any that succeeded them to be unfaithful

Capt. Curtis's Charity.

Richard Underhil, by Will, dated 1671, gave 60l. to be laid out in Lands for ever, for buying twelve Penny Loaves, to be given at Church every Lord's Day, to 12 ancient poor People: And the Residue of the Profits of the said Lands