The Circuit Walk. Stepney.98

The Circuit Walk. Stepney.

Also Dame Mary Nicolson, his late Wife, 1690.

Captain John North, 1690.

Anne, late Wife of Captain Abraham Wilde of Ratcliff.

Mary Russel, Wife of Captain Henry Russel of this Parish, Salter, 1700.

North Ile, above the Stone Step. Four Sons and one Daughter of Thomas Hull, and Susanna his Wife, 1695/6.

Just about this Place lies buried John Van Stryp, Citizen, Silk-thrower, and Merchant of London. Who deceased Jan. 1647.

Near the same Place lye interrred by him two of his Sons, John and Daniel, who dyed young.

Under the Rails:

Elizabeth Warcup, eldest Daughter of Rodulph Warcup, in the County of Oxford, Esq; 1627.

South Ile.

Captain Thomas Woodfine, Senior, 1662.

Captain William Morrice, late of Ratcliff, 1679/80.

Margaret Daughter of Edward and Mary Rhodes, 1686.

Joh. Balch, 1682, Silk-throwster and Justice of Peace: Who lived in a great Corner House in Spittle-fields.

Elixabeth Balch, Mother of the foresaid John, 1695.

Will. Barnes, Esq; 1694.

Humfrey Higisone, 1665.

Arrabel Allabear, 1618.

Captain Henry Cuttance, of Waymouth and Melcomb Regis in Dorsetshire, 1689.

Roger Cuttance, 1686.

Richard Mott, 1700.

Captain William Kempthorne of Ratcliff, 1680. And Rebecca his Wife, 1691.

In the Church-yard, against the East Wall of of the South Ile.

Captain Laurence Browning, of Yalmpton in the County of Devon, 1675. And three Sons.

East Wall, directly on the opposite Side of the Place of the Communion Table.

Dame Rebecca Berry, the Wife of Thomas Elton, of Stratford Bow; and Relict of Sir John Berry, Kt. 1696.

Come, Ladies, ye that would appear
Like Angels fair, come, dress you here.
Come, dress you at this Marble Stone;
And make that humble Grace your own;
Which once adorn'd as fair a Mind,
As ere adorned Womankind, &c.

Underneath this Inscription, a Tomb for Mary Elton, Daughter of Thomas and Winifrid Elton, 1680. With divers other of their Children.

These following, are Altar Monuments, and several of them, very fair and costly, of Marble.

A Tomb for John Hills, late of Ratcliff, Baker, 1702/3. And Hanna Hills his Wife, 1698. And Robert his Son, 1692.

William Coles, late of Ratcliff, Ship-chandler, 1699. And some Children.

Michael Honey, late of Ratcliff, Mariner, 1703. And Matthew Hall, Mariner, 1703.

North Side of the Belfrey.

Richard Pool, of Wakefield in the County of York, Esq; Clerk of the Check to the Messengers of his Majesty's Chamber in Ordinary: An obedient Son of the Church, and a faithful Subject to his Prince, &c. 1647.

William Culham of Stepney, 1666.

Divers Children of William Culham and Jane his Wife.

In the Church-yard, West.

William Knight, 1636.

Cease, Labours: Rest, ye Seas of Cares and Fears,
Whose Waves have toss'd me six and forty Years.
And now go sleep, mine Eyes, sleep here, ?till ye,
Waking, shall my Redeemer's Glory see.
Sleep, 'til my happy Soul rejoyned, may,
With re-created Body live for ay.     
Tandem Portum.

On the North Side near the Church.

M.S. Timothei Cruso in Agro Surriæ oriundi, Evangelii Ministri egregiè fidelis, tam eximia Pietate, quam præclara Eruditione ornati, &c. 1698. Ætat. suæ 41.

Nathaniel Cruso Son of Timothy Cruso, 1695. And Timothy his Son.

Susan Ell, Wife of Richard Ell, 1643.

Captain Edward Pierce of Ratcliff, 1675.

Elmodum White, 1699.

Dorothy Widow of Capt. John Burford, 1701. And Nicolas Son of Thomas and Freelove Swain his Wife, and Grandson to Dorothy Burford.

Abigail late Wife of Capt. Leonard Edgecomb, 1700.

Another raised Tomb with no Inscription.

Mary late Wife of Peregrine Browne of Ratcliff, 1691.

Capt. Richard Burley of Ratcliff, Mariner, 1678. And four Children.

Mary Wife of Capt. Malachi Simons, 1677. Also Capt. Malachi Simons, 1678.

Henry Mudd, late of Ratcliff, Esq; 1692, an East India Commander.

Capt. William Sharp of Ratcliff, Mariner, 1696. And Jone Sharp his Wife, 1700.

Richard Webb, Mariner, 1694.

Flat Stone upon Thomas Barker, Son of Thomas Barker of Limehouse: Who being Lieutenant under Sir Robert Holmes, Kt. Commander of his Majesty's Ship S. Michael, lost his Life in the Engagement against the Dutch the 28th of May, 1672, fighting valiantly in Honour to his King and Country.

A Vault belonging to the Family of John Raymond of Ratcliff: Built 1675.

William Weston, Brewer, 1677.

Elizabeth Bainbrigg, 1691.

Tho. Gibson, Minister, 1680. And Sarah his Wife, 1680.

William Booth of Wappin, Deal Merchant, 1681/2. And Grace Booth his Daughter, 1665. And Mary Booth his second Wife, 1673.

Hanna Bartlet, late Wife of Capt. Edward Bartlet of Ratcliff, Marine, 1687. Also the said Captain Bartlet, 1696.

William Dixon, Merchant, 1688.

William Jones late of Ratcliff, Ropemaker, 1655.

Edward Hawkins: And Anna his Wife, 1670. And several Children.

Lydia Martin, Wife of Henry Martin, Brewer, 1699.

Elizabeth Spagg, Wife of James Spagg of Limehouse, Surgeon.

A flat Stone over William Wheatley, 1683.

Whoever treadeth on this Stone,     
I pray now tread most neatly:
For underneath this Stone here lyes     
Your honest Friend Will. Wheatley.