The Circuit Walk. Deptford.90

The Circuit Walk. Deptford.

Cognatos Cineres, & Amicam Manibus umbram,     
O Fentone, tuis, excipias Tumulo.
Usuram Tumuli victuro Marmore Pensat,     
Et reddit gratus, pro Tumulo Titulum.

At the upper End of that Chancel, on the North Side, is thus written:

Sacræ perpetuæq; Memoriæ Gulielmi
Haukyns, de Plimouth,

Qui veræ Religionis verus cultor, Pauperibis præcipuè Naviculariis Munificus, Rerum Nauticarum studiosissimus, longinquas instituit sæpè Navigationes; Arbiter in causis difficillimis Æquissimus, Fide, Probitate & Prudentia singulari. Duas duxit Uxores, è quarum una 4. ex altera 7. suscepit liberos.
Johannes Haukyns, Eques Auratus, Classis Regiæ Quæstor, Frater M┼ôstissimus posuit.
Obiit spe certa Resurgendi 7. die mensis Octobris, An. Dom. 1589.

In the upper End of the Chancel.

There lieth buried near this Place the Body of Jane Edisbury, Widow, Mother of Kenrick Edisbury, Gentleman, Pay-master of the King's Majesty's Navy, under Sir William Russell, Knight, Treasurer. She died on the 16. Day of March, 1618.

On the North Side of this Quire, a worthy Memorial of Sir Sackevile Crow, for seeling and beautifying of that North Ile.

In the new Church appear divers Monuments and Hatchments, that hang about on the North and South Walls, within the Rails.

New Monuments.

J. S.

In the North Side is an Hatchment for Anthony Yong, lying within the Vestry. Who dyed 1693. Ætat. suæ 77.

Another for Captain George Pomeroy.

On the South are Hatchments: For Elizabeth, Widow of Tho. Jekyl, 1678.

For Jane late Wife of Capt. Blake, and formerly married to Capt. Robert Callis: 1677.

On the South Side of the Church, against the East Wall:

M.S. Neer this Place are deposited the Bodies of Sir Richard Browne of Sayes Court in Deptford, Knight, and his Wife, Dame Joanna Vigorus of Langham in Essex, deceased, Novemb. 1618.
Sir Richard was younger Son of an ancient Family of Hitchin in Kent; seated afterwards at Horsley in Essex: Who being Student in the Temple, was, by Robert Dudley the great Earl of Leicester, taken into the Service of the Crown, when he was Governour of the United Netherlands. And was afterwards by Q. Elizabeth made Clerk of the Green-Cloth: In which honouralbe Office he also continued under K. James, until the Time of his Death, in May 1604. Aged 65 Years.
Of Christopher Brown, Esq; Son and Heir of Sir Richard, 1645.
Of Thomazin his Wife, Daughter of Benjamin Gonson of Much Baddow in Essex, Esq; 1638.
Of Sir Richard Brown, Kt. and Bart. only Son of Christopher.
Of his Wife Dame Elizabeth, Daughter of Sir John Prettyman of Dryfreld in Gloucestershire, 1652.
This Sir Richard was Gentleman of the Privy-Chamber to K. Charles I. And Clerk of the Privy Council to his Majesty, and to King Charles II. And after several foreign and honourable Employments, continued Resident in the Court of France from K. Charles I. and from K. Charles II. to the French Kings, Lewis XIII, and Lewis IV, from the Year 1641, until the happy Restoration of K. Chalres II. Anno 1660. He deceased 12 Febr. 1682/3. Ages 78 Years, &c.

This Title was erected by John Evelyn of Sayes Court, Esq; who married Mary sole Daughter and Heir of Sir Richard.

Robert Castel of this Parish, Gent. 1698. A Man of excellent Worth. Margaret his Wife erected this Monument.

North Ile: Against the East Wall.

Monumentum hoc omnes, qui aspexerint inclyti viri PETRI PET, Armigeri, famam & Laudes benignè audiant. Dic igitur, Lapis, &c.
Non solum Nauticam nostram restituit rem, verum illud eximium & novum Navigii Ornamentum, quod nostri Frigatum nuncupant, hostibus formidolosum, suis utilissimum atq; tutissimum, primò invenit. Qui Archinaupegi munus per viginti & tres Annos tanta cum fide & solertia gessit, &c. Seculi sui Noah, &c. ob. 1652.

Quantum antiqua viris tribuerunt tempora magnis,
Utile qui patriæ attulerint, vel nobile quicquam,
Tantum hanc ætatem tibi, Pette, rependere oportet.
Ergo inter veteres tu collaudabere semper.
Namq; tibi hoc proprium est, retro ut tua fama recurrat
Laudibus atque novis Priscorum jungat Honores.

The Representation of a Frigate (this Shipwright's Invention) underneath this Inscription.

Another Monument against this Wall (the Inscription not legible) for somebody, the King's Master Shipwright: It seems to be Shish; and of John his eldest Son, Master Shipwright of his Majesty's Yard at Deptford, 1686. And of Thomas his third Son, Master Shipwright of his Majesty's Yard at Woolwich, 1685. And Kendrick the Son of John and Mary Shish, 1685.

The Coat of Arms was sutable to their Trade, Argent, three Bars wavy Azure, a Chief Gules, an Ax Argent, between two Anchors Or. Again, under the Inscription, A Boat Or, upon the Waves Vert, a Chief charged with an Ax Gules, on which Ax is a Lion passant Or.

Middle Ile.

Elizabeth Pomeroy, late Wife of Captain George Pomeroy, 1694/5.

North Ile.

John Wilshaw Son of Thomas and Mary Wilshaw, 1668. And Thomas Wilshaw himself, 1672. And Grace his Daughter, 1680. And Richard, 1683, and William, 1694.

Captain John Guy of Glastenbury, 1698. And Captain John Guy his Son, 1698/9.

In the Gallery against the South Wall.

M.S. Prope hanc parietem deposuit Exuvias carnis Jo. Turner, Armiger navis (cui Titulus EBORACUM) nuper Strategus, Thomæ Turner and Elizabethæ uxoris ejus, unicæ filiæ & hæredis Johannis Holmden militis, filius natu secundus: Illibatæ Fidelitatis erga Regem infractus Assecla, &c. Qui cum in utroque bello Batavico, & contra Prædones Argerinos strenuam navaverat operam, &c. fortissimam animam Deo transmisit, 1672. Ætat. suæ 27.]