In the Chancel, near the Vestry Door, is a Table, containing Directions for the Disposal of Mr. Henry Smith's Gift, consisting of eight Articles, beginning,

Henry Smith's Gift.

The Churchwardens and Overseers of each Parish immediately, &c.

It seems to be the same Gift with that of St. Olave's Southwark; but is scarcely legible.



NEXT beyond Rotherhith on the East is Deptford situated, being the first Town in Kent, bordering upon Surry; a Place on the Thames Side, where many good Ships are built, and where is a Wet Dock: And especially, where is a Store-house for the Royal Fleet, erected at first by K. Henry the Eighth, and govern'd by the Master and Wardens of Trinity House.

Here at Deptford were 250 Acres of Meadow Ground, lying next unto the River of Thames by the Dock and Yard: Which were, about the Year 1655 or 1656, purchased by Robert Stanton, Samuel Moyer, Charles Harris, and others, for making Harbours and Molds for the Riding of 300 Sail of Ships, without the Use of Anchor or Cable: And where many Conveniencies were to be made for building, careening, and repairing Ships. Towards which much had then been expended in digging one of the Molds, and Cuts towards the other; and Contracts made for Provisions and Workmanship to a great Value. This was confirmed in an Act of Parliament Anno 1656.

A great Harbour and Mold made here for Ships.

There be two Hospitals in this Town, whereof the Members of this Corporation are Governours. One (which is ancient) is situate near the Church, hath Rooms for 21 poor Seamen The other, called Trinity Hospital, hath 38 Houses, fronts the Street in Length. A very fair Building, and large Gardens, well kept, belong to it. On the Arch going into the Garden is this Inscription:

Trinity Hospitals.

Sir Richard Brown of Sayes Court in Deptford, Kt. and Bart. Elder Brother and Master in the Year 1672, gave the Inheritance of the Land on which these Alms-houses are built, after the Expiration of 28 Years formerly leased.

In the Garden is a good Figure in full Proportion, of a Mariner, with this Inscription:

To the Memory of Captain Richard Maples, who dying Commander of a Ship in the East-Indies, in the Year 1680, left to the Trinity-house the Value of 1300l. With which part of these Alms-houses were built. The said Corporation caused this Statue to be erected Anno 1681.

Capt. Maples a great Benefactor.

Tho' this Hospital is the finer Structure, yet the other hath the Preference for the Antiquity of it. And the Brethren of the Trinity hold their Corporation by that House; where their Meetings must be for Business at particular Times.

The Church of Deptford is new built. It hath a fair Organ; the Pipes gilt. It was set up at the Cost of several Persons. The Church was begun to be rebuilt, and the Organ erected Anno Dom. 1697, and both finished the same Year by a voluntary Subscription, and an Assessment of 5s. in the Pound.

The Church rebuilt.

Snelling Thomas, }
William Thornton, }

And the Organ gilded at the sole Charge of Mr. Robert Castle.

But the greatest Benefactor towards this sacred Structure was Mr. Loader, a generous Inhabitant of this Parish: As may appear by an Inscription upon a Pillar North in the Middle Ile:

In Thanks to so generous a Benefactor, for the Encourgement of others, to imitate good Works of Piety and Charity: This Parish have thought fit, at their own Charge, to perpetuate the Memory of the voluntary Contribution of Isaac Loader, Esq; present High Sheriff of this County, towards the rebuilding and beautifying of this Church.


Given for Subscription to the Church125l.
For paving the Iles with Marble161l.
For the Altar293l.
For the Vestry and Portals50l.
For the Bells38l.
For the Charnel-house194l.
For recasting the Tenor, with Addition of Metal40l.
In all901l.

Thomas Lucas }
William Street }

Here is a very good Altar-Piece over the Communion Table: Mary with the Babe, and Joseph, and the Shepherds worshipping. It is either upon Glass, or something transparent. Two fine Figures in Wood, of John writing, and of St. Paul writing; both in a leaning Posture, John on the North Side, and Paul on the South; the one with an Eagle by him, and the other with a Sword.]


In the Church at Deptford are these ensuing Monuments.


A Monument at the upper End of the Chancel hath this Inscription:

New Monuments.

H.S.E. Rogerus Boyle, Richardi Comitis Corcagiensis Filius Primogenitus, qui in Hibernia natus, in Cantio solo Patris Natali denatus, dum hic ingenii cultum capessit. Puer eximiæ indolis, præcocitatem ingenii funere luit immaturo. Sic luculenti, sed terreni Patrimonii factus exhæres, c┼ôlestem crevit Hæreditatem. Decessit A.D. 1615, iv eid. viiibris.
Richardus, prænoblis Comes Corcagiensis Uxoris suæ Patruo.

Memoriæ perenni Edwardi Fenton, Reginæ Elizabethæ, olim pro corpore Armigeri, Jano O-Neal, ac post eum, Comite Desmoniæ, in Hibernia turbantibus, Fortissimi Taxiarchi. Qui post lustratum improbo ausu, septentrionalis Plagæ Apocryphum Mare, & excussas variis Peregrinationibus inertis Naturæ latebras, Anno 1588, in celebri contra Hispanos Naumachia, meruit Navis Prætoriæ Navarchus.     
Obiit Anno Domini 1603.