The Circuit Walk. Rotherhith.88

The Circuit Walk. Rotherhith.

This Parish consists of abundance of Seafaring Mens Families; which encreaseth the Poor there exceedingly. So that in thirty Years, the Assessments for the Poor were advanced [in the Year 1710] from 80l. to above 700l. per Ann.]

In the Church at Rotherhith are these ensuing Monuments.

In the South Ile, on the Wall, is this written.

Post tenebras, spero Lucem.
Next without this Wall are buried Brian, Richard, and Marke, Alize, and Elizabeth, the three Sons, and two Daughters of Nicholas Reynolds, Citizen and Goldmsith of London, and of Elizabeth his Wife. The forenamed Elizabeth, their younger Daughter, was married to Robert Wheatley, Salter, the 20th Day of August, 1593, and died the 18th of September in the same Year.

These Blossomes young and tender, loe,     
Blown down by deadly Wind,
May urge the riper Sort to know,     
Like Blast shall them out find.

For Flesh, as Grass, away doth wither,     
No Age can it eschew;
The Young and Old decay together,     
When Death shall them pursue.

No Parents, Friends, or Advocate,     
Can him entreat to spare
The Faire, the Fine, or Delicate,     
For Threats he doth not care.

Let that most certain Statute made     
By God our heavenly King;
All Men assure, and eke perswade,     
Death shall them equal bring.

Post Mortem, Vitam Æternam.

In the Middle Ile of this Church is thus written:

Trinitas in Unitate.
Here lies buried the Body of Richard Hills, Mariner, one of the eldest Brothers and Assistants of the Company of the Trinity, and his two Wives. Who, while hee lived in this Place, gave liberally to the Poor, and spent bountifully in his House; and after many Troubles, being of the Age of 80 Years and upward, departed this Life without Issue, upon the 16th of February, 1614.
This was made at the Charge of Robert Bell.

Tho' Hills be dead, Hills Will and Act survives,     
His Free-School, and his Pension for the Poor:
Thought on by him, performed by his Heir,     
For eight poor Seamens Children, and no more.

On the Outside of the North Wall is a Monument bearing the Figure of a Ship at Sea; under it the Portrariture of him for whom it was erected, with his Wife, six Sons, and four Daughters; the Living and the Dead distinguished by Deaths-Heads, which the buried seem to bear in their Hands, and under them this Inscription.

Here beneath lyeth interred, the Body of Captain Anthony Wood, who departed this Life the 24th of August 1625, being the 40th Yeere of his Age, and had Issue by his Wife Martha Wood six Sonnes, and four Daughters.

In the Chancel,

A little Monument against the Wall, and this Epitaph:

J. S.

Roger Tweedy, Esq; was interred in the Middle Ile of this Church, in the Year 1655. He gave by Will two Shillings every Lords Day forever, to be distributed among 12 poor Seamen, or Seamens Widows, in Bread: The Officers of this Church to take Care to distribute it: And those nearest of Kin to him, to enquire of its Disposal; and if not performed according to the Will, to take it into their Hands.

In Commemoration of Mr. Robert Tweedy:

Who living, was Landsmens Counsellor, Seamens Glory,
Schismes Scourge, and Truth's living Story.
His Soul a Ship, with Graces fully laded,
Through Surges deep did plow, and safely waded.
With Principles of Faith his ballanc'd Mind,
Did steddy sail 'gainst Blasts of boist'rous Wind, &c.
At Rotherhith he did at length arrive,
And to their Port his Tribute freely give;
And in this Port he did at Anchor stay,
Hopefully expecting Resurrections Day.

A Hatchment for Mr. Tho. Lewsley, 1688. And Anne Lewsley, 1698.

On the South Wall, a small Hatchment for Mr. John Roope, 1678.

Under a flat Stone in the Chancel,

The Body of Thomasin Pasfield, the faithful Yoke-fellow and beloved Wife of George Pasfield, Esq; and the only Daughter of William Hacker of Rotherhith, Gent. 1659. Also Thomasin their youngest Daughter, 1660. And the said Geo. Pasfield, 1660. And Samuel Pasfield, Jun. 1700.

North Wall of the Chancel, a Hatchment for Mr. Phil. Mell, Mercer, second Son of Mr. Gustavus-Adolphus Mell, 1699.

Another small one for Jospeh Lyne, 1688.

A flat Stone over Elizabeth Lock, Daughter of Charles Lock, 1683.

In the Middle Ile, a great Brass Plate torn off and gone; and a little Brass Plate thus inscribed.

This was made at the Charge of Robt. Bell.
Though HILLS be dead, HILLS Will and Acts survive, &c. as before.

In the North Ile, a flat Stone over Elizabeth Wife of Capt. William Evan, 1703.

An Hatchment for Jone late Wife of Jonas Shish, 1685.

Another for Matthew Hungerford, Esq; late of Chisbury of the County of Wilts, 1677.

Elizabeth Wife of Gustavus-Adolphus Mell, Daughter of Lancelot Coppleston.

Capt. Nathaniel Pecket.

Church Yard.

On the South Side a Tomb for Anne Blake, Widow of Capt. John Blake, 1681, with four Sons and two Daughters.

In Jettipore the Head, in Callibar the Heart,
The Body here entombed, must meet tho' far apart.