Another Inscription for the L. Thomas Howard, Son of Thomas Lord Howard, and Anne his Wife, Daughter of Edward the Fourth, King of England, obiit 3. Aug. 1508.

Lord Henry Howard, Son of the Duke of Norfolk, ob. 22 Feb. 1513.

Richard Howard, Son of Tho. Duke of Norfolk, and Agnes his Consort, obiit. 22 March, 1517.

Lady Elizabeth Fitzwater, late Wife of Henry Fitzwater, Son and Heir of the Lord Robert Earl of Essex, and one of the Daughters of the right noble Prince Lord Tho. late Duke of Norfolk. She deceased the 18. Septemb. 1534.

Here lyeth Jane Wynkesley, sometime Gentlewoman to the Right Honourable Anne Dutchess of Norfolk. She deceased the 34. Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King Henry the VIIIth.

Two other Monuments of the HOWARDS; their Portraitures with their Arms in Brass, but the Inscriptions gone.

Under the Communion Table was buried Cutbert Tonstal, sometime Bishop of Durham, dying at the Palace; with these Verses inscribed:

Anglia Cuthbertum Tunstallum mœsta requirit,     
Cujus summa domi Laus erat atq; foris.
Rhetor, Arithmeticus, Juris consultus & æqui,     
Legatúsq; fuit, deniq; Præsul erat.
Annorum satur & magnorum plenus honorum,     
Vertitur in cineres aureus ille senex.
Vixit Annos 85. ob. 18 Novembr. An. 1559.

Hic jacet Georgius filius Dni. Johis. Dni. Dynham, & Elizabethæ Dnæ. Fitzwater uxoris ejus. Qui ob. 28. d. Junii A.D. 1487. Cujus, &c.

Philip Daughter of Lord John Dynham, and Elizabeth Fitzwater his Wife. She dyed 26. Nov. 1485. Cujus, &c.

Hic jacet Magister Wilielmus Uttinge S. Th. Professor, quondam Capellanus cum Reverendiss. in Xto patre Dno Thoma Bourgchier Cardinale Arhiepo. Cantuar. Eccliarum. parochialium de Clyve & Chartham Cantuarien. Dioc. Rector meritiss. Qui ob. 10. d. Febr. An. 1480. Cujus anima, &c.

Here lyeth buried the Body of Tho. Pool, Son and Heir of Henry Pool of Dicking, Esq; His Mother was Margaret Daughter to Geo. Nevyl L. Abergavenny; and her Mother was Mary Daughter of Edward Stafford Duke of Buckingham, &c. He deceased Febr. 13. 1609.

A Monument in the Wall for Dr. Monpesson, Master of the Prerogative of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Of your Charity pray for the Sowl of Sir Ambrose Payne, Parson of Lambeth, and Bachelour of Musick, and Chapleyn to the Lords Cardinals Bousar and Morton, who departed May the xxviii. A.D. 1528.

Here lyeth the Body of Beter Bettesworth of Chidden in the County of Southampton, Gent. deceased Sept. 13. 1613.

Andreæ Perne, S. Th. D. Cathedralis Ecclesiæ Eliensis Decano, Collegio Sti Petri in Academia Cantabrigiæ Magistro, munifica benemerendi virtute insigni, Literarum Mecœnati optimo, hoc Monumentum Pietatis & Amoris Ergó, Ricardus Perne nepos posuit. Ob. 26. d. Aprilis, An. 1589.     
Scienta instat.     
Charitas ædificat.

There be also these Monuments, besides those already mentioned, in this Church of Lambeth; and some of them more modern.

J. S.

A large plain Stone in the Chancel, with this Inscription:

Hic jacet Thomas Thirleby, olim Episcopus Eliensis. Qui obiit xxvi. Aug. Anno Dom. 1570.

Next beneath him lay the Stone of Bishop Tunstal, sometime Bishop of Durham. But a Pew is now erected over his Monumental Stone, which anciently was under the Communion Table. Both these Bishops being confined, by Q. Elizabeth's Command, in the Palace of Lambeth, whilst Matthew Parker was Archbishop, dyed there in Peace, and were buried here by his Order.

Near lyeth Elizabeth, one of the Sisters of William Sancroft, late Archbishop of Canterbury, sometime Wife of Francis Herdson, Clerk; after whose Death she lived 17 Years a Widow indeed, and dyed Septemb. 7. 1689.

At the Head of this Stone, a Stone for Katharine Battely, Wife of John Battely, S. Th. P. and Chaplain to the above-said Archbishop. She lived 23 Years, 9 Months, 9 Days. Dyed the 1st of Octob. 1685.

John Alsop, Comptroller of the Family of Richard Archbishop of Canterbury; afterward Treasurer to George Archbishop of Canterbury. Dyed July 12, 1611. Ætatis 51.

On the Side of Archbp. Bancroft's Stone, within the Rails, lyeth a fair Stone over Miles Smith, Secretary to Gilbert Archbp. of Canterbury. Ob 17. of Febr. 1671.

Without the Rails, near adjoining, lyes Rob. Thompson, LL.D. Secretary also to Gilbert and William, Archbishops of Canterbury. Obiit Feb. 3. 1683. Ætat. 42.

In the North Chancel or Chapel, a plain Stone, round about it thus engraven:

Hic jacet MARGARETA castissima & integerrima Conjunx quondam MATTHÆI Archiep. Cantuariensis, Quæ obiit 17. Aug. An. 1570. ....
[The rest not legible.]

In this Chancel, or Chapel, is a standing Monument of the Duke of Norfolk, as they say; the Inscription pulled off.

On the Wall on the South Side of the Chancel is this Inscription:

In the Memory of Anthony Burleigh, third Son of John Burleigh, late of the Isle of Wight, Esquire, who was Lieutenant to K Charles I. of blessed Memory; and was put to Death at Winchester the 26. of Jan. 1647. for endeavouring to release his sacred Majesty, Prisoner in Carisbrook Castle in the said Isle of Wight. His two elder Brothers were slain at Worcester Fight, in the Forces of his present Majesty K. Charles II. This being the last of that loyal Family, except his truly loving and sorrowful Sister, who caused this Monument to be erected. Obiit 17. of Febr. 1681. Ætat. suæ 48.

Spe resurgendi.