The Circuit Walk. Lambeth.84

The Circuit Walk. Lambeth.

On the upper End on a Wall, a Monument as followeth:

Here lieth the Body of John Arundell of Gwarnicke, in the County of Cornwall, Esquire, Sonne and Heire of Roger Arundell, of the said County, Esquire, of an ancient honourable, and faire descended Family, who died the 25. of May, 1613. without Issue, and in the 56. Yeere of his Age.     
Sape & prævale.

On the North Side of the Quire is this Inscription, against the Wall near the Rails, with the Effigies half Way.

Neere to this Place, lyeth interred, the Body of Robert Scot, Esquire, descended of the ancient Barons of Bawery in Scotland. Hee bent himself to travell, and study much, &c. And, amongst other Things, he invented the Leather Ordnance, and carried to the King of Sweeden 200. Men; who, after two Yeeres Service, for his Worth and Valour, was preferred to the Office of Quarter-Master General of his Majesties Army; which he possessed three Yeeres. From thence,with his Favour, he went into Denmarke, (where he was advanced to be General of that King's Artillery.) There being advised to tender his Service to his own Prince, which hee doing, his Majesty willingly accepted and preferred him to be one of the Gentlemen of his most Honourable Privy Chamber, and rewarded him with a Pension of 600l. per Annum.
This deserving Spirit, adorned with all Indowments befitting a Gentleman, in the Prime of his flourishing Age, surrendered his Soul to his Redeemer, 1631.

Of his great Worth to know who seeketh more,
Must mount to Heaven, where he is gone before.

In France he tooke to Wife Anne Scot, for whose Remembrance she lovingly erected this Memorial.

Overagainst the other, in the same Ile, lieth the Body of Elizabeth Bayly, late Wife of John Bayly. Obiit 24. of June, 1629. Ætatis suæ 25.

Reader tread soft, under thy Foot doth lye,
A Mother buried with her Progeny:
Two Females and a Male, the last a Sonne,
Who with his Life, his Mother's Thred hath spun,
His Breath her Death procur'd (unhappy Sinne,
That thus our Joy with Sorrow ushers in.)
Yet he being loth to leave so kind a Mother,
Changes this Life to meet her in another.
The Daughters first were robb'd of vital Breath,
The Mother next in Strength of Yeeres met Death,
The Father's only Joy, a hopeful Sonne,
Did lose his Life when Life was scarce begun.
If harmlesse Innocence, if loyal Truth,
Found in a constant Wife combin'd with Youth;
If a kind Husband's Prayers, or Father's Teares
Could have prevail'd, they had liv'd many Yeeres.
But these Things fayling, here rak'd up in Dust,
They wait the Resurrection of the Just.
A Husband's Love, a Father's Piety,
Dedicates this unto their Memory:
And when he hath his Debt to Nature paid,
In the same Grave himself will then be laid,
That altogether, when the Trumpe shall sound,
Husband, Wife, Children, may in Christ be found.

Another Monument on the South Side the Quire, with this Inscription against a Pillar:

Here lieth four, Foot Distant from this Wall, the Body of William Suthies, Gent. a Man adorned with the Gifts of Grace, Art, and Nature: By Grace he was Religious and Charitable; by Art he was in Masonry exquisite; and by Nature he was humane and affable. He, by God's Appointment, changed his Mortal Life of Misery for glorious Immortality, on the fifth of October, 1625. His sorrowful and grateful Wife, Mrs. Anne Suthies, as a loyal Testimony of her Love to her deceased Husband, caused this Monument to be erected for an exemplary Token of his Worthinesse, and her Affection. He was Master Mason of Windsor Castle; he was Citizen and Goldsmith of London, and an Assistant of the said Worshipful Company. He left three Sonnes towardly and hopeful, to be each of them the Imitators of their Father's Vertues, John, James, and Matthew. And herein the Reader may see exprest the Goodness of the deceased Husband, and the thankfulnesse of a surviving Wife.

He now sings Praise amongst the Heavenly Host,
To God the Father, Sonne, and Holy Ghost.

Other ancient Monuments there have been in this Church; as of Katherine Howard, one of the Sisters and Heirs of John Broughton, Esq; and Wife of L. Will. Howard, one of the Sons of the High and Mighty Prince L. Thomas Duke of Norfolk. She deceased April 23, 1535.

Other ancient Monuments, MSS. in Offic. Armor. Surrey, No 129.

J. S.

In Howard's Chapel.

Good Dutchess of Norfolk, the Lord have mercy upon thee: Which dyed at Lambeth the last of November, .......

On a Table.

Farewel, Good Lady and Sister dere,
In Erth we shall never mete here;
But yet I trust, with Godis Grace,
In Haven we shal deserve a Place:
Yet thy Kindnesse shal nere depart,
During my Life out of my Hert;
Thou wast to me both fare and nere,
A Mother, a Sister, a Frende most dere:
And to al thy Frendes most sure and fast,
Whan Fortune had sounded the froward Blast.
And to the Powre a very Mother,
More than was known to any other.
Which is thy Tresure at thys Day,
And for thy Sowle they hertily pray.
So shall I do that here remayne;
God thy Sowle preserve from Payne.     
By thy most bounden Brother,
Henry Lord Stafford.

Hic jacet Henricus Howard, Armig. filius Comitis de Surrey. Qui obiit 2. die Mens. Febr. An. Dom. 1502. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus.

Hic jacet Johannes Howard, Armig. filius Comit. de Surrey, & Agnetis uxoris ejus. Qui ob. 23. d. Mens. Mar. An. 1503. cujus, &c.

Hic jacet Carolus Howard, unus filiorum, Tho. Howard Comit. de Surrey. Qui quidem Carolus ob. 3. d. Maii, An. D. 1512. Cujus, &c.