The Circuit Walk. Camberwell.82

The Circuit Walk. Camberwell.

This Monument is erected in Memory of the vertuous Mrs. Joanna Vincent, by her most sorrowful Husband Thomas Vincent, Esq; one of the Justices of the Peace of this County, and Alderman of the City of London. To whom she was Wife twenty Years; and by whom he had five Sons and nine Daughters: The last, finishing her Mother's short but pious Course, made Death her Triumph, not her Conqueror, in the 27. Year of her Age, the 22. Febr. 1654. She was one of the Daughters of Thomas Burgess of Horly in the County of Surrey.

In her Grave, at the Foot of this Pillar, is interred Vincent Blayney, Son to Richard and Elizabeth Blayney; He was Son to Henry Lord Blayney; and she the eldest Daughter of Thomas and Joanna Vincent. He was born the 17th, and buryed the 29th of March, 1654/5. O Lord, how glorious art thou in thy Saints!

What Solomon scarce found, was truly here;
And Time to come will hardly find her Peer:
For all the Vertues now in one you find,
One of ten thousand, she excell'd her Kind.
Her vertuous Life, if writ, might t'all Instruction give;
To be a Wife, a Mother, Friend, and teach them live.     
VINCENTI corona dabitur.

South Ile.

Against the East Wall, a Monument for Robert Waith Gent. Pay-Master of the Navy to King Charles the Second; who dyed the 28th of Octob. 1685. And Elizabeth his Wife, who dyed the 13th of April, 1667. And Rob. Waith, Gent. their eldest Son, the 16th of Decemb. 1686.

Against the South Wall in this Ile, a fair large Monument, thus inscribed:

Here sleeps in Hope of Resurrection, the Body of Sir Peter Scot, Kt. who having lived desired and beloved both of his Friends and Neighbours, deceased the 28th of June, 1622, and in the .... Year of his Age. He married Elizabeth eldest Daughter of Edmund Kederminster, Esquire, one of the Six Clerks of Chancery; and left behind him one Son and three Daughters, with their most sorrowful Mother; who, among other Testimonies of a pious Affection to his Memory, consecrated this Monument in her Tears.

Here might be Praises, but he needs not them;
Those Puffs the Vertuous and the Dead contemn,
For such are better pleased good to be,
Than to be called so; and such was he.
This then for Ostentation raise we not,
Nor out of Fear his Worth may be forgot;
But that the Readers, and the Passers by,
Reflecting on the Shrine of Death an Ey,
May mind their own: So neither will the Cost
Seem vain, nor the Beholder's Labour lost.

Next adjoining on this Wall:

Ex adverso hujus Parietis in Cœmiterio requiescit MARGARETA lectissima fœmina, Gulielmi Bowls Militis ex Margareta Conjuge (filia Joannis Donne, S.T.P. & Ecclesiæ Sancti Pauli Decani) filia obsequentissima; Petri Scot (Nepotis Petri Scot Militis ex unico filio Joanne, Liberæ Capellæ Regiæ Sancti Georgii infra Castrum de Windsor Canon.) per Annos prope XIX verè Consors. Communium Liberorum, Petri, Margaretæ, Elizabethæ, Bartholomei, Gulielmi, & Isabel Superstitum, Joannis insuper & Actoni (quorum ille Sept. 5. An. Dom. M DCLXXXI. anno ætatis 15. hic infans defunctus est) mater piensissima. Suorum Desiderium, omnium Deliciæ & Dolor; Obiit Februarii 5. An. Dom. MDCLXXXI. Ætatis suæ XLV.
Juxta quam jacet ejusdem maritus PETRUS SCOT supradict. Qui Margaretam Clementis Spelmani Baronis Scaccarii filiam, viduam reliquit. Obiit 26. die Decembris M DCLXXXIX. Ætatis suæ XLIX.

Lower on the said Wall, the Figure of an old Man in a Gown kneeling; and on the Back of him, one kneeling in Armour, and a Woman in the same Posture facing him: and thus underwritten:

John Scot, the Son and Heir of John Scot, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, being married to Elizabeth, the Daughter and Heir of John Roberts of London, Merchant of the Staple at Calais, had Issue, John, Richard, Edward, William, Bartholomew, Acton: Being also married to a second Wife Chis, (the Widow of John Sandford) had Issue Mary; and by Margaret Borton, his third Wife, had Edgar and Southwel. Of which his nine Children, Bartholomew Scot the fifth Son, repairing the decayed Ruines of this Right Worshipful and ancient Family, reviveth the Deceased.
Bartholomew Scot, the Son of John Scot, Esq; and Justice of Peace in the County of Surrey, having no Issue of his Body begotten, liveth notwithstanding after Death, by the never dying Commendation of his Vertues, being a valiant, wise and religious Gentleman; and leaveth behind him Peter Scot his Nephew, the Son of Acton Scot his Brother; whom he had carefully and lovingly fostered from his Youth, the Heir of his Lands, and the Hope of their Family. This Gentleman was married to three Wives: The first was Margaret the Widow of the Right Reverend Prelate and Martyr Tho. Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury. The second was Christian, the Widow of Laud, Citizen of London. And the third and last was Margaret, the Widow of William Gardiner, Esq; Justice of Peace in the County of Surrey.
Margaret the last Wife of Bartho. Scot, at her own Cost erected this Tomb, to the happy Memory of her beloved Husband.

In this South Ile, on the Pavement, is a Stone with a Brass Figure of a Man in Arms, and this Inscription:

Of your Charite pray for the Soul of Edward Scot, one of the Sons of John Scot, Esq; which Edward decessed the 29. Day of September, Anno Domini Mo CCCCXXXVIII. On whose Soul, and all Christen Souls, Jesu have Mercy.

This Gentleman is figured with a great long Sword, reaching to the Ground, hanging before him, fastened to his Belt, and a lesser Sword or Dagger hanging on the right Side of him.

Anthony Stanlake, Esq; Citizen and Dyer of London, who departed July the 26th, 1671. And Anthony Stanlake his eldest Son, 1671.

Coleby Ludimagister de Camberwel, 1651.