The Plate underneath them, containing the Inscription, is half loose, and like suddenly to be quite gone: but our entering it here may preserve the Inscription itself: Which was this;

Of your Charite pray for the Soul [This was defaced] of John Scot, Esquier, and one of the Barons of the Escheker. Which John decesyd the vii Day of September, in the xxiiii Yere of the Reygne of our Soveraign Lod King Henry the VIII. and in the Yere of our Lord God XVo. & XXXII. On whos Sowles Jesu have Mercy ...... Amen.

By this, Eastward, against the Wall, on a Brass Plate, is a Man in a Gown, kneeling, with eight Sons kneeling behind him; and a Woman kneeling with four Daughters behind her. The Inscription:

Here lye buried the Bodies of John Bowyer, Esquire, and Elizabeth his Wife, one of the Daughters of Robert Draper, Esquire. They had Issue eight Sons and three Daughters; and John dyed the Xth of October, 1570. Elizabeth after maried William Fostar, Esquire, who had Issue by her one Son and one Daughter; and dyed April 27, 1605.

On the South Side of the Table, against the Wall, a small Monument plated.

Here lyeth the Body of Mathye Draper, Esq; who was maried unto Sense Blackwel, Daughter of William Blackwel of London, Esq; who dyed without Issue the 21. Day of July, in the Year of our Lord God 1577. [His Picture and hers kneeling.

Next to this, Westward, against the Wall, on a very old Monument, is the Effigies of a Man and a Woman in Brass, kneeling: Behind him five Sons; behind her five Daughters; and this Inscription:

Hic jacet Rycus. Skynner, Et Agnes uxor ejus Qui quidem Rycus. ob. 3o die Januar. Ann. Dom. M CCCC VII. Agnes vero ob. Vo die Martii Ann. Dom. M CCCCLXXXXIX. Quorum ..... end of script [Here must needs be a Mistake in the Date.]

Just over this is an Inscription engraven in Stone:

Here lyes interred the Body of Dame Anne Vernon, deceased the first of March, 1629. Wife she was to Sir Robert Vernon, Kt. Clerk of the Green Cloth to his Majesty, and Mother of seven Children to her Howsband, yet living.
Her virtuous Life and godly End, God grant they al may imitate: That as she is departed in Peace, by God's Mercy, and through Christ's Merits, they may al at the last Day meet again in Joy.

Chancel, South Wall.

A handsome Monument there, advanced somewhat high, for Dame Hester Bowyer, late Wife of Sir Edmund Bowyer of this Parish, Kt. and eldest Daughter of Sir Anthony Aucher, Knight.

There was a happy Sympathy between the Vertues of the Soul and the Beauty of the Body of the excellent deceased Person. She lived an holy Life, and dyed the Death of the Righteous, Decemb. 19, 1665.
A good Life hath but few Days, but a good Name endureth for ever.
Sir Edmund also (as he desired) lyes here by his most loving and welbeloved Wife. Likeness begat Love, and Love Happiness: True here, complete in Heaven, where they reap the Fruit of Faith and good Works. He dyed the 27. of Jan. 1681. Aged 67.     
Tam pios Cineres nemo conturbet.

In the middle Ile,

Before the Communion Table, the Figures of a Man and Woman in Brass, praying; the Arms and Inscription torn off.

By this Stone, another with the Figure of a Child in Brass, but torn off with the Epitaph; only a Part of the Label remains, containing these Words: Sancti Innocentes orate pro nobis.

Lower in this Ile, an ancient Figure of a Man in Brass, and this written:

Hic jacet Mighel Skenner, Generos. qui ob. die .... Novembr. Ann. Dni Millimo CCCC LXXXXVII. Cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen.

Lower, under a fair Marble Stone are buried four Sons of Robert Maddocks, Esq; and Anne his Wife; Roger, Richard, Robert, Roger, and afterwards was buried Bysshe.

Margaret Dove, Wife to John Dove, Daughter of Tho. Kelette of Surrey, Gent. and had Issue by the said John five Sons and four Daughters: And deceased the 22. of April, 1582.

North Ile.

A Monument against the Wall, of a Woman kneeling, with a Book before her. She was Jane, the Daughter of Sir Tho. Hunt, and Wife of Thomas Grimston. By whom she seems [for the Inscription is obscure] to have had ten Sons and three Daughters.

When twenty Years and ...... Days were spent
In Wedlock Bands, and loyal Loves Delights;
November 12 day then she was content
This World to leave, and give to God his Right:
Her 63 Year ful complete and ended,
Her Soul to God, to Earth her Corps commended.     
Ann. Dom. 1604.

On a Brass Plate.

Here lies buried the Body of Tho. Muschamp, Gent. youngest Son of Francis Muschamp, Esq; Married Elizabeth the Daughter of Thomas Nayler of Standish in the County of Lancaster, Gent. who departed this Life, in certain Hope of a joyful Resurrection, the 3. Day of May, Anno Dom. 1637. For whose Memory, Elizabeth, his loving Wife, caused this Memorial, &c.

Engraven upon the same Stone:

Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth Pearse, the Widow of John Pearse, Gent. and Daughter of Francis Muschamp of this Parish, deceased, Esq; who departed this Life the 14. of May, 1694. Aged 84. And her dear Son George Pearse, Gent. April 29, 1685. Aged 48.

Henry Duntot, Born at Horsham in Sussex; dyed Novemb. 20, 1600.

On a Pillar, between the Middle Ile and North Ile, is erected a decent Monument, upon which is the following Inscription: