The Circuit Walk. Clapham. Camberwell.80

The Circuit Walk. Clapham. Camberwell.

in Com. Middlesex. Equitis aurati. Ex qua decem suscepit Liberos, Filios nempe duos, Filias Octo; viz. Annabellam & Rebeccam, quæ (unà cum Henrico) cælebes obierunt, duas filias abortivas; unumq; filium & filias quatuor superstites; scil. Ricardum, Mariam, Agnetem, Elizabetham, & Rebeccam.

The Inscription on the North Side of the Tomb is this:

D. Richardus Atkins, Baronettus, (filius & Hæres dicti Richardi) duxit in uxorem Elizabetham filiam Thomæ Bide de Ware Park in Com. Hertford. Militis.
Maria Atkins, Reverendo in Christo Patri Gulielmo (Moreton) Episcopo Kildarensi in Hibernia nupta est.
Agnes, Edwardo Atkins, Armigero, filio secundo genito Roberti Atkins de Saperton in Comit. Gloucester. Militis Balnei, se Connubio junxit.
Elizabetha, Thomæ Tooke de Wormley in Com. Hertford. Armigero, desponsata est.
Et Rebecca, Wolstano Dixie, Armigero, (filio & Hæredi Apparenti D. Beaumontis Dixie de Bosworth in Com. Leicestr. Baronetti) se Matrimonio copulavit.

There be farther belonging to this Monument three other curious Figures in white Marble, placed against the East Wall, somewhat advanced; which were Sir Richard's three deceased Children.

Under the first, which is a Female Child, holding between both her Hands a Death's Head, is this Inscription:

Here lyeth the Body of Rebecca the Daughter of Sir Richard Atkins of this Place, Knight and Bart. by Dame Rebecca his Wife. She departed this Life in the 9th Year of her Age, the 10th Day of June, 1661.

Reader, survey with piteous Eye,
The merciless Hand of Destiny:
Which, from a tender Parent's Breast,
With Fury tore this welcome Guest:
Still culling out the fairest Gem,
T'adorn his mighty Diadem.
But Heaven concern'd to hear those Cries,
Which did perform her Obsequies,
In Compensation, gave no less
Than everlasting Happiness.

Under the second Figure (which is a Lady sitting, having a Book in her left Hand, with her Finger in it, and an Handkerchief in the other Hand) is this written:

Here lyeth also the Body of Annabella, the Duaghter of the aforesaid Sir Richard; who dyed at Paris, January the 1st, in the 19th Year of her Age; and interred here, Anno 1670.

Could Tears have sav'd her precious Life, no doubt,
A general Deluge had been poured out:
Or could the Skill of all the Learned have
Prevail'd but to reprieve her from the Grave;
Mankind had ne'er permitted so much Worth,
To their great Loss to vanish from the Earth.
She dyed young; not that she really cou'd
Be weary yet so soon of doing good:
But fit for Heaven, she without Pretence,
Might justly scorn a meaner Residence.

The third Figure is a Man sitting in Armour, having a commanding Staff in his Hand. Of whom is this Account given underneath:

And also the Body of Henry, the eldest Son of the aforesaid Sir Richard. He departed this Life the 5th of February 1677. Ætatis suæ 24.

That Miroir of all Youth, whose Genius stood
So happily dispos'd towards all that's good:
And who could never, for the base Delight
Of filthy Sin, find any Appetite:
Here rests in Peace, until the Day shall come,
When Men must all receive their fatal Doom:
Then he, attired like a wedding Guest,
Shall be admitted to the Bridegroom's Feast:
Mean Time it shall be my continual Strife,
Next unto Christ to imitate his Life.

In the Church-yard,

Are several Mounments: One on the South by the Wall, bearing this Inscription:

Conditur hoc tumulo Reverendi viri SAM. SYMONDS Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ Prebyteri, admodum pii, probi, prudentis, fidi, animo quo digna fuit, & quod diu deperiit, ad Beatorum Consortium concessit 30 Jan. Anno Dom. 1699, & peregrinationis suæ 45.

Other Monuments, for Margaret Whiting, Wife of William Whiting, late Minister of Tutin; departed 1676. For Mary, the Wife of Will. Kendrick, 1661. And John Kendrick, their Son. And Rich. Birch, 1693. And Jane Birch, 1692. Thomas Barkley, late of London, Goldsmith, 1695. And Hester Barkley, Widow, his Mother: And Jane Wright, a Sister to the said Hester. Elizabeth Leach. Francis Bridges, late Citizen and Salter of London. George Langham, Esq; 1683. Tho. Juxon of Mortlake, Gent. 1705. Andrew Crawley, 1690. And Jospeh his Son. And Will. Manistie, his Grandson. And Wm. Shelden, Gent. Aged 84, 1700.



SOmewhat farther on this Side is situate the pleasant Town of Camberwell: Where the ancient worshipful Families of the Scots and Bowyers now (or lately) inhabited; with divers other fair Seats. The Parish taketh in Peckham, and Dulwich, famed for its purging Waters, and the College.


The Church is ancient, and adorned with many Monuments for Remembrances of the Dead.

In the Chancel.

On the North Side, against the Wall, is an ancient Monument raised from the Ground; where on a Plate of Brass, is the Effigies of a Woman kneeling., her Hands together, with a long Pair of Beads hanging at her Girdle, and reaching to the Ground. And a Man in Armour also kneeling, Hands together. Labels of Brass proceeding out of their Mouths, but torn away. Coats of Arms, some remaining, and some torn off. The Arms are, On a Fesse three Boars Heads couped. Behind the Woman kneel seven Daughters: Behind the Man four Sons.