The Circuit Walk. Battersey.78

The Circuit Walk. Battersey.

A fair Marble Stone thus inscribed:

Here lyeth interred the Body of Mr. Charles Chappel, Son of Mr. John Chappel: Who was Prebendary of Salisbury fifty Years. He departed this Life the 6th of February, 1685, in the Year of his Age. He married Mary Daughter of Sir Alexander Radclyff, Knt. of the Noble Order of the Bath: By whom he left one Daughter, viz. Anne, aged seven Years.

Next to this, the Figure of two young Men in Brass; and betwixt them, on a Brass Plate, these Words:

As we were, so are ye:
As we are, so shall you be.
Your selves by us see here, which lie,
Who dyed to live, though born to die.

And on another Plate under this, thus writ:

Hereunder lie buried Rowland and William Prat, two of the Sons of Jacob and Margaret Prat, of Barmondsey in the County of Surrey.

An old Brass with three Lines; and another Brass with Arms. The Inscription is as followeth.

Hic jacet Robertus Moro de Devonio, quondam de Interiori Templi. Qui obijt 7mo die mensis Septembr. Anno Domini M CCCCLXVIII. Cujus anime propicietur Deus. Amen.

South Ile. South Wall.

A Woman kneeling against a Desk, and this Inscription.

Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth Hillary, late the Wife of Thomas Hillary, Gent. both deceased. Whose Love, Piety, and Charity to the Poor deserveth never to be forgotten. She dyed an old Woman, childless, the 10th Day of Septemb. Anno Dom. 1592.

Roland Benson, Gent. being her Kinsman, and brought up by her, (who likwise departed this Life the 9th Day of October, 1606, and lyeth buried hard to this Church Wall) carefully in his Life-time, at his Cost, provided this Monument, to shew his Thankfulness unto her; and for her Remembrance.

Edwardus Randolph, Armig. eorum Con. hoc Monumentum post eorum mortem confici fecit.

Near this Place are buried the Bodies of Nicolas Wyld of London, Merchant, and Inhabitant of this Parish, and Elizabeth his Wife. With whom he lived 35 Years in Marriage, and had four Sons and five Daughters by her. One of which Sons, viz. John was buried by them. Elizabeth his Wife dyed the 1st of April, 1688, Aged 58. And the said Nicolas Wyld departed this Life the 15th of April, 1693, being the 73d Year of his Age.

Next, a very fair Monument of white Marble: On Top of all, an Head of Sir Edward Wynter curiously cut. This is the Epitaph:

P.M.S. Edwardi Wynter, Equitis. Qui adhuc puber ex patria proficiscens in Orientalibus Indiis mercaturam feliciter exercuit, magnas Opes comparavit, majores conflaturus, si non sprevisset. Ibidem splendidè vixit, & honorificè post annos 42 Angliam revisit. Uxorem duxit Emmam filiam Richardi Howe, Armigeri, Norfolciens. Decessit Martii 22o, Anno ætatis 64. Anno Dom. 1685/6.
Posuit marito optimè de se merito ux. m┼ôstissima.

Born to be Great, in Fortune as in Mind,
Too great to be within an Isle confin'd:
Young, helpless, friendless, Seas unknown he try'd:
But English Courage all those Wants supply'd.
A pregnant Wit, a painful Diligence;
Care to provide, and Bounty to dispense;
Joyn'd with a Soul sincere, plain, open, just,
Procur'd him Friends, and Friends procur'd him Trust.
These were his Fortune's Rise, and thus began
This hardy Youth, rais'd to that happy Man.
A rare Example, and unknown to most,
Where Wealth is gain'd, and Conscience is not lost.
Nor less in martial Honour was his Name,
Witness his Actions of immortal Fame.
Alone, unarm'd, a Tyger he opprest,
And crusht to Death the Monster of a Beast.
Thrice twenty mounted Moors he overthrew,
Singly on Foot; some wounded, some he slew;
Dispers'd the rest. What more could Sampson do?
True to his Friends, a Terror to his Foes.
Here now in Peace his honoured Bones repose.

Under these Verses is writ,



The Representation of both these his Exploits are engraven on the Monument.

In this South Ile is a flat Stone, with an Inscription; under which lyeth the said Sir Edward Wynter.

On another Stone, on a Brass Plate, the Figure of a Man in a Gown, and a Woman, both standing, with their Hands together, and this Inscription:

Under this Stone lyeth buried the Body of Richard Turk, late of this Parish. Who deceased the 17th Day of December, Anno Dom. 1570. Leaving to Goddes Mercy Bridget his Wife, of whom he had three Sons and two Dowghters. His Sowl resteth with God.

In the Middle Ile.

A little Stone, with the Figure of a young Woman in Brass, and this Inscription.

Hic jacet Agnes filia Johis. Reynold, Magistri Scolar. Sti. Pauli. Que ob. 2do die Octobr. An. Dni. M CCCC XLIIII.

Lower lyeth interred William Kent, Gent. late of this Parish. Who departed the 17th of April, 1705, aged 47: And three Children.

Upon a Table hanging on a Pillar is this Inscription.

On the South Side of the Chancel lyeth buried Henry Sayer, Gent. who dyed in November 1619. John, Son of Henry, dyed in Novemb. 1628, and Rebecca his Wife; and John, Son and Heir of the said John, dyed Decemb. 31, 1666, And Mary his Wife dyed the 14th of May, 1659. And Samuel, Rebecca, and Edward, Brothers and Sister of the said John, and three Children of John Sayer, Gent. (now living, 1706) lie buried in the Middle Ile near this Place.

But since, this John is dead too.

North Ile.

On a Brass Plate are these Words:

Hugh Morgan, late of Battersey, Esq; sleepeth here in Peace: Whom Men late did admire for worthful Parts. To Q. Elizabeth he was Chief Pothecary, till her Death.