To the End that this exemplary Charity may be remembred, and thankfully acknowledged, and for inciting others, whom God shall bless with the Goods of this World, according to their Abilities, to remember the Poor; this is set up at the Charge of the Churchwardens, May 29, 1681.

Here lyeth interred the Body of Thomas Tayer, Senior, aged 101 Years: Buried the 13. Decemb. 1653. Also the Body of Thomas Tayer, his Son, aged 78, buried the 14. Jan. 1662. Both of Rants in Northamptonshire, Esquires.

On the North Window, a small Monument for Tho. Moseley, Reader of this Parish: And for his Son in Law William Taton, and his Grandchild. He departed the 13th of Jan. 1681.

On the North Wall, a Table of Benefactors, both to the Use of the Church, and to the Use of the Poor.

South Ile.

On a Plate fixed in a flat Stone, this Inscription.

Of your Charity, pray for the Soule of Elizabeth Gale, Widow: The which decessed in this Parysh the 21. Day of January M VCXLV. Upon whose Sowle, and al Christen Sowles, Jhesu have Mercy. Amen.

Lower, on a black Marble:

Here lyeth the Body of Mrs. Elizabeth Plume, who departed this Life June the 15th, 1703, in the 72. Year of her Age.

In this Parish of Wandsworth live a great many French People, employed in making Hats, and other Manufactures, and have a French Church.]



In the Church at Battersey, [alias Patrichsey] are these ensuing Monuments.


In the Chancel.

On the North Side of the Choir is a fair Monument with this Inscription, viz.

Deo Trino & Uni Sacrum.
Olivero, Nicolai Sanct. John de Lydeard, Filio secundo; Equiti Aurato, Antiquissimis, & Illustribus de Bello Campo, de Blestoe, Grandisonis, & Tregoziæ Familiis oriundo. Terra Marique, Domi Forisque, Belli pacisque Artibus, egregio; Diu Elizabethæ è Nobilissima Pensionariorum cohorte, suis inde meritis, & singulari Divi Jacobi gratia, in Hibernia instrumentis Bellicis Præfecto, Conaciæ Propræside questori summo, & Regis Vicario, Procomiti de Grandisonis, & Trigoziæ de Hyworth in Anglia Baroni: Eidem divo Jacobo, & Filio ejus piissimo à secretioribus & Sanctioribus Consiliis, Postquam is Annos Honoribus æquaverat, & tranquillissimè senuerat, somnienti similiter, extincto, Johannes de Sanct. John, Eques & Baronettus, ex Fratre Nepos & Hæres, Avunculo Mœrentissimo, Mœstissimus P. in Ecclesia de Battersey. Vixit Annos 70. Mor. 29 Decembris, 1630.

[It is a fair Monument, with the Heads of the Man and the Woman finely cut in white Marble.]

July the 2d, 1708, dyed the Honourable Sir Walter St. John, Bart. at his Seat at Battersea: A Gentleman of a very ancient, noble, and loyal Family, (three of his Brothers having been killed in the Field, in the Service of K. Charles I. and his Father a great Sufferer in his Estate for the Royal Cause.) He was one of the first Baronets, and a Person of eminent Worth, singular Probity, and universal Charity; lived to a very great Age, being upward of 86. Interred here among his Ancestors.]

J. S.

A Monument in the South Ile, with this Inscription:

Memoriæ Sacrum.
Elizabethæ, Filiæ Christophori Toldervey, Armigeri, quæ vivens moriensque fuit conjux dilecta Danielis Caldwall, Filii Laurentii Caldwall, Armigeri, per quatuor annos, Filiorum par Enixa ac unicam Filiolam: ipsa Mater, virgo prius casta, Uxor dein fida, Morum suavitate, vitæ integritate, Religionis conscientia insignis; fideliter obiit, & in domino fœliciter obdormivit die Junii 20. Ætatis suæ Anno 23, 1620.
Mœrens ejus Maritus, hoc Qualecunque Monumentum, Epitaphium, Amoris verè conjugalis ergô, posuit, composuit.

D. C.
This Stone doth tell, the Children and the Mother,
That liv'd and dy'd all in one Year together:
The Children first Death did deprive of Life,
Yet staid not here, but took away the Wife.
Insatiate Death, not with the Fruit content!
But thy last Malice on the Tree hast spent.

Her vertuous Life it needless were to praise,
That's still the Gloss to cover vicious Ways:
I'll say but this, that all who knew her well,
For Life, for Death, will say she did excel.

[It is a middling handsome Monument: The Letters are in Gold.]

Another Monument against the North Wall of the Chancel, with this Inscription.

To Henry Hussy, Esquire, his loving Wife Judeth Paget hath erected this Monument. He was born at Slinkfold in Sussex: He was Clerk of the Spicery to Queen Elizabeth and King James, and lived in the Court 35 Years. He delivered his Soul to God the 23d of May 1611, in the 64th Year of his Age. His Body lyeth buried here, waiting for a joyful Resurrection.

Besides these, are many other Monuments of the Dead, some more ancient, some more modern, viz.

Other Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel.

On the Ground, on a Brass Plate, this Inscription.

Here lyeth the Body of Richard Ratcliff, late of Battersey, Gent. Who deceased the 8th of July 1587.

On the Stone was the Figure of a Man, but the Brass torn off.

On the North Side of the Table, a Brass very ancient, thus engraven:

Undre this Stone John Stanley lyeth.
Pray for hym, and Kateryn hys Wyf.
For such Gooden God hem sent,
They gaf to the Chirch with good Entent.
For that, for their Solles doon pray,
Christ quyte ther Mede at Domys Day.

A fair