The Circuit Walk. Wandsworth.76

The Circuit Walk. Wandsworth.

most Part of his Estate, being to a great Value, for the purchasing Lands of Inheritance for ever, for the Relief of the Poor, and setting them on Work.
A Pattern worthy the Imitation of those whom God hath blessed with the Abundance of the Goods of this Life, to follow him herein.

A Monument in the South Ile on the East Wall, with this Inscription.

Here lyeth the Body of Edward Snow of Chicksands in the County of Bedford, Esquire: In Memory of whom, Em his Wife, Daughter to William Byne, in the County of Suffolk, Esquire, erected this Monument: He had Issue Elizabeth, Alice, and Sarah. He deceased at the Manour of Alfarthing, Anno Dom. 1587.     
He and his Wife are kneeling before a Desk, and three Children underneath.

A Monument of a Woman kneeling, against the East Wall, North of the Communion Table: And this Inscription.

Susanna Powell, late of Wandsworth, Widow, Daughter of Thomas Hayward of Wandsworth, Yeoman of the Guard unto King Henry the Eighth, King Edward the Sixth, to Queen Mary, and to Queen Elizabeth, (of ever precious Memory) and Wife unto John Powell of Wandsworth, Gentleman, who was Servant to Queen Elizabeth. This Susanna Powell was a gracious Benefactor unto this Town of Wandsworth. She lived a Widow the Space (almost) of twenty Years, deceased the 19th Day of February, 1630; and at her Death bequeathed by her Will, unto 24 poor Widows of this Town of Wandsworth for ever, four Pence in Bread, and four Pence in Money; to be distributed every Lord's Day, 12 on one Sabbath, and 12 another, for ever, at the North Door of the Church at Wandsworth.
She also bequeathed 40 Shillings every Year, for ever, to put forth a poor Man Child an Apprentice, with divers other loving Remembrances unto her good Friends and Neighbours. These foresaid Donations are to issue out of the Benefits and Profits of the Rectory of Wandsworth.
This was desired to be recorded, that God might be glorified, the Memorial of the Just might be blessed, and the Living stirred up to such like good Works of Piety and Compassion.
To this Church, for the Communion Table, two Flagon Pots of Silver, Price xxl. and upwards.
To release poor Prisoners out of Prison, on the Day of her Burial, xxl.
To the Poor of the Parish of Putney, long before she deceased, 50l.
To the poor Housholders of Wandsworth, for many Years before her Death, toward Payment of their Rent, per Ann. 5l.

There be also (besides the former) these more ancient, and other more modern Monuments in Wandsworth Church.

Other Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel.

Hic jacet Sepultus Robertus Knaresbrough, Gen. nuper servus serenissimæ Dominæ nuper Reginæ Elizabethæ, & olim hujus Ecclesiæ Patronus. Qui obiit 11 die Januar. Anno Salutis 1611.

On a Brass Plate within the Rails.

Before the Table, without the Rails, the Figure in Brass of a Knight, the Head torn off. A narrow List round about the Stone, with an Inscription partly gone, viz.

Hic jacet Richardus Serviens Regis Henrici Quinti post Conquestum ad Arma. Qui obiit M.CCCC.XX. Cujus anime Amen. Pater noster.

On the South Side of the Rails, a small Brass Plate, with this Inscription.

Pray for the Sowle of Mr. Wheddon who dessessed the xxiiii of in the Year of our Lord God CCCCCXX. Upon whose Sowle Jesu have Mercy. Amen.

On a fair Stone before the Table is this Inscription in a Brass Plate.

Hic jacet Richardus Breame, Gen. oriundus de Comitat. Suffolciæ; qui diu & fideliter inservivit Dominæ Elizabethæ Reginæ; & postea Domino Jacobo Regi. Et deinde Senectute provectus, & multis Morbis gravatus, placidè & quietè de vita mortali in immortalem emigravit, Anno Ætatis suæ 62, & Salutis humanæ 1610. Jan. 2. Richardus Filius posuit Pietatis ergô.

Entring into the Chancel, upon a Stone a Brass Plate thus inscribed:

Depositum Henrici Smith, Senatoris Londinensis.

And in another Brass Plate on the same Stone these Verses.

Mole sub hac quæris Quis conditur, optime Lector,     
Cujus & qualis, quantus in Orbe fuit?
A dextris muri statuam tu cernere possis,     
Oranti similem, marmore de Pario.
Subter quam statuam cernatur Tabula sculpta,     
Auratis Verbis quæ tibi cuncta notant.

A very Fair Monument on the North Wall, with the Heads of Sir Tho. Broderick, and his Lady Katharine, with a large Inscription in Latin. He dyed Anno 1641. Ætat. 46. She dyed 1678.

In the Body of the Church.

Against a Pillar a small white Stone thus inscribed:

Nicolas Tonnet having lived in this Parish of Wandsworth about fifty Years, and by his hard Labour and good Husbandry, with God's Blessing, gathered together a considerable Sum of Money; out of Regard to the Poor of his Parish where he earned the same, in his Lifetime gave into the Hands of the Churchwardens 200l. Sterling. Which they carefully laid out, with the Consent of the Vestry, and others in the Parish, in a Mortgage on several Houses in St. Giles's in the Fields, paying the yearly Interest thereof to the said Nicolas Tonnet during his Life: And after his Decease, the Profits thereof to remain to the Use of the Poor of the same Parish for ever, according to his own Direction and Appointment. And being a Protestant of the French Nation, hath also given 200l. in like Manner, to the Use of the Poor of the French Protestants Church in London.