Order of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.59

Order of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

every Ward where the poor Men be, and see them in good Order; and suffer no Sister nor other Woman to remain among them, (except just Cause be declared by the Matron) and cause them to say the appointed Prayers.

And whatsoever poor Person shall be found a Swearer, or an unreverent User of his Mouth, towards God or his Holy Name, or a Contemner of the Matron or other Officer of this House, or that shall refuse to go to Bed at the lawful Hours before appointed him, shall ye punish (after once Warning given) in the Stocks, and farther declare his Folly unto the Almoners of this House, that they may take such Order with him or them, as shall seem meet by their Descretions.

Ye shall also be diligent and ready from Time to Time, to do such other Things as the Governours of this House shall assign and appoint you. This is your Charge, and more you have not to do; but if you perceive at any Time, anything done by any Officer of this House, or other Person, that shall maintain Disorder, or procure Slander to this House, that ye then shall declare the same to some one or two of the Governours of this House, and to none other Person, and no farther to meddle therein.

The Bedels.


YOUR Office and Charge is to give Attendance from Time to Time upon the Governours of this House, and to do such Business as they shall assign you.

And also, all such Days as the Governours of this House shall sit in this Hospital for the Affairs of the same, ye shall separate and divide yourselves into sundry Parts and Liberties thereof, every Man taking his several Walks. And if in any of your Walks ye shall happen to espy any Person infected with any lothely Grief of Disease, which shall fortune to lie in any notable Place of this City, to the Noyance and Infection of the Passers by, and Slander of this House, ye shall then give Knowledge thereof unto the Almoners of this Hospital, that they may take such Order therein, as to them shall be thought meet.

Ye shall also have a special Eye and Regard unto all such Persons as have been cured and healed in this House, that none of them counterfeit any Grief or Disease, neither beg within the City and Liberties thereof. And if ye shall fortune to find any so doing, ye shall immediately commit him or them to some Cage, and give Knowledge thereof to the Governours of this House, that they may take farther Order, as they shall think best.

Ye shall not haunt nor frequent the Company of any poor and beggarly Persons, that is to say, to drink or eat with them in any Victualling-House, or other Place, neither shall ye receive any Bribe or Reward of any of them, least, by Occasion thereof ye should wink at them, and so lewdly license them to beg, upon Pain to be dismissed this House.

Also, ye shall not suffer any sturdy or idle Beggar or Vagabond, to beg or ask Alms within this City of London, or Suburbs of the same, but ye shall forthwith commit all such to Ward, and immediately signify the Name and Surname of him or them to the Alderman of that Ward where ye shall apprehend any such Beggar, or else to the Lord Maior, that Execution may be done as the Law in that Case hath provided. This is your Charge.

The Visitour of Newgate.


YOUR Charge is faithfully and diligently to visit all the poor and miserable Captives within the Prison of Newgate, and minister unto them such ordinary Service, at Times convenient, as is appointed by the King's Majesty's Book for ordinary Prayer.

Also, that ye learn without Book the most wholesome Sentences of Holy Scripture, that may comfort a desperate Man, that readily ye may minister them to such Persons as ye shall perceive them most needful to be ministred unto.

Also, ye shall faithfully and truly use and bear yourself between Party and Party, excluding Bribes and all other Corrpution, that is to say, between the Prisoners and the Parties to whom they have offended, exhorting them to the uttermost of your Cunning, to make Restitution of their Things falsely gotten: Shewing them the Burthen of Conscience depending thereupon. And that also they disclose all such other Persons as they know living, which by Robbery or Murther may hurt a Commonweal. And in all their Extreams and Sicknesses, ye shall be diligent and ready to comfort them with the most pithy and fruitful Sentences of God's most Holy Word.

And whatsoever Person you shall perceive to have Substance, and to be minded to bestow somewhat thereof in Deeds of Charity, ye shall exhort him or them to bestow some Part to the Relief of the needy and diseased Persons of this House. And of all such Gifts from Time to Time, to give Knowledge to the Almoners or Scrutiners of this House.

And forasmuch as you are numbred among the Ministers of Christ's Church, ye shall therefore four Times in the Year at the least, that is to say, every Quarter once, do such Service in the said Church as is requisite for such a Minister to do.

This is your Charge, which see that ye do, and with any other Thing ye are not charged.

The Estimate of the Yearly Charges of this Hospital.


IT is first here to be considered, that although the Charges were very great to bring the Endowment of the Hospital into such Point as behoved, and to furnish the House with necessary Implements and Bedding for such Number (as hath been afore touched in the Beginning) yet is there of all these Charges, no Parcel hereafter mentioned, but the yearly Expences only, sustained for the Maintenance and Continuance of the same. And albeit these Charges following be all and every of them ordinary, and of Necessity; yet for that there is a Difference in the Certainty of the one and the other, they are divided into two Kinds, with these Titles; Charges certain, and Charges uncertain.

Charges certain,


ARE first, the yearly Wages and Fees of those Officers and Servants that necessarily serve and attend for the Poor as ensueth, and after them the Charges of Houshold, Reparations, and such like.

To the Hospitalerxl.
To the Renter-Clerkxl.
To the Butlervil. xiiis. ivd.