Also ye shall receive the Flax provided by the Governours of this House; and the same being spun by the Sisters, ye shall commit to the said Governours, that they may both put Order for the Weighing of the same to the Weaver, and for the Measuring of it at the returning thereof.

You shall also, as the chief Governess and worthy Matron of this House, have special Regard to the good ordering and keeping of all the Sheets, Coverlets, Blankets, Beds, and other Implements committed to your Charge, that now do, or hereafter shall, appertain unto the Poor.

Also ye shall suffer no poor Person of this House to sit and drink within your House at no Time, neither shall ye so send them Drink into their Wards, that thereby Drunkenness might be used and continued among them; but, as much as in you shall lie, ye shall exhort them to Vertue and Temperance, declaring this House to be appointed for the Harbour and Succour of the dear Members of Christ's Body, and not of Drunkards and unthankful Persons.

Herewith ye are charged, and not with any other Thing. But if there shall be anything done by any Officer of any other Person of this House, that shall be unprofitable thereunto, or that may be Occasion of any Disorder, or shall engender Slander to the same, that ye then declare it to some one or two of the Governours of this House, and to none other Person, nor no farther to meddle therein.

The Sisters.


YOUR Charge is, in all Things to declare and shew yourselves gentle, diligent, and obedient to the Matron of this House, who is appointed and authorized to be your chief Governess and Ruler.

Ye shall also faithfully and charitably serve and help the Poor in all their Griefs and Diseases, as well by keeping them sweet and clean, as in giving them their Meats and Drinks, after the most honest and comfortable Manner. Also ye shall use unto them good and honest Talk, such as may comfort and amend them; and utterly to avoid all light, wanton, and foolish Words, Gestures, and Manners, using yourselves unto them with all Sobriety and Discretion. And above all Things, see that ye avoid, abhor, and detest Scolding and Drunkenness, as most pestilent and filthy Vices.

Ye shall not haunt or resort to any manner of Person out of this House, except ye be licensed by the Matron; neither shall ye suffer any light Person to haunt or use unto you, neither any dishonest Person, either man or Woman; and so much as in you shall lie, ye shall avoid and shun the Conversation and Company of all Men.

Ye shall not be out of the Woman's Ward after the Hour of seven of the Clock in the Night, in the Winter Time, or after Nine of the Clock at Night in the Summer; except ye shall be appointed and commanded by the Matron so to be, for some great and special Cause that shall concern the Poor, (as, the present Danger of Death, or extream Sickness) and yet so being commanded, ye shall remain no longer with such diseased Person than just Cause shall require.

Also, if any just Cause of Grief shall fortune unto any of you, or that ye shall see Lewdness in any Officer, or other Person of this House, which may sound or grow to the Hurt or Slander thereof, ye shall declare the same to the Matron, or unto one or two of the Governours of this House, that speedy Remedy therein may be had; and to no other Person, neither shall ye talk or meddle therein any farther. This is your Charge, and with any other Thing you are not charged.

The Chirurgeons.


YOUR Charge is faithfully and truly, to the uttermost of your Knowledge and Cunning, to help to cure the Griefs and Diseases of the Poor of this Hospital; setting aside all Favour, Affection, Gain, or Lucre; and that, as well to the Poorest, destitute of all Friends and Succours, as to such as shall, peradventure, be better friended, ye shall, with all your Favour and Friendship, procure the speedy Recovery of their Health.

Also, for your Stipend and Fee, given and paid out of this House, ye shall be ready at the Commandment of the Almoners of this House, and Hospitaler of the same, to view and look upon such diseased Persons, as here from Time to Time shall be presented. And after your View, to signify to the said Almoners or Hospitaler your Judgment of the said diseased Person, without all Affection, whether he or she be curable or not; to the Intent there may not be admitted into this House, that shall be incurable, to the great Lett and Hindrance of the curing and helping of many other; or none rejected and put back that are curable, to the great Slander of this House, and Displeasure of God.

Also, at all such Times as ye shall go to the Dressing of any diseased Person in this House, as much as in you is, ye shall give unto him or her faithful or good Counsel: Willing them to mind to sin no more, and to be thankful unto Almighy God, for whose Sake they are here comforted of Men. And above all Things, ye shall take nor receive of no Person any Gift or Reward for the curing ot helping of them, either of them or their Friends, but ye shall first make the same Offer or Reward known unto the Almoners of this House.

Also, we utterly forbid and command you, that ye by no Colour pester or burthen this House with any Sick or diseased Person, for the curing of which Person, ye before have received a Sum or Sums of Money, upon Pain to be dismissed this House.

This is your Charge and Office, with which ye have to do, and not with any Thing, neither with any other Office in this House. But if you shall perceive at any Time anything done by any Officer or other Person of this House, that shall be unprofitable thereunto, or that may be the Occcasion of any Disorder, or shall engender Slander to the same, that ye then declare it to the Almoners, or one of them, and no farther to meddle therein.

The Office of the Porter.


YOUR Charge is, to keep the Doors, open and shutting them in due Time, and to give good Heed to all such Persons as shall at any Time pass to and fro out of this House, as well for the conveighing or embezelling of any thing that appertaineth to the Poor of this House, as Wood, Coal, Bread, Meat, or Drink, as also for all suspcious Persons, as Men to resort to the Womens Ward, or Women to the Mens Wards; or such suspicious Men to resort unto the Men, or Women to the Women, as shall be thought to be petty Pickers, or Persons otherwise of naughty Disposition.

And also every Night, at the Hour of Seven of the Clock in the Summer, ye shall go into