Order of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.57

Order of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

that as well when you are absent as present, the Governours may, without Difficulty, be satisfied of that they seek therein:

The Officer of the Hospitaler.


YOUR Office is chiefly and most principally to visit the Poor in their Extreams and Sicknesses, and to minister unto them the most wholsome and necessary Doctrine of God's comfortable Word, as well by reading and preaching as also by ministring the Sacrament of the holy Communion at Times convenient.

To receive also into this House, of the Steward, to the Use of the same Poor, such Victuals and other Provision as by him shall be provided, entring the same into your Book, and safely to keep them to their Use.

Also to deliver unto the Cook of this House, from Time to Time, so much of the same Victuals as shall be needful from the present Time to be dresseed for the Poor. And the same being dressed, to see seasonably and truly delivered and distributed unto them.

Also whensoever any poor Person shall be here presented or sued for, to be admitted into this House, you shall receive the same Presentation, calling unto you two of the Chirurgeons of this House, to view and examine the Disease of the said Person, whether it be curable or not curable; if they judge it curable, then you, by a Bill of your Hand, to certify the Name and Surname of the said diseased Person unto the Almoners, or two of them at the least, desiring them to subscribe their Names thereunto; and that being done, you keep upon a File the same Bill for your Warrant. And then ye shall commit the same Poor to the Matron of this House, to be placed accordingly as the Case shall require.

Also at the Admission of every poor Person into this Hospital, ye shall enquire what Money, or other Things of Value, he or she hath, and the same together with his, or her Name, to enter into your Book, and you to receive and safely keep the same to the Use of the same Poor, to be delivered again unto him, her, or them, when they shall be cured out of this House. And monthly to deliver to the said Almoners a Copy of your Book of Entrances, that they may register the same in the Book of their ordinary Doings. And if any such Poor fortune to decease and die in this House, then you to deliver all such Money and other Things as shall be in your Custody, to the Treasurer of this House for the Time being, entering the same into your Book, to be committed and disposed to the Use of the Poor.

And as often as any of the Poor shall be cured and made whole, you, with the Chirugeons to present them to the Almoners of this House at their next Assembly here, and to register in your Book their Names, and Surnames of them, and every of them, with the Day and Year of their Delivery and Departure out of this House. And at their Departure to give unto them a Passport, to be made according to the Precedent and Form that is expressed in the End of this Book.

This is your Charge, and ye have not to do with any other Thing in this House. Howbeit, if ye shall perceive at any Time any Thing done by any Officer of this House, or other Person, that shall maintain Disorder, or procure Slander to this House, that ye then declare the same to some one or two of the Governours of this House, and to none other Person, and no farther to meddle therein.

The Office of the Steward and Butler.


YOUR Charge is faithfully and truly to make Provsion of such needful Victuals, as from Time to Time ye shall be appointed by the Almoners to provide for the Poor of this House: remembring always that whereinsoever you shall hinder, or negligently burden this House, either with excessive Prices, or not making your Provision in due Time, the Dammage and Hurt you do unto GOD, whose Members the Poor are, and therefore ye ought the rather to study to serve in this House with Fear of God and Conscience, as one that manifestly and plainly walketh before the Face of God, who perfectly seeth and beholdeth the very Thoughts of your Heart.

Your Charge is also to keep a true and perfect Account of all such Victuals as by you shall be bought, and to make Deliverance of the said Victuals unto the Hospitaler of this House, declaring unto him the just Weight, Number, and Prices of the same, that he may make due and true Entrance and Account thereof.

Also at such Times as shall be needful for the Poor to be served of their ordinary Meals or otherwise, either Bread or Drink, ye shall not be absent, but with all Diligence and Readiness ye shall give your Attendance.

Ye shall have to do in none other Man's Office in this House, but only with your own in Manner as is above described. But if ye shall perceive at any Time any Thing done by any Officer or other Person of this House, that shall be unprofitable thereunto, or that may be Occasion of any Disorder, or shall engender Slander to the same: That then ye declare the Thing to some one or two of the Governours of this House, and to none other Person, nor farther to meddle therein.

The Office of the Matron.


YOUR Office is to receive of the Hospitaler of this House, all such sick and diseased Persons, as he by his Warrant signed from the Almoners of this House, shall present unto you, and the same Persons to bestow in such convenient Places within this House, as you shall think meet.

You have also the Charge, Governance, and Order of all the Sisters of this House, to see from Time to Time that every of them in the Wards committed to their Charge, do their Duty unto the Poor, as well in making of their Beds, and keeping their Wards, as also in washing and purging their unclean Cloaths, and other Things. And that the same Sisters every Night after the Hour of seven of the Clock in the Winter, and nine of the Clock in the Summer, come not out of the Womans Ward, except some great and special Cause (as the present Danger of Death, or needful Succour of some poor Person.) And yet at such a special Time, it shall not be lawful for every Sister to go forth to any Person or Persons (no tho' it be in her Ward) but only for such as you shall think virtuous, godly, and discreet. And the same Sister to remain no longer with the same sick Person then needful Cause shall require.

Also at such Times as the Sisters shall not be occupied about the Poor, ye shall set them to spinning, or doing of some other Manner of Work, that may avoid Idleness, and be profitable to the Poor of this House.