tered in your Book, the Reader, without any Difficulty, may turn to the same.

The Use of the first Book, called a Repertory.


INTO this Book shall ye first enter the Foundation of this Hospital, and also all Deeds, Leases, Obligations, Acquittances, and other Specialties; using always in the Margent of the said Book, to note in a few English Words the Sum and Content of every Article of those Writings that shall appear note-worthy, and the same Notes particularly to enter into their several and proper Places of your Calendar, according to the Order of the A. B. C.

The Use of the second Book, called a Book of Survey.


FIRST, in a several Leaf, yearly before ye enter any other Thing into this Book, ye shall make an Abstract of the Names and Surnames of every of those Tenants, to whom this House is bound to do Reparations, and also them that are bound to find their own Reparations, noting in the Margent the Leaf of your Repertory, where every of their Leases is entered. Also, every Year when the Surveiors shall survey the Lands of this House, ye shall be attendant upon them, and aptly and plainly enter into this Book all such Defaults as by them shall be found, in the Time of their View, making a distinct Difference between Tenants at Will, and Tenants by Lease; and also between those, to whom this House is bound to find Reparations, and such as have bound themselves to Reparations.

Also, ye shall diligently enter into this Book all such Orders and Grants of Reparations or other, as the Surveiors from Time to Time shall make or take with the Tenants.

And every Year when the Treasurer shall bring in his Account, and before the Auditors shew such Bills of Reparations, signed with two of the Hands of the Surveiors, as he hath paid, ye shall, after the Admission of the said Bills by the Auditors, enter every of them into this Book particularly under this Title.

Reparations done in the Year that A. B. was Treasurer of this Hospital (that is to say) from the Feast of St. Michael in the fifth Year, &c.

And then ye shall write first the Name and Surname of the Tenant, the Tenement, and the Day of the Month, and then the Reparations. And thus ye shall do with the other. And it is to be noted, that in your Calendar must be entred the Name of every Treasurer, and the Leaf where the Reparations brought in his Account are entred. And next after the Reparations, ye shall enter yearly your whole Rental, being first examined by the Surveiors, and having two of their Names, at the least, subscribed thereunto. And in a particular and plain Manner ye shall express and declare the Encrease of Rents that Year, and that shall ye enter into your Calendar under this Title, Augmentation of Rents, titling from Leaf to Leaf, where the said Encreasings be noted. And in like Manner shall ye do with Rents decayed, entring them into your Calendar by this Word, Decayed Rents; likewise with Tenements or Rents altered or changed, by this Name, Alteration of Rents.

The Use of the third Book, called a Book of Accounts.


IN this Book ye shall first enter all the Accounts (being allowed by the Auditors) of all the Treasurers that have been since this Hospital was first committed to the City of London. And from henceforth at the Foot of every Account made by the Treasurer, ye shall expresly and plainly add, and enter the Arrearages of the Renter for that Year, which also first by the Auditors shall be examined and subscribed, as aforesaid.

And forasmuch as in all Accounts divers and many Things at sundry Times are requisite to be known, ye shall therefore in your Calendar first note the Name of the Treasurer, with the Leaf where his Account is entered; and also in the Margent at the Entrance of the said Account, ye shall note the Leaf of your Book of Survey, where the Reparations mentioned in the same Account, are particularly entered.

And for the ready finding of every Matter contained in every Account, ye shall in the Margent of this Book use, as is aforesaid, to note divers general Words, Accompts, Provisions, Liveries, Gifts, Legacies, Rewards, Agreements, Surrenders, Bargains, Suits, Recoveries, Pensions, Fees, &c. Adding to every one of these, being placed in your Calendar, the Leaf where every of them is mentioned in any of the Accounts contained in this Book, that at a Word may be seen what hath been done in all these Things, from the first Treasurer to the last.

And for a perfect Declaration of the whole Affairs of this House, ye shall also out of another Book (which shall contain the Doings of the Almoners, and shall be called the Hospital-Book) enter into this Book of Accounts, as well a perfect Inventory of all such Implements as then shall be found within this Hospital, as also a full Remainder of all the Provsions and Victuals first subscribed by two of the said Almoners. And in the End ye shall manifestly declare the Names and Surnames of so many diseased Persons as that Year have been cured and delivered out of this House, and also the Names and Surnames of so many as that Year have dyed in the House: The Names and Surnames also of as many as then shall remain sick and diseased in this House, together with the Name of the Shire wherein each was born, and their Faculties, Exercise, or Occupations.

The Use of the fourth Book, called a Journal.


THIS Book must also have a Calendar, and it shall always be brought forth at such Time as the President and most Part of the Governours shall sit within this Hospital, for the general Affairs of the same. And into this Book shall ye enter all such Orders and Decrees, as from Time to Time shall by the said Governours, or greatest Part of them, be decreed and ordained. And in the Margent thereof ye shall so as before is assigned in the Book of Repertory, in few Words set forth the Sum of every Decree, Order, &c. contained therein. And chiefly ye shall use the general Words before described in the Book of Accounts: that by the Entrance of them into your Calendar, every Matter may easily and readily be found. And ye shall not fail, but in five or six Days after the Entrance of any Thing into this Book, to enter the same by a general Word into the Calendar,