The Treasurer and his Charge.


ALL the Treasure of this House is committed to your Charge, that is to say, all such Money as shall rise and grow, either by Rents or by Gifts to the Use of this House, of the which ye shall keep a true and just Account. And it shall not be lawful for you to pay any manner of Person, any Sum or Sums of Money, (except it be to the Steward of this House, for the victualling of the same; and the ordinary Fees and Wages that goeth out thereof;) but ye shall first have the Names of those Persons subscribed to the said Sum of Money, under whose Office and Charge such Payment shall happen to rise and grow, or the Names of the most Part of them.

Ye shall also keep one several Account between the Renter and you, by which may appear not only the Charge of the said Renter and his Arrearages, but also whether the Rents of the Lands pertaining to the said House encrease or decay.

Ye shall also yearly the 20. Day of October (within this Hospital) yield and give up in Writing unto the President and Governours of the same, a true and a perfect Account of your whole Charge, during the Year of your Treasurership; and then the said President and Governours shall name and appoint among themselves four to be Auditors for the same. And the second Day of November next following, ye shall likewise resort to the said Hospital, at the Hour of eight a Clock in the Forenoon, that ye may then answer and clear your Account, if any Doubts or Faults shall happen to rise or be found by the Auditors of the same. And the same Day, then and there ye shall declare unto the new Treasurer that shall be appointed, the whole Course and State of the Affairs, Profits, and Commodities of this House, in as large Sort as ye possibly can, and deliver unto him all such Sums of Money due to the House, as shall then rest in your Hands, and all such Acquitances, Rentals, and other Writings, as necessarily shall appertain to the Affairs of the said House. And the same Day to dine within the said Hospital, with the Governours thereof. And in Recompence of your Pains, ye shall be assured of the Mercies laid up for you in the Promises and Blood of Jesus Christ our Saviour.



UNTO you is committed the View of all the Lands and Leases pertaining unto this House, as well such as heretofore have been granted, as also hereafter shall be granted; and ye shall cause the same to be registered in the Repertory-Book by the Clerk, from Time to Time, when, and as often as you shall assign him. To the Intent that the Governours of this House may always be assured what Grants have passed them, and both whereunto they have bound themselves, and also whereunto their Tenants are bound: that the Lands and Tenants may be looked unto accordingly. And ye shall adjoin unto you the Treasurer of this House for the Time being, as a necessary Aid in all your Doings: for that he most chiefly hath Experience of all the Affairs and Doings of this House. And for the better accomplishing hereof, you, or the greatest Part of you, shall meet every fourteen Days in this House on the Wednesday. At which Time ye may warn the Tenants that have made Default in non-doing of Reparations, or Nonpayment of their Rents or other, to be before you, to take Order with them, according to the Covenants expressed in their Leases. And your Grant, with the Particulars of such Reparations as by you shall be allowed, to be entred into a Book with the Name of the Tenant and Tenement, whereunto you or the most Part of you shall subscribe your Names. And then commit the Oversight thereof to the Renter, so that it be agreed, that one or more of you may visit and peruse the same in such wise as the Greatness or Quantity of the Thing will require.

Also every Year, at the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, two new Surveiors to be chosen; and the old with the new to make the 12. Day of October following, or within two Days before or after, a general View and Survey of all the Lands appertaining to this House, and truly to keep a Book of the Defaults thereof. And for your Pains taking here, God hath promised to give you Rest and Pleasure in Heaven perpetually.



YOU shall every Monday come into this House, or oftner, if you shall think good, but at the least once in the Week: Always provided, not on the Saturday, for that Day specially shall be reserved and kept for the Session of the President and Governours of this House, for the general Affairs of the same.

And every Time of your being here, if there be Cause why, ye shall call before you every particular Officer of this House, and enquire if every Man do his Duty therein according to his Charge, and whether there be Peace and Quietness maintained in the same. And if ye shall at any Time find any disordered Person or Persons, then to take such Order with him or them for their better Reformation, as to you shall seem most meet. And if any refuse to be ordered by you, then to make such Person known to the President and the rest of the Governours, that farther Order may be taken by the whole House.

Ye shall also diligently enquire, if the Chirurgeons of this House do their Duty toward the Poor without Corruption or Partiality, and calling them before you, ye shall enquire what Number there were healed that Week, and the same deliver, and reward, according to your Discretions. And of the same Rewards to have your Allowance of the Treasurer, so that you deliver unto him the Particuars thereof, signed with the Hands of two of you at the least. And in the Places of the Poor so departed, to admit other, in such Sort and Manner, as in the Charge of the Hospitaler is mentioned and declared.

Ye shall view from Time to Time this House, keeping one entire and perfect Inventory of the Utensils and necessary Implements thereof, in a Book, as well that Provision may be made in due Time, for supplying that which shall be found to lack, as also in due Time to provide for Wood, Coal, and other necessary Furniture. And whatsoever else shall seem needful unto you for the Benefit of the Poor; as the enlarging of Rooms, or encreasing the Number of Beds, the same ye shall signify to the President and Governours, that by one Assent it may be decreed, and by you finished and performed.

Ye shall also see unto the keeping sweet of the Poor, and in your proper Persons visit them once every Week at the least, and to see that their Service of Bread, Meat, and Drink, be truly and faithfully delivered unto them. And