cure Licence of Mr. Chamberlain for the Time being, to hourd in a Piece of Ground before his Building, within which to lay his Materials for Building, or in Default shall pay forty Shillings, and twenty Shillings for every Week's Omission so to do.

V. That a Fall, or Cest-pool of convenient Bigness shall be made and continued to every Grate of the Common Sewer within this City and Liberties, to receive the Sand or Gravel coming to the same, so to prevent the choaking thereof. And upon Complaint at any Time made of the Want, Decay, or Defect thereof, the Commissioners will forthwith cause the same to be made or amended.

VI. That the Fellowship of Carmen of this City, having undertaken, for one Year to commence from the first of January 1671, to sweep and cleanse the Streets, Lanes, and common Passages within the said City and Liberties from Dung, Soil, Filth, and Dirt, and to carry the same, together with what shall be brought out of the Houses of the Inhabitants unto certain Lay-stalls appointed, or that shall be appointed by the said Commissioners for the Time being, the several Persons by them employed in and about this Affair, (whose Names, Places of Abode, Number of Tunbrils or Cars, and the Wards to which they are respectively designed, are hereafter set down) or such others as (by Death, or Removal of any of them) shall be employed therein, shall keep, observe, and follow the Rules and Orders hereafter following, viz.


VII. That they, their Agents, or Servants, shall come out with their Tunbrils or Cars and Horses, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, in every Week of the Year, from the Eleventh of October to the Eleventh of February, by Five of the Clock every Morning of the same Days, and not to continue and remain in the Streets, Lanes, or Passages, after the Hour of Nine of the Clock the same Morning; and from the Eleventh of February to the Eleventh of October, to come out, as aforesaid, by Four of the Clock every Morning of the same Days, and not to continue or remain in the Streets, Lanes, or Passages, after the Hour of Seven of the Clock the same Morning, and upon every Saturday in the Year to come out as aforesaid, by Two of the Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, to remain and continue 'till Night, if Need be: And within the Hours and Times aforesaid, shall cleanse all the Streets, Lanes, and Passages, every Man within his or their Divisions, from its Soil, Filth, and Dirt, by sweeping of the same, and carrying it away, together with what shall be brought out of the Houses of the Inhabitants to the Lay-stalls appointed, or that shall be appointed, upon Pain to forfeit for every Offence ten Shillings.

VIII. That the several Inhabitants within this City and Liberties, or their Servants, do take care that the Dirt, Ashes, and Soil of their Houses be in a Readiness for the Carmen, their Agents, or Servants, either by setting out the same over Night in Tubs, Boxes, Baskets, or other Vessels, near and contiguous to their Houses, or by bringing out the same within convenient Time, before the Hours for their Departure as aforesaid.

IX. That the said Carmen, their Agents or Servants, in their several Wards or Divisions, (with the Assistance of the Servants of the Inhabitants, who are hereby directed to give such Assitance) shall in Times of Frost and Snow, daily employ themselves in the opening of the Chanels, and heaping up the Ice and Snow, that so the Passages may be cleared, and upon a Thaw of the same, that all the Soil and Filth found in the Streets, Lanes, and Passages, be carried away, upon Pain of ten Shillings for every Days Omission.

X. That no Person whatsoever do presume to cast out any Soil, Horse-dung, or Filth, or carry the same into any Street, Lane, or common Passage, after the Hours aforesaid, either by Night or by Day, upon the Penalty that the Person offending, if known (and if a Servant, his or her Master or Mistress) to forfeit and pay five Shillings; and if not known, the Party against whose House the same shall be found, (having been laid there in the Day Time, after the Hours beforementioned) shall forfeit one Shilling; which said several Forfeitures shall be paid, the one Moiety to the Discoverer, and the other to the Carman or Carmen appointed to cleanse that Ward wherein the Offence shall be committed.

XI. That the several Tunbrils or Cars employed in this Work, shall be marked or numbred according to the Number of Cars appointed for each Ward, upon the Penalty of two Shillings for every Load carried without such Mark.

XII. That the several Carmen, Undertakers in this Affair, shall set upon the fore Part of his Tunbril or Car, open and plain to view, a Board, whereon to be painted the City Arms, the Ward to which he or they are appointed, the Mark or Number of his Tunbril or Car, upon Penalty of paying three Shillings four Pence a Day for want thereof; which said Marking is to betoken the Allowance of the Commissioners, and to caution the Inhabitants from employing of foreign Cars.

XIII. That the said Carmen Undertakers, their Agents or Servants, shall give Notice of their being in the Streets with their Tunbrils or Cars by loudly knocking a wooden Clapper, especially in Courts, Alleys, and other back Passages, upon pain to forfeit three Shillings four Pence upon every Complaint duly proved.

XIV. That the said Carmen, their Agents or Servants, do take Care that the Falls or Cest-pools belonging to any Grate within their respective Wards, be once in every Week, or oftner, if Need require, cleansed of its Dirt and Filth, and the same carried away, upon pain to forfeit five Shillings for every Complaint duly proved.

XV. That the aforesaid Carmen, their Agents or Servants and no other, shall also carry away to the Lay-stalls aforesaid, all such Soil, Dirt, and Dung, (Rubbish or Earth excepted) that shall be made or found in any of the Houses or Stables of any Inn-keeper, Livery-Stable-keeper, Brewer, Dyer, Sugar-baker, Sope-maker, or other Trader or Inhabitant within any the Wards to which they are respectively appointed and designed. For which such quarterly Allowance (over and above the customary Rates by the Scavenger's Book) shall be made by the Assessors of each Ward according to their best Discretion, Respect being had to the Trade or other Occasions in the making of more or less Dung or Soil by such Traders or Inhabitants.

XVI. That the aofresaid Carmen, their Agents or Servants, and no other, shall take up and carry away to such Persons or Places as will receive the same, all such Rubbish or Earth that shall be made or found within their respective Wards or Divisions. For which there shall be paid them by the Owners or Proprietors thereof twelve Pence per Load, and no more. Provided they carry it away within one Day after Notice given for the Conveniency of the Owners, and to avoid Complaint of them, upon