and once every Moneth your Book shal be conferred with the Steward's Book; and your said Booke shal be subscribed or signed by the Matron or Almoners that shal be present. And the same Steward to have his Allowance according to the Booke so subscribed, and not otherwise.

Yow shal have no manner of Fee, Profit, or other Commoditie, as Tallow, Ashes, or any other; but onely your Wages and Livery.

This is your Office and Charge, which see that yow faithfully do; and have not to do with any other's Office. But if yow espie any thing that shal founde either unhonest or unprofitable to the Howse, yow shal give Warning thereof to some of the Governours; and yow to meddle no farther, upon Pain of Displeasure.

The Butler's Charge.


YOUR Office shal be to receive of the Baker and Bruer, such Breade and Drinke as shal from Time to Time be appointed by the Governours of this Howse, for the Use of the Poore. And the same to deliver againe to the Use of the Poore at every Meale; after such Maner and Proportion, as shal be appointed yow by the Thresorer and Almoners of that House.

And always the Tallies of the same Baker and Bruer shal be in the Custodie and Keping of the Thresorer, or one of the Almoners, who at the bringing in either of Bread or Drinke, shal be called and made privie thereunto.

Yow shal have no manner of Fees but your ordinarie Wages.

This is your Office; which see that yow doe, and have not to doe with other Mens Offices: But if anything be amisse, informe the Governours, and meddle no farther.

The Porter's Charge.


YOw shal be attendant diligently and carefully in looking to the Gates, chieflie in the Winter Evenings; and see them shut in a due Hour; and after they be shut in, to be circumspect whom you let and out.

And after the Houre of Nine of the Clock in the Winter Season, not to open the Gates in any wise, except on a very great Occasion.

And in Somer Season, yow shal kepe the Gates open no longer than Nine of the Clocke; and yow shal, after they be shut in, neither let any in nor out after Ten of the Clocke at the farthest.

Fail yow not this to observe, as yow will answer thereunto, if any Complaint come thereof before the Governours.

And yow shal not make or meddle in any other Man's Office, but duely doe your own. But if yow see anything amisse in them, yow shal certifie the Governours thereof, that they may take Order therein.

The Shoomaker's Charge.


YOW shal in due Time put the Thresorer in Minde to provide Leather for this Howse.

And all the Children under your Governance, yow shal not onely teache your Science, but alsoe governe them orderlie. And such of them as you cannot rule, yow shal present unto the Thresorer and Almoners, that such may receive condigne Punishment.

And yow shal not deale with any Man's Office and Charge but your owne; and if yow see anythinge amisse in others, yow shall certifie the Governours thereof, that they may use Reformation therein.

The Beadles Charge.


YOUR Charge is daily, and as Occasion shal serve, to attend at this Hospitall, upon the Thresorer and Governours of the same Hospital; and to be ready and willing to execute such Business as the saide Thresorer and Governours, or any of them, shal command you; by the Direction of the Clerke, or other cheefe Officers in the Governour's Absence.

Yow shal visit every Day all such Wardes as are appointed for your Walkes; and shal cleanse all the same Wardes from Beggars and other idle People; and the same People so found to drive away, or to carry to Bridewell.

Yow shal alsoe, according to the ould Custome, give your Attendance upon the Lord Maior, at the Guildhall, the Sessions Howse, and Bridewell; and there performe your Office as yow are commanded, as Occasion shal serve.

Yow shal alwaies carry your Tipstaves in your Hands, and weare your blue Liveries; except yow be otherwise Licensed.

And at every Courte Day, yow shal deliver into the Courte House your saide Tipstaves in the present Courte; and after the Courte is ended, yow may lawfullie take them againe, except the Governours do detaine them from yow, or any of yow, for some Offence, or neglecting your Dutie.

All theis Things yow shal performe to the utmost of your Power, and the Orders hereunder written, and all other good Orders whiche shal hereafter be devised for the Good of this Citie; whiche see yow do observe and keep.

And have not to do with other Mens Offices: But if yow see any Officer of Officers to doe amisse, yow shal informe the Governours thereof, amd meddle no farther.

The Orders for the Beadles of this Howse.


FIRST yow shal every Day, two and two together, walk through your Wards appointed, with your Staves in your Hands; and all such vagrant and idle Persons, as yow shal find in your Walkes, or in any Place abroad, yow shal apprehend and convey to Bridewell. And if you chance to be resisted by way of the said Vagrants and evil Persons, yow shal call for Aid to every Constable next adjoining to assist you. And if he refuse so to doe, to take his Name, and to goe to the Lord Maior, and deliver unto him the Disobedience of the said Constable. And if the Lord Maior doe not presently cause such Constables to be punished, then, at the next Court of Aldermen, yow to attend, and make your Complaint, whereby the Law may be executed accordingly.

Item, if any of your Citizens die within your Walkes, yow are to give your Attendance at the Howses of them so deceased; and to see that no Rogues or idle Persons resort thither to trouble the Street.

And if anything be given yow of Benevolence for your Travaile, take it thankfully, without calling ought of Dutie. And if yow be not of yourselves able to cleare the Streets of such; then yow shal call to your Aid such