The Order of the Hospitals.43

The Order of the Hospitals.

Yow shal twice or thrice in every Week arise in the Night, and goe aswell into the Sick Warde, as also into every other Warde, and there see that the Children be covered in the Beddes, whereby they take no Colde.

And laste of all, if yow shal perceive that any Officer or Officers of this Howse do abuse themselves, either in Word or Deed, yow shal admonish the Governours of the same, and not meddle any farther therin, neither to have to do with any Officer or Officers, other than appertaineth to your owne Office and Charge, as aforesaid.

The Charge of the Nurses, and Keepers of the Wardes.


YOUR Charge is faithfully and truely to serve in this Howse, and to obey the Matron thereof.

Ye shal also flie and eschue all Railing, Scolding, Swearing, and Drunkenness.

Ye shal in your Behaviour and Doings be vertuous, lovinge, and diligent.

Ye shal also carefully and diligently oversee, kepe, and governe all those tender Babes and yonglings that shal be committed to your Charge, and the same holesomly, cleanely, and swetely noorishe and bring up.

And in like Maner shal ye kepe your Wardes, and every Part thereof, swete and cleane.

Ye shal also, to avoid all Idleness when your Charge and Care of keping the Children is past, occupie yourselves in Spinning, Sewing, mending of Sheets and Shirts, or some other vertuous Exercise, such as you shal be appointed unto.

Ye shal not resort, or suffer any Man to resort to you, before ye have declared the same to the Almoners, or Matron of this Howse, and have obtained their Lycense and Favour so to do.

Ye shal at all Times according to such Order as is and shal be taken in this Howse; be within your Wardes and Places of Lodginge, and see that all your Children, before they be brought to Bed, be washed and cleane, and immediately after, every of yow quietly shal go to your Bed, and not to sit up any longer; and once every Night arise, and see that the Children be covered, for taking of Colde.

Theis are the special Partes of your Charge, which ye shal endeavour every of yourselves, with all your Powers to observe and kepe; or els ye shal not only remaine under the Correction and Punishment that shall be thought mete by the Discrection of the Governours; but also to be expulsed and banished this Howse for ever. And whatsoever Faults ye shal perceive by any other Officers of this Howse, the same ye shal declare unto the Governours, and not otherwise meddle or make but in your own Business.

The Steward's Charge.


YOUR Office shal be to provide all suche necessary Victuales as shal be assigned from Time to Time by the Thresorer or Almoners of this Howse, to the Use of the Poore; and the same so provided, ye shal deliver the due Proportion appointed for every Meale unto the Cooke. And this shal yow daily doe in the Presence of the Matron, or one of the Almoners of the Howse.

Alsoe yow shal diligently foresee what necessarie Provisions are to be made, as of Butter, Cheese, Fishe, Wood, Cole, &c. and in due Time give Knowledge thereof unto the Thresorer, or one of the Almoners of this Howse, that Provision may be made accordingly.

Yow shal not embezell, or convey any manner of Victualls, either to your owne Use, or to the Use of any Person, other than to th'Use of this Howse, as aforesaid; upon Pain to be deprived of the Howse, and lose your Office for ever.

And attendant shal yow be upon the Rentar, what Time any Buildinge shal be for this Howse, and upon the Workmen, and carefully to oversee them in all respects.

This is your Charge, which see that yow doe, and have not to do with any other Man's Office: But if yow espy any not to do their Duties faithfully, yow shal give Warning thereof to the Governours, and to meddle no farther.

The Officer's Charge, appointed to warn the Collectors and Churchwardens.


YOW shal be diligent from Time to Time, when you are required, to warne the Collectors and Churchwardens; aswell for the bringing in of their Money, and the Presentation of their Poore, as for any other Causes incident thereunto. In the doing whereof, yow shal use gentle and courteous Speche, as shal become yow in that Behalfe.

Yow shal see that there be aswell in the Sicke Warde, as also in every other Warde, a Booke kept by such a one of the Grammar Children as can readiliest write, of all the Names of the Children in every Warde; and when any Childe is received into any of the said Wardes, the same Childe's Name, with the Day of the Moneth, to be entred. And so likewise, when any be delivered to Nurse, or in any wise removed, either into the Sicke Warde, or otherwise, likewise to be entred. And once every Moneth to confer theis Ward-Bookes with the Clerke, to see how they will agree with his Bookes.

Yow shal alsoe kepe the Wardrobe-Booke, wherein shal be written, first, the Remainder of all Things at every Michaelmass. Into the which Booke you shall alsoe enter all Things that shal be bought in the whole Yeare following, setting every Kind by itself.

And yow shal kepe another Book for the said Wardrobe, which shal containe the Names of all the Children belonging to this Howse; setting the Children at Nurse by themselves, in such Sorte, that the Nurses Names may appeare, and how many Children each of them hath, with their Names; and directly against every Childe, yow shal write what was delivered, (thereby to shew whether the Nurses have received more than they ought or not) and the Time when any of the Children die.

And not to be a Medler in any other Mens Business than your own; but if you see ought amisse, to informe the Governours thereof.

The Cooke's Charge.


YOUR Office is to dresse such Meate as shal be delivered unto yow by the Steward, to the Use of the Poore, wholsomly and cleanly. And that you receive no Meate of the Steward, but in the Presence of the Matron of the Howse, or of one of the Almoners. And the Meate so received, you shal enter every Meale into a Booke,