Parishes, as Warrants for payinge of them in in that Behalfe.

Item, Yow shal kepe an Yerely Book for Collections, Legacies, and Benevolences, Boxe Money, and all other Receipts and Payments for the Year, beginninge alwaies the .... Day of September, and ending the .... of the same Moneth the next Yeare followinge. Which Booke shal serve aswell to accompt with every Parish severall; as also for the Legacies, and other Accompts beforementioned.

Item, Yow, shal kepe xiij Moneth Bookes: Every Booke shal containe all your Receipts and Paiments received and paid in every Moneth; and they shal passe under these Titles in their Payments, that is to say, Boord Wages paide wekely to the Matron and Nurses; Necessaries for the Housholde; Pensioners paide in this Howse, with every of their Names recited; and the several Pensions, with a just Accompte what is every Weke due to any of them: And also the like for Children abroad at Nurse. Which Bookes are extant to be seen and daily had in Use. And at every Quarter's End the Fees and Wages of Officers; as be also entred into iiij of their Bookes, such as shal be incident to the Cause, accordinge to the Time of the Year.

And the Substance of all the said xiij Bookes, aswell Paiments as Receipts, yow shal bear over into the former Collection Book immediately upon. To th'Intent, that at th'End of the Year, the same Book may contain aswel your Receipts and Paiments in all Respects, as also the Thresorers. Wherein together shall be the whole Accompte of the Thresorer for the Year set down. Which yow shal engrosse and write faire into a Book entitled The Thresorer's Accompts. And besides the same, make for him a true and just private Copie thereof verbatim, which he shal have under the Auditor's Hands, in his own Tuition, for his Discharge in that Behalfe.

And yow shal not faile to have the said iij Bookes, to wit, The yearly Collection Booke, The Thresorer's Accompt Booke, and The Thresorer's private Copie Booke, all made in a Readiness in convenient Time for the Audite; and thereupon give Notice to the Thresorer, what Time yow be ready, to th'Intent that the Auditors may be warned to audite the same; and that it be within the Time limited.

Item, Yow shal kepe a Booke, wherein shal be entred all Debts owing to the Howse by Composition, and therein declare their Time of Payment, and the Manner of the Bands; and also what Money remaines to any of the Children, which was received at their Admission.

Item, A Booke briefly to declare how many Children from Time to Time have been received out of the Parishes of this Citie, and shal be entitled Children from Parishes; how many of them be living; how many be put to Service; how many dead; and how long they remained at the Citie's Charge before they were put forth; and how many doe remaine at the Citie's Charge. Therewith to charge the Collectors withall, when they shall be importunate in their Suites.

Item, A Book briefly to declare what Bands remaine, and from henceforth shall be taken, for keeping of Children, or otherwise; and as the same Bands be delivered, the said Booke to be discharged thereof.

Item, A Booke of all the Lands and Tenements belonging to this Howse; of whose Gift they be; where they lie; of their Butts and Boundes; for what Rent they goe; when all their Leases will be expired; with all other suche necessarie Declarations as in that Behalfe shal be nedeful; and in this Booke shall be entitled The Booke of Lands and Tenements.

Yow shal also be mindfull of the Time for choosinge of Collectors, and prepare their Preceipts in a Readiness for the same. And also for the viewing of all the Poore in the Citie, and such like, and put the Thresorer in Mind thereof.

And against Easter yow shall prepare a Booke for the Receipt home of Children to perceive thereby how the same will accord with your Nurse Booke, and Booke of Children; thereby to kepe your great Bookes faire. And note also, that yow neither make nor meddle in any other Man's Office, but in your own: And if you see anything amisse in them, give the Governours to understand thereof, who will reform the same.

The Matron's Charge.


YOUR Office is an Office of great Charge and Credite. For to yow is committed the Governance and oversight of all the Women and Children within this Hospitall.

And also to yow is given Authoritie to commaunde, reprove, and rebuke them or any of them. And if any shal happen to disobey, whom yow shal not be able to correct, you shal from Time to Time make such known unto the Almoners and Governours of the Howse, that they may take Order with them, as shal be thought mete by their Wisdomes.

Your Charge is also to searche and enquire whether the Women do their Dutie, in washing of the Children's Sheets and Shirts, and in kepeing clean and sweet those that are committed to their Charge: And also in the Beddes, Sheets, Coverlets, and Apparaile, (with kepeing clean Wards and Chambers) mending of such as shal be broken from Time to Time. And specially yow shal give diligent Hede, that the said Washers and Nurses of this Howse be alwaies well occupied and not idle: And that their Linnen be wholsomly and cleanly washed; and the same first received of the Kepers, be (after the washing therof) quietly delivered unto them.

Yow shal also once every Quarter of the Year, examine the Inventorie which shal be delivered unto you, of the Implements of the Howse; as of Beddes, Bolsters, Mattresses, Blanquets, Coverlets, Sheets, Pallads, Shirts, Hosen, and such other; whether any of the same be purloyned, embeziled, spoiled, or otherwise consumed; and to make such Lacke and Faultes, as by you shal be espied, knowen unto the Almoners of this Howse for the Time beinge; that they may take Order therein.

You shal also give great Charge unto all the Nurses of every Ward, that no Childe be received by them, before the Name of the same Childe be entred into the Ward Booke; nor that any be delivered to Nurse or otherwise, but that they be also entred, and to whom they are delivered, with the Day of the Moneth when the same is done.

Yow shal also neither receive nor deliver any thinge that is in the Wardrobe, unless yow cause the same to be written by them that are appointed thereunto. And be sure to receive from the Nurses in the Country, when any Children die, their Apparaile.

Yow shal take such Order among the Nurses or otherwise, that the Hall be kept swete and clean; and suffer none of the Children to be there after their Meals, except it be at Service Time, and when it shal please the Governours to appointe them.