The Order of the Hospitals.41

The Order of the Hospitals.

same Courte determined to be done, the Thresorer shal cause the Renter to doe or see done; whereat the Steward shal be alwaies attendant, and the Determination of the said Courte shal be the Thresorer's Warrant.

And for your Paines in this Behalfe, you shal be recompenced with a Crown in everlasting Glory, purchased by our Saviour Christe, for all suche as travaile to the Comfort and Succoure of his poore and needy Members.

The Renter's Charge.


YOUR Charge is quarterly to collect and gather for the Terme and Space of one whole Year, all these Rents that shal be contayned in a Rentall, and delivered yow by the Thresorer of this Howse for the Time being; and the Sommes by yow collected ye shal forthwith pay unto the said Thresorer.

Also, ye shal doe or cause to be done all suche Reparations as from Time to TIme shal be determined by the Governours of the Howse at a General Courte to be done. Which shall be delivered unto you in a Bill, subscribed with the Hand of the said Thresorer.

And all suche Sommes as ye shal receive or pay, ye shal make Accompt thereof to the said Thresorer. And if at any Time ye shall perceive the Tenants negligent in doeing of Reparations, being bound thereunto by Vertue of their Leases, ye shal give warning thereof unto the Thresorer, that the Governours may take Order therein.

And if ye shal perceive any Lease or Termes to be nigh expired, or any Suite to be made for them, whereby the Howse maye take any Commoditie; ye shal also give Knowledge thereof in due Time.

And the Fees and Rewards that ye shal have, shal be the same that God hath promised to all them that lovinglie and carefullie seke to serve and please him.



The Clerke.
The Matron.
The Nurses, and Keepers of the Wards.
The Steward.
The Officer appointed to warne the Collectors and Churchwardens.
The Cooke.
The Butler.
The Porter.
The Shoomaker.
The Chirurgeon.
The Barbour.
The Bedles.

The Charges of the Officers of this House.


The Clerke's Charge.


YOUR Charge is to be continually attendant here in this Howse, or some other convenient Person at your Appointment, suche as yow will answer for, to attend as well upon the President, the Thresorer, and Governours, wheresoever they shal be, here or elsewhere, about the Affairs of the Howse, being at due Time advertised thereof. To th'Intent, if Occasion require to have anything put in Writinge, that suche Order may be alwaies used by yow, as the same may be entred into the Books of this Howse, incident to the Matter.

As also to attend upon the Collectors and all other Personnes, about the Receipts and Payments of Money; which yow shal not only receive and pay duly, but from Time to Time and at all Times, when it shall please the Thresorer to request yow thereto, to yield to him a true and just Accompt thereof; and such Money as shal at any Time be found to remaine in your Hands, the same to deliver to the Thresorer within iij Dayes after your Accompt so taken either by himself or by the Auditors upon whom ye shal attend, as you will avoyde the Perill that maye fall thereof.

And all and all manner of Matters whatsoever, at any Courte or othirwise, touching the State, necessary Affairs, or Governance of this House, that yow shal be appointed to write, being requisite to be kept secret, you shal not in any wise open or disclose to any manner of Personne or Personnes whatsoever, as you will avoide the Danger that may happen to you for the same; and as the Judgment of a Full Courte for wheighty Causes shal judge and deeme thereof.

You shall not deliver any Money in prest to any Officer of this Howse, or to any other, without the Thresorer will yow the same to doe, or that the same by an Ordinary Courte be graunted.

And to th'Intent that all Things in your Office may be the readier answered, yow shall keep all these Bookes followinge, and any other that may be thought hereafter convenient, for the better ordering of all Things appertaininge to the same.

First, You shal kepe a Courte-Booke, otherwise called a Memorial Booke, whereinto yow shal write all Things passed in any Courte or otherwise. And the same yow shal passe into suche other Booke or Bookes, as the Cause and Matter shal require. To th'Intent there may readily be found any Matter that shall be required of yow. And whatsoever shal be at any Courte by yow written down, the same shal be redd before the breaking up or departure, that the Governours may perceive thereby, whether yow have entered all Things to their Mindes or not.

Item, You shal kepe a Book of all the Children admitted into this Howse; and the same shal be called The Booke of Children. Which Booke shal containe th'Admission of any Childe into this Howse, and by what order the same was received; directing the same to the Number of Files of Bills received from the Parishes in that Behalfe. Whereby the Daye of the Moneth and Yeare of their Admission may appeare; thereby to find, when View is taken, whether the same Child be living and remaining in the Howse, or at Nurse; at Service, or els dead, in such Manner as the same Booke is ordered, extant to be seen.

Item, Yow shal kepe a Booke of all the Nurses which kepe any of the said Children of this Howse, and the same shal you call The Nurse Booke; thereby to shew how many Children every Nurse hath, their Wages weekly due for them, and a just Note of the Daies they were delivered; the better to kepe a just Accompt thereof.

Yow shal also kepe a Pension Booke, which shal declare the Number of the Poore in this Citie, relieved by this Hospitall, and paid in the Parishes. Wherein shal be expressed the Time of their Admission, and their Stipends wekely, which shal be referred unto the Bills on the Files received for their Admission from