The Order of the Hospitals.39

The Order of the Hospitals.

The Thresorer's Charge.


YOur Office and Charge is to receive and paye all such Sommes of Money as by any Meanes shal apertayne or belonge to the relievinge and comfortinge of the poore Children of this Howse, and Pensioners here paid; and to make a true and just Accompte thereof, within iij Months at the farthest, after th'End of every Year, during the Time that you shal remain Thresorer. And the same your Accompte to be made unto the Auditors thereunto appointed; and what Somme or Sommes of Money in the Foote of your Accompte by them shal be found due to the said House, you shal pay within twentie Dayes at the farthest after the said Audite be done and finished, unto the Thresorer whiche shal succeed you, except you remain Thresorer yourselfe.

And whereas the Clerke, to th'Intent you should be lesse troubled, is appointed to many Receipts and Payments, you shall, for the more Securitie therein, once every Moneth call him to an Accompt. And on the Saturday before the Moneth's End, you shal at Ordinary Courtes appoint two Auditors, aswell to audite the same his Accompte, as alsoe the Accompte of Blackwell Hall, or other such like: And if he the said Clerke, or any other, whose Accompte shal be so audited, do not deliver unto you the Money found to remaine in their Hands by the said Auditors, within three Dayes next after at the farthest, the same being by you demaunded; you shal then advertise the Lord Maior thereof, (the President not being in Towne) and what any of them shal advise you therein, the same to doe, for your better Safety in that Behalfe. And although here be limited one Moneth for them to accompte; yet you shal at your Pleasure, at any Time within the Moneth, your selfe call them to Accompte, and use such Means as may be for the most Suretie therein; detaining into your owne Custodie the Overplus, if any Money be in their Hands; or by any other Waies or Means, as to you shal seem good in that Behalfe. Provided always, that the Clerke of this Howse exceed not at any Time in Arearage xl. at the most. And as you shal receive the Overplus from him, or any other of the Officers at any Time being found: So shal you, if apparent need require for Payments to be made by them, deliver suche competent Somme or Sommes of Money, as to your Discretion shal seme good.

You shal, at your first Entrance into your Office, or within one Moneth after at the farthest, receive into your Hands an Inventory of all and all manner of Goods in the said Hospitall, aswell at the Hands of the Matron, as also at any other Officer charged in this Howse; and the same shal be indented, th'one Part thereof to remain in your Custody, and the other in the Custodie of the Persons charged. And at every Year's End, to peruse the Inventory of the Goods, during your abiding in Office. And if it shal happen, that any such Officer charged, shal depart in your Time; you shal see the Goods, in all Respects whatsoever, that were by Indenture committed to the Parties so departing, delivered over by Indenture, as before, into the Custodie of the new Officers, what or whatsover they be. And if there be any Parte or Parcell thereof wanting, which in Conscience ought to be answered, you shal cause the Partie so departing away to pay for the same, if otherwise they cannot geve Account thereof to your Satisfaction; or els to bring them before a Court, that order may be taken therein.

You have also Authoritie to call before you all such Personnes or Officers, as have the Collection or gathering of any Somme or Sommes of Money due to the said Howse, and to demaund an Accompt of their Doing, aswell of the Collectours of the Parishes, as also of the Scrutiners, Almoners, Renters, and others whosoever.

And all the Officers in this Howse, aswell Men as Women, whosoever, (taking Wages of the Citie) not behaving themselves faithfully in their Offices wherein they serve; when any such Thing shal happen, you shal call them before you, and admonish them for the first and second Time at the most. But if th'Offence be very grievous, and to the Hinderance of the Howse, then the Matter shal be brought before the Courte, and the Parties thereunto answer, and abide by such Order as shal be taken in that Behalfe.

And you shal not make Paiment of any Somme or Sommes of Money for any manner of Provision of the said Hospitall, except it be for nursing of Children, and ordinary Pensions, Wages, and Fees, before it be condescended and determined by iiij of the Governours, and one of them to be an Almoner: From whose Hands you shal have the Bill for your sufficient Warrant in that Behalfe.

And you must diligently foresee, that such Necessaries and Provisions as are to be made, as of Butter, Cheese, Hering, Wood, Coal, and other whatsoever; that the same be provided in due Time, to the Profit and Commoditie of the said Howses. And if any withdrawinge of the Sommes graunted to the Maintenance of the said Howses, shal at any Time appear unto you, by Reason whereof the said Howses may come to any great Afterdeale; you shal then geve Knowledge thereof in due Time, desiringe the Ayde and Helpe of the rest of the Governours, for the Readinesse thereof.

And forasmuch as your Office must of Necessity be an Office of much Paines and Attendance, by Reason whereof you shal have Occasion to be oftner in the Hospitall than other of the Governours shal be; it is therefore ordered, that you, with one Almoner, shal from Time to Time, in the Absence of other the Governours, have Power and Authoritie to examine all such Beggars, Vagabondes, Strumpets, or single Women gotten with Childe, and other Personnes that shal happen to be taken and brought before you by the Beadles, or els sent by the Alderman, Deputie, or Constable of any Warde of this Citie; and then to examine, commit to Prison, reprove, banishe, put to Labour, punishe, or being diseased, to admit into the Hospitalls at your Discretion. And your Warrant in sending any to the Hospitalls, shal be sufficient to the Hospitaler for the receiving of the same.

This is your Charge, which we require of you diligently to observe. And your Labours and Paines herein shal be rewarded at the Hands of Almightie God, whom ye chiefly serve in this Office. For, as the Apostle saith, Godliness shal have his Reward, not onely in this World, but also in the World to come.

The three Almoners Charge of this Howse.


YOur Office and Charge shal be at all Times as ye conveniently may, to visit Christ's Hospitall, and there to learne and knowe the