the Thresorer and two Almoners at the leaste; and the same Childe to be entred into the Courte Booke, and by the Thresorer and Almoners to be underwritten, for the Clerk's Warrant in that Behalfe. And that all Bills received from Parishes, as before, either for Chidren or Pensioners, be kept on a File; and that there be geven Warrants to the Parishe, underwritten by the Thresorer and other Governours, what shal be paid to any such Pensioner wekly, so long as they live, or shal have nede thereof, and dwell in the Parishe, being not otherwise provided for.

For putting Children forth to Service.


ITEM, The Thresorer, with one other of the Governours at the least, shal put forth any of the Children of this Howse to Service, having a careful Regard to whom they be put; chieflie, that they be honest Personnes, and such as be well able to keep them, and to bring them up to such Facultie, Service, or Occupation, as they may hereafter be good Members in the Commonweal. Whereas, without such Regard taken, they may happen to become more poore than their poore Parents; and also become evil Members, to the great Griefe of such as daily relive them in this Howse; and that, as nigh as they can, to binde them with none but with Freemen of this Citie: And before they be so put foorthe, being Men Children, they may write and reade and cast Accomptes, being found apt thereunto.

And that suche of the Children as be pregnant and very apt to Learninge, be reserved and kept in the Grammar Schole, in hope of Preferment to the Universitie; where they may be vertuously educated, and in Time become learned and good Members in the Commonweale.

For the Examination of single Women, being gotten with Childe: And the Persons with whom the have committed the Offence.


AND that two Governours or more, whereof the Thresorer to be one, if he be not Sicke or out of Town, shal alsoe at any Time examine all single Women, or others, being brought into this Howse with Childe; and cause the Parties whom they accuse to be sent for before them; and upon his or their Confession, to cause him or them to enter into Bands with Sureties to the Maior and Cominaltie, to see the same Childe kept from the Charge of this Citie and Hospitalls; and to see the Woman provided for, from that Time untill she be delivered and churched; with such other Covenants as the Case shal require. And if the said Parties doe not confesse the Facte, and the same, by all Presumptions, likely to be true; they shal be committed to Ward, there to remaine untill farther Tryal may be had thereof; or els put in Sureties to answer this Courte from Time to Time, untill the Truthe may be knowen. And these Matters to be used according to the Discretion of the Thresorer and two other Governours at the leaste. And this is ordained, to avoide the laying of suche Children in the Streets, whereby this Hospitall, upon such Extremities, should otherwise be charged thereby.



A Comptroller }
A Surveior }General.
A President.
A Thresorer.
iij Almoners.
ij Scruteners.
A Renter.
ij Surveiors.

The Comptroller General.


ITEM, That the Comptroller be warned every General Courte, and alsoe to every Full Courte, which shal be holden in every of the several Howses for weightie Causes: And that the Thresorer of the Howse, or Clerke by his Appointment, where suche full Courte shal happen to be called, Do first informe the Comptroller of the Matter and Causes. So that it may be at his Choice and Pleasure whether he will be there or not: Or whether it will please him to appointe some other Time in that Behalfe: Notwithstandinge, if he be not there, yet he be afterward informed how the same Matter was ended and determined.

Item, That after the General Courte, or Day of Election, the Copie of the said Election being confirmed by the Lord Maior and Courte of Aldermen, shal be delivered unto the Comptroller; to th'Intent, by the same remaininge by him, he maye perceive from Time to Time, who be the Governours, for the Year ensuinge, for every several Howse.

Item, That the Thresorer of every Howse, or the Clerke, being thereunto appointed, doe, after the Generall Audite of every Howse, deliver into th'Hands of the Comptroller, the just and true Foote of the Accompte of either of the Howses, with the Number of Children and Pensioners; and the same to be done within vj Daies after the said Audite Day at the farthest.

The Surveior General.


ITEM, That the Surveior General be likewise warned to every General Courte: And the Comptroller being not in Towne, he to be warned to any such full Courte, as shal be houlden in any of the said several Howses for weightie Causes: And to be informed likwise by the Thresorer, or the Clerke by his Appointment, of the Causes; to th'Intent, that it may alsoe be at his Choice, whether he will be there or no, or otherwise refere the Time untill he may more conveniently.

The President.


ITEM, That the President of every several Howse shal be taken as Chiefe Ruler and Governour, next unto the Lord Maior for the Time being, of the Howse whereunto he is chosen. And his Authoritie shal be, from Time to Time at his Pleasure, and as to him shal seme good, to cause the Number of the Governours to be called together; and to reprove and reprehend any Governour in his Office, if there shal appere good Cause unto him. And all Courtes for weighty Matters shal by the President be appointed; and without his Person shal no weighty Matters be determined or agreed upon.