tall being excepted) the Governors of the said Hospitall in the said Howse where he served, shal at the farthest within one Month after his Decease, at a full Court, then and there elect and chuse one other Commoner, in the Place of him so deceased. But if it happen, that either the Comptroler, or Surveyor General, or any of the Aldermen or Thresorers of the said Hospitall, (except before excepted) shall happen to die, (as God defend) Then at a generall Courte to be holden in Christe's Hospitall or elswhere, as before, within x Dayes at the farthest, after the Decease, then and there shall by them be chosen one other or more in the Place or Places of or them so deceased, and as often as it shal happen.

At whiche General Courte, being kept on St. Matthew's Daye, there shall also be chosen for Auditors Generall of the Accompts of all the said Houses, xvj Persons, iiij of every House, to wit, an Alderman and iij Commoners, and the Aldermen to be the Ancients of such as have not been Maior, to audite aswell the Thresorer and Renters Accompts, as also th'Accompts of all other Officers in any wise accomptable to the said Hospitalls.

The Election being thus finished, Then shall be called in before the said Courte, all the Bedells, who shall deliver up their Staves and depart the House, that the Opinion of the Court may be harde touching the doing of their Duties. To the entent, yf any of them be faultye, that he or they may be rebuked or dismissed, at the Discretion of the said Court; and thereupon to deliver unto suche as then remayne, their Staves, and again establishe them.

And for the better Order and Redines in the general Election, the Governours of every House, xx Days before the said Day of Election, at a Courte to be holden in every of the said Hospitals, shall then and there confer together, and nominate and put in Writing the Names of such Number of grave Citizens, as by their Discretion shal be thought mete to succede in the Places of such as have remained their full Time. To the Intent, that out of the said Number so nominated, such of them as shal by the said General Courte be thought mete, may succede and be Governours for ij Years then next ensuinge.

And the same Election, aswell made upon St. Matthew's Daye, as at any other Time after, within the Yeare, either at a Generall Courte or otherwise, in any of the said Hospitalls, the same shal be presented in Writinge to the Lord Maior and Courte of Aldermen in the Guild Hall, at the next Courte there holden after the said Day of Election, by them to be ratifyed and confirmed, or els to be reformed according to the Appointment of the said Courte of Aldermen.

And within viij Dayes at the farthest, next after the Confirmation of the said Election generall by the Lord Maior and Courte of Aldermen, the Thresorer of every House shal cause a Courte to be warned, and call thereunto all their Governours, both Aldermen and Commoners, as well the ould remaininge as also those that be new elected; and every Man to take his Place according to the Degree of the Company whereof he is free, except he be such a one as have borne th'Office of an Alderman, or Sheriffe, or hath fined for the same, who shal take Place between the Aldermen and the Thresorer: Then shal the Clarke read the general Charge of every Governour as followeth.

The Charge of every Governour in general.


WHereas upon St. Matthew's Day last past, at a general Court, your Worships now here present were then elected Governours of this said Hospitall for the ij Years next ensuinge from the Feast of St. Michaell th'Archangell, to succede in the Places of such as be departed, according to the Confirmation and Ratification of the Lord Maior and Court of Aldermen in that Behalf: Your Charge shal be in this Government, that every of you endevour yourselves, with all your Wisdomes and Powers, faithfully and dilligently to serve in this Vocation and Calling; which is an Office of high Trust and Worship. For ye are called to be the faithful and true Distributors and Disposers of the Goods of Almighty God to his poor and needy Members. In the which Office and Calling, yf ye shal be found negligent and unfaithfull, you shal not onlie declare yourselves to be the most unthankfull and unworthie Servants of Almightie God, being put in Trust to see to the Reliefe and Succor of his poor and needy Flock; but also ye shal shew yourselves to be very notable and great Enemyes to that Worke, whiche most highlie doth advaunce and beautifie the Comonweale of this Realme, and chiefly of this Citie of London. For by this most commendable and notable Policie, Idleness, the Enemy of all Vertue, is suppressed and banished; the tender Youth of the needy and idle Beggars vertuously brought up; the Number of sicke, sore, and miserable People refreshed, harbored, and cured of their Maladies; and the vile and sturdy Strumpet compelled to labour and travaile in proftable Exercises: Requiring every of you faithfully to travaile in this your Office and Callinge, that this Worke may have his Perfection, and that the needy Number committed to your Charge be diligentlye and holmsomlye provided for. And by your Care towards these poore and needy Members of Christe, you shall be rewarded at his Hand, and receive his Blessing in this World, and in the World to come the Joyes everlasting.

AND forasmuch as your Worships now present, aswell such as be new elected, as also such as remaine of the oulde, are now all confirmed and established Governours; it shall be necessarie, that presentlie from amongst you there be chosen and elected iij Almoners, for the dailie oversight of the House, as Assistants with the Thresorer; ij Scruteners to gather in the Legacies; with a Rent-gatherer, and ij Surveiors.

And to the Intent that every of your Worhsips may the better understande what in this Government yow have to doe duringe the Time you are in Offce, now shal be presentlie read unto yow the Lettres Patents and Graunte form the Kinge, with the Indentures of Covenants; thereby to shew to yow, aswell what Benefits the Citie receiveth by the same; as also what is by the Citie to be done in that Behalf, for the Maintenance, Succour, and Reliefe of the Poore; with the true Estate of the Howse, aswell the Foote of the Thresorer's Account, as alsoe the Number of Children remaining and Pensioners relieved at the Cities Charge.

And for the better instructinge of your Worships touching the Government herein; you shal understand, that by Vertue of theis Graunts from the Kinge, the Maior and Cominaltie, Citizens