The Order of the Hospitals.35

The Order of the Hospitals.

The Order of the Hospitals of King Henry the viijth, and King Edward the vjth, viz. St. Bartholomew, Christ's, Bridewell, St. Thomas's. By the Maior, Commonaltie, and Citizens of LONDON; Governours of the Possessions, Revenues, and Goods of the sayd Hospitals, Anno 1557.


Offley Maior.

Martis vicessimo Octavo die Septembris, Anno Phil. & Marie quarto & quinto.

At this Court it was agreed, that all the several Articles and Ordinances hereafter mentioned and expressed, and openly read to the Court here this Day, concerning the Governance and Ordering from henceforth of the House of the Poore in West Smithfield, and the Hospitals of this Citie, lately devised by Sir Martin Bowes, and Sir Rowland Hill, Knights, and divers other of my Masters th'Aldermen and the Commoners of this Citie, being Governours and Surveyors at this present, of the said Houses, and of all the Lands and other Revenues of the same whatsoever, shall be entred of Record, and from henceforth be put in due Execution from Time to Time, according to the true Meaning of the same.

The Ordinances and Rules for the Governors of the Hospitalls in the Citie of London.


To be redd in every of the said Hospitalls at a full Courte once every Quarter, either xiiij Days before or after the Quarter Day.

WHereas the most excellent and worthy Princes our late Soveraigne Lordes Kinge Henry the viiith, and King Edward the vith, of their bountifull Benignitie and charitable Devotion towardes the Succour and Sustentation of the Poor in this Citie, have geven and graunted by their Lettres Patents, with Indentures of Covenants and Bandes to the said Princes and their Successors, by the Citie made for Performation thereof, to the Maior and Cominaltie Citizens of this said Citie, aswell iiij several Hospitalls, (that is to say) By King Henry the viijth, one Hospitall called St. Bartholomewes the Little, and by Kinge Edward the vith iij other Hospitalls, called Christ's Hospital, Bridewell Place, and St. Thomas Hospital; as also certain Lands and Tenements, towards the Relief and Maintenance of suche Poore as there are releved, and have also, by their Kingly Prerogative, graunted unto the Maior and Cominaltie for the better Government of the same, amongst other Things in the said Lettres Patents, Authority and Power to elect and chuse Governours and Officers; and also to make and constitute good and holsome Ordinances for godlie Maintenance thereof: By vertue of the whiche Lettres Patents We the said Maior and Cominaltie have made and ordained these Rules and Ordinances in Maner and Forme followinge.

First, How manye Governours shal be elected; the Maner of their Election; and how they shal be divided; and of their Continuance.


THE Number of Persons that shal Governe the said iiij Hospitals beforementioned shal be Lxvi at the least, and xiiij of them to be Aldermen, (that is to say) vj Graye Clokes and viij Callabre, with Lij grave Commoners, Citizens and Fremen of the said Citie, whereof iiij to be Skriveners, at the least. To th'Intent that in every House may be one or moe, as Need shall require. And ij of the Aldermen of the Auncients Graye Clokes to be Governours General of all the said iiij Hospitalls; the Senior of those twaine to be Comptroler, and the other Surveior; and other xij Aldermen and Lij Commoners shal be devided equaly to the said iiij Houses, (that is to say) for every House xvj Persons at the least, to wit, iij Aldermen, whereof one shal be a Graye Cloke, who shal be their President, and xiij Commoners, whereof one shal be their Treasurer.

And yearly, upon the Day of St. Matthew th'Apostell, at a General Court to be houlden in Christe Hospitall, or els in some other convenient Place, by the said Governours, or the most part of them, shal be elected and chosen new Governours, to govern the said Hospitalls for ij Years then next ensuinge, from the Feast of St. Michaell th'Archangell: and none to remain above ij Years, except upon resonable Consideration, and by Consent of the greatest Number of the said general Courte.

And if it happen any of the said Governours do dye within the Year (as God defend) being under the Degre of an Alderman, or the Thresorer (the Governours of St. Bartholomew's Hospi-