Guy is a Lecturer in AI and Digital Humanities in the Digital Humanities Institute (DHI). His research is interdisciplinary in nature, combining elements of digital humanities, economic and social history, geography, and urban studies.

Prior to joining the DHI in 2024, Guy held academic positions at the University of Glasgow, The Alan Turing Institute and The Open University. He earned his PhD (in History) from the University of Exeter in 2020.

Guy is generally interested in the application of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and computational methods to research in the humanities, particularly (although not exclusively) in relation to geospatial data.

His broader research interests concern the dynamics of urban systems, long term economic and social development, and the role of ‘missingness’ and uncertainty in data analysis. His research background includes the development of tools to aid the linkage of individuals across historic censuses, modelling of inter-city trade in the nineteenth century economy of England and Wales, and contributor biases in Volunteered Geographic Information platforms.

Guy’s teaching interests include Digital Humanities, Artificial Intelligence, digital culture, Geographic Information Systems and geospatial analysis, economic and social history, industrialisation, and economic development.