The Sheffield Corpus of Chinese

First Edition 2007

The Sheffield Corpus of Chinese (SCC) is a diachronic corpus consisting of a wide range of fully marked-up Chinese historical texts together with an integral search and analysis tool. The texts are organised in different types and genres and in different time periods. The long-term aim of SCC is to provide an extensive digital resource to facilitate study of the history and development of the Chinese language.

Please see the full documentation for more details.

The SCC integral search and analysis tool enables users to specify a search item and then locate and display all occurrences of that item in the whole or specified parts of the corpus. Frequency tables that display the total number of occurrences and their distribution in the specified parts of the corpus are automatically displayed. In addition, it is possible to browse the contents of the corpus.

We are grateful to the British Academy for funding the pilot project. We are also grateful to the Social Science Council of the University of Sheffield for funding and the Humanities Research Institute of the University for supporting the first expansion phase. Without their help, the corpus would not have been built and developed so far.

Copyright in the transcription, metadata, and design and content of these webpages is owned by the University of Sheffield. If you employ SCC in the course of your research, you should cite the references as Hu, et al. (2005) and Hu, et al. (2007). You should also inform us about the publication details of your research based on the corpus.

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