1750s 1757 Foundation of the Academy of Arts in St Petersburg.
1761 1761 Empress Elizabeth dies, Peter III to throne.
1762 1762 19 August. Academy opens for seven days for public examination and exhibition.

1762 Catherine II takes the throne. Peter III murdered.
1763 1763 First programme set for students of Academy.
1764 1764 January. Sale of students' works at Academy to attract public interest.

1764 Academy granted Statute by Catherine II.
1766 1766 First catalogue of Academy exhibition
1769 1769 Academy: On return from Rome, Losenko, Kain (Cain), Avel' (Abel), and Pravosudie (Justice) (copy of Raphael) 1769 Smes' (The Medley) publishes 'Pis'mo k izdateliu' (Losenko's contribution to Russian painting.)
1770 1770 May. Falconet opens S-Pb studio for two weeks to display model of monument to Peter the Great.

1770 Summer. Annual exhibition at Academy: Losenko. Vladimir pered Rognedoi (Vladimir and Rogneda).
1773 1773-4 Diderot visits S-Pb. Frequent meetings with Catherine II, visits Academy of Arts.
1782 1782 7 August. Falconet's monument to Peter the Great unveiled in S-Pb.
1789 1789 Arkhip Ivanov's translation of Roger de Piles.
1792 1792 Chekalevskii, Rassuzhdenie o svobodnykh khudozhestvakh
1796 1796 Catherine II outlaws private printing presses. Catherine II dies, Paul I ascends throne, severe censorship on press and restrictions on import of foreign publications
1799 1799 Artists not associated with Academy allowed to exhibit at Academy exhibitions
1801 1801 Paul I assassinated. Alexander I lifts restrictions on foreign books and eases censorship
1802 1802 Alexander I allows private printing presses
1804 1804 Academy: Martos, model of Minin and Pozharskii monument 1804 Academy exhibition reviewed in Severnyi vestnik (The Northern Messenger). 1804 Censorship statute encourages press discussion of topical issues and promotion of education.
1805 1805 Kiprenskii receives Academy Major Gold Medal for painting Dmitrii Donskoi na Kulikovom pole (Dmitrii Donskoi on Kulikovo Field)
1807 1807 First Russian journal devoted to art, Zhurnal iziashchnykh iskusstv
1812 1812-14 War with Napoleon
1814 1814 Academy Exhibition: Egorov, Istiazanie Khrista (Scourging of Christ), portraits by Kiprenskii and Varnek. 1814 December. Batiushkov, Progulka v Akademiiu khudozhestv (A Stroll to the Academy of Arts)
1818 1818 Martos monument to Minin and Pozharskii unveiled in Moscow.
1820 1820 Foundation of Society for the Encouragement of the Artists
1823 1823-5 Zhurnal iziashchnykh iskusstv (The Journal of the Fine Arts) published (S-Pb) by Vasilii Grigorovich
1825 1825 Aleksandr Galich, Opyt nauki iziashchnogo (Essay on the Science of Beauty). 1825 Alexander I dies. Nicholas I to throne having suppressed Decembrists' revolt.
1826 1826 1812 War Gallery opened at Winter Palace 1826 January. Society for the Encouragement of the Artists opens permanent S-Pb exhibition to display and sell artists' works.
1827 1827 Academy exhibition 1827 First study of public opinion in Russia by Maksim Von Vock
1828 1828 First copyright law in Russia
1830 1830s Beginning of journalism oriented to wide public
1833 1833 First Academy exhibition catalogues 1833 'Official nationality' adopted as state ideology
1834 1834 Briullov, Poslednii den' Pompei (The Last Day of Pompeii) at Hermitage. 1834 Nikolai Gogol'. 'Poslednii den' Pompei. (Kartina Briullova)' (The Last Day of Pompeii: Painting by Briullov').
1836 1836 Academy: Ivanov, Iavlenie Khrista Marii Magdaline (The Appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalene). 1836-41 Khudozhestvennaia gazeta published in S-Pb
1840 1840 Reform of Academy of Arts
1842 1842 Academy: Bruni, Mednyi zmii (The Bronze Serpent) 1842 Vasilii Botkin, 'Vystavka imperatorskoi Sankt-Peterburgskoi Akademii khudozhestv v 1842 godu'
1842 Index of Academy holdings published
1843 1843 Inauguration of Moscow School of Painting and Sculpture
1845 1845 December. Nicholas I visits Rome, inspects works by Russian artists, incl. Ivanov
1845 Nekrasov, Fiziologiia Peterburga
1846 1846 Nikolai Gogol'. 'Istoricheskii zhivopisets Ivanov' 1846 First use of term natural'naia shkola
1847 1847 Academy: Aivazovskii
1847 Rizzoni, Tolkuchii rynok (Second-hand Market) receives Major Gold Medal.
1847 Maikov, 'Vystavka kartin Aivazovskogo v 1847 godu' and 'Godichnaia vystavka v imperatorskoi Akademii khudozhestv'
1848 1848 Academy: Fedotov, Svatovstvo maiora, Razborchivaia nevesta and Svezhii kavaler 1848 Belinskii advocates 'natural school' in literature 1848 26 May. Belinskii dies 1848 Revolutions in Europe
1848-53 Harsh intimidation of press to prevent dissemination of revolutionary ideas
1850 1850 Academy exhibition
1851 1851 Academy exhibition: works of art and rare objects
1851 October: Academy exhibition, Fedotov. Vdovushka (The Widow)
1851-62 Russkii khudozhestvennyi listok published
1852 1852 New Hermitage opens as public museum 1852 11 June. Briullov dies in Rome 1853-55 Crimean War
1855 1855 Chernyshevskii, Esteticheskie otnosheniia iskusstva k deistvitel'nosti 1855 Nicholas I dies. Alexander II begins 'great reforms', granting limited press freedom
1856 1856 Mikhail Zheleznov, 'Znachenie Briullova v iskusstve' 1856 Tret'iakov begins collection of art
1856 Academy opens class of Orthodox icon painting
1856 March 18. Treaty of Paris ends Crimean war
1857 1857 Academy annual exhibition 1857 Maikov, 'Vystavka imperatorskoi Akademii khudozhestv 1857 goda'
1858 1858 Academy, June: Ivanov, Iavlenie Khrista narodu 1858 Théophile Gautier's first visit to Russia
1858 3 July. Ivanov dies in St Petersburg
1859 1859 Mikhailov, 'Khudozhestvennaia vystavka v Peterburge' 1859 New statute at Academy
1859-60 Dobroliubov, 'real'naia kritika'
1859 Charles Darwin, Origin of Species
1860 1860 Academy annual exhibition
1860 Academy: seascapes by Bogoliubov
1860 Exhibition of Society for the Encouragement of the Artists
1860 Kovalevskii, 'O khudozhestvakh i khudozhnikakh v Rossii' and 'Novoe imia v russkikh khudozhestvakh' 1860s Mechanised printing presses greatly increase output
1860 Moscow Society of Art Lovers founded
1860s Rise of Russian populist movement
1861 1861 Academy exhibition
1861 Works for London world exhibition shown at Academy
1861 Perov, Sel'skii krestnyi khod na Paskhe in St Petersburg
1861 Zemchuzhnikov on Academy exhibition
1861 Stasov articles on critical realism and the Academy
1861 Dostoevskii on Academy exhibition
1861 Gautier's second visit to Russia. Dobroliubov dies.
1862 1862 World Exhibition in London 1862 Chernyshevskii imprisoned
1863 1863 Academy annual exhibition
1863 Manet's Déjeuner sur l'herbe at first Paris Salon des Refusés
1863 Dmitriev, 'Rassharkivaiushcheesia iskusstvo'
1863 Stasov criticises World Exhibition
1863 Saltykov-Shchedrin on Ge
1863 The Fourteen leave the Academy
1863 Renan, Histoire des origines du christianisme
1864 1864 Academy: collection of Prince Nikolai Kushelev-Bezborodko
1864 Academy: Flavitskii, Kniazhna Tarakanova (Princess Tarakanova)
1864 Pogodin on Ge
1864 Stasov on the Fourteen censored
1865 1865 Academy: Illarion Prianishnikov, Shutniki (Humorists) 1865 Bruni, 'Antagonistam Akademii khudozhestv'
1865 Proudhon, Du Principe de l'art et de sa destination sociale (in Russian translation)
1865 First annual competition in the Society for the Encouragement of the Artists 1865 New Censorship Statute
1866 1866 Academy: works of previous decade for Paris World exhibition 1866 4 April. Dmitrii Karakozov's failed attempt to assassinate Alexander II
1866 Authorities close radical journals Sovremennik (The Contemporary) and Russkoe slovo (The Russian Word).
1867 1867 Paris: World Exhibition
1868 1868 Buslaev, 'Zadachi sovremennoi esteticheskoi kritiki' 1868 Conquest of Samarkand. Vereshchagin begins paintings inspired by campaign
1869 1869 Vereshchagin, Turkestanskaia seriia 1869 Taine, Filosofiia iskusstva
1870 1870 The Association of Travelling Art Exhibitions (the Peredvizhniki) is established.
1870 A. F. Marks begins weekly journal Niva (The Field)
1870 Mamontov purchase of Abramtsevo
1871 1871 Ilia Repin's Burlaki na Volge (The Volga Barge Haulers) receives first prize at Society for the Encouragement of the Artists competition.
1871 First exhibition of the Peredvizhniki
1871 Stasov acclaims first Peredvizhniki exhibition
1871 Saltykov-Shchedrin on organisation and works of Peredvizhniki
1872 1872 World Exhibition in London
1872 Second exhibition of Peredvizhniki
1873 1873 Exhibition of works selected for Vienna World Exhibition
1873 Vereshchagin in London
1873 World exhibition in Vienna
1873 Stasov assesses Repin, Volga Barge Haulers
1873 Beavington Atkinson, An Art Tour to Russia
1873 Until 1874. Culmination of Populist 'Going to the people'
1874 1874 Third Peredvizhniki exhibition
1874 Posthumous Exhibition of Fedor Vasil'ev at Society for the Encouragement of the Artists
1874 Vereshchagin, Turkestan series in S-Pb
1874 Vereshchagin publishes rejection of Academy professorship
1874 Censorship causes newspapers to refuse to publish Stasov on Vereshchagin
1874 Vereshchagin and Stasov meet, and begin correspondence.
1874 Pavel Tret'iakov opens his gallery to the public
1874 Adrian Prakhov's inaugural lecture as Professor of Art History in University of St Petersburg
1874 Vereshchagin burns some of Turkestan series
1874 Establishment of Abramtsevo artists' colony by Savva and Elizaveta Mamontov
1874 Criticism of Academy forbidden and suspension of The Voice extended
1875 1875 Fourth Peredvizhniki exhibition 1875 Pchela first published
1875 Stasov publishes attack on Prakhov
1875 Prakhov begins teaching Art History at Academy
1876 1876 Fifth Peredvizhniki exhibition
1876 Annual Academy exhibition
1876 Society for Exhibitions of Works of Art exhibitions begin
1877 1877 Academy: Henryk Siemiradzki, Svetochi khristianstva (Torches of Nero). 1877 Until 1878. Russian-Turkish war in Balkans
1878 1878 Academy: works selected for Paris World exhibition
1878 World Exhibition in Paris
1878 Sixth Peredvizhniki exhibition
1878 Stasov on 1878 Peredvizhniki and Paris World exhibitions
1878 Prakhov suspended from Academy teaching
1879 1879 Seventh Peredvizhniki exhibition
1879 S-Pb: Hans Makart, Romeo and Juliet (Society for Exhibitions of Works of Art, third exhibition)
1879 London and Paris: Vasilii Vereshchagin
1879 Turgenev in Parisian press in support of Vereshchagin 1879 S-Pb: Art and Industry Museum opens
1880 1880 Academy, Mar-Apr: Personal exhibition of Mikhail Antokol'skii
1880 S-Pb: Vereshchagin exhibition
1880 S-Pb: Vereshchagin auction
1880 S-Pb: Kuindzhi
1880 Botkin on Ivanov 1880 Dostoevskii, Brat'ia Karamazovy (The Brothers Karamazov)
1881 1881 Ninth Peredvizhniki exhibition
1881 First exhibition of informal circle of Russian Watercolourists
1881 Vereshchagin in Vienna
1881 Ivan Kramskoi on Ivanov
1881 Khudozhestvennyi zhurnal begins
1881 Free admission to Tret'iakov Gallery 1881 1 Mar. Alexander II assassinated by terrorist, Alexander III to throne.
1882 1882 First all-Russian arts and industry exhibition 1882 Kramskoi on 'Russkie khudozhestvennye kritiki'
1882 Stasov on Russian national school
1882 Perov dies.
1883 1883 Eleventh Peredvizhniki exhibition
1883 April-May. Exhibition of Vereshchagin's Indian and Balkan Series in Moscow
1883 Stasov, 'Perov i Musorgskii'
1883 Stasov on Vereshchagin
1883 Journal Vestnik iziashchnykh iskusstv
1883 Measures taken against press criticism of Academy
1885 1885 Thirteenth Peredvizhniki exhibition
1885 Vienna: Vereshchagin
1885 Stasov on art criticism and the public
1885 Stasov on Repin and Academy
1885 First provincial public museum in Saratov 1885 Calls for prosecution of newspaper Novosti
1885 Introduction of exhibition censorship
1886 1886 First travelling Academy exhibition 1886 Odessa press on Peredvizhniki
1886 Vereshchagin on art
1887 1887 Fifteenth Peredvizhniki exhibition
1887 London: Vereshchagin
1887 Official establishment of Society of Russian Watercolourists
1887 Repin leaves Peredvizhniki
1887 24 Mar. Kramskoi dies
1888 1888 Sixteenth Peredvizhniki exhibition
1888 Vereshchagin in Paris
1888 Vereshchagin in New York
1888 Heinrich Wölfflin, Renaissance und Barock
1889 1889 Seventeenth Peredvizhniki exhibition 1889 Journal Artist 1889 Major change in Board of Academy
1890 1890 Eighteenth Peredvizhniki exhibition
1890 Ge, Christ and Pilate suppressed
1890 Exhibition hall of Society for the Encouragement of the Arts opened
1890 Diaghilev and others join 'The Society of Self-Education'
1890 S-Pb Society of Artists formed
1890 New statutes for Peredvizhniki
1890 Revision of Academy statutes begins
1891 1891 Moscow, 15 May: first exhibition of St Petersburg Society of Artists
1891 S-Pb: Il'ia Repin
1891 S-Pb: Shishkin
1891 Joséphin 'Sâr' Péladan publishes 'Manifesto' and 'Rules of the Salon de la Rose + Crois'.
1892 1892 Moscow, Feb: Il'ia Repin
1892 Twentieth Peredvizhniki exhibition
1892 Paris, March. First exhibition of Symbolist Salon de la Rose + Crois
1892 Journal Russkii khudozhestvennyi arkhiv begins. 1892 Pavel Tret'iakov donates his and brother Sergei's collections and gallery to city of Moscow
1892 Merezhkovskii on Russian literature
1892 Max Nordau, Entartung (Degeneration)
1892 Establishment of Munich Secession
1893 1893 First exhibition of Moscow Association of Artists
1893 Academy: Shishkin
1893 21st Peredvizhniki exhibition
1893 Alexandre Benois's debut as art critic and historian
1893 Repin in defence of beauty
1893 Tret'iakov Gallery opens as public museum
1893 Princess Maria Tenisheva founds artists' colony in Talashkino, near Smolensk
1894 1894 Stasov's collected works (3 vols, S-Pb) 1894 New statute of Academy
1894 Moscow, 23 April - 1 May: First Congress of Russian Artists (ded. Pavel Tret'iakov)
1894 Stasov severs contact with Repin
1894 Alexander III dies. Nicholas II ascends throne
1895 1895 Moscow: Vereshchagin 1895 Establishment of Russian Museum in S-Pb
1896 1896 May, Nizhnii Novgorod: All-Russian Exhibition of Industry and Art
1896 S-Pb: Vereshchagin
1897 1897 First Academy spring exhibition
1897 S-Pb: Exhibition of German and English Watercolourists
1897 S-Pb: Exhibition of Scandinavian Artists
1897 Grabar', Upadok ili vozrozhdenie
1897 Leo Tolstoy, Chto takoe iskusstvo?
1897 Stasov on Repin
1897 Establishment of the Vienna Secession
1897 Diaghilev proposes formation of new society
1898 1898 S-Pb: Exhibition of Russian and Finnish Artists
1898 S-Pb, March. Russian Museum of Alexander III opens
1898 First issue of Mir iskusstva
1898 First issue of Iskusstvo i khudozhestvennaia promyshlennost'
1898 Inception of Secessionist journal Ver Sacrum (Vienna)
1898 Establishment of the Berlin Secession
1899 1899 S-Pb: first World of Art exhibition
1899 S-Pb: Viktor Vasnetsov
1899 Academy: Karl Briullov centenary exhibition
1899 Polemics between Repin and Diaghilev
1899 Stasov on World of Art
1899 Stasov on international exhibition
1899 Stasov in support of Repin
1899 Briullov centenary celebrations
1900 1900 Paris World exhibition 1900 Organising committee for World of Art exhibitions formed
1901 1901 Academy: third World of Art exhibition, and Levitan exhibition
1901 Moscow: The 36
1901 Vereshchagin in USA
1901 Khudozhestvennye sokrovishcha Rossii begins
1902 1902 March. Fourth exhibition of the journal World of Art
1902 S-Pb: Russian portraiture
1902 First Moscow exhibition of World of Art
1902 Moscow: Exhibition of Architecture and Industrial Art
1902 Vrubel', Metropol Hotel, Moscow
1902 Diaghilev on Dmitrii Levitskii
1902 Benois, History of Russian painting
1902 Diaghilev on Benois
1903 1903 Thirty-first Peredvizhniki exhibition
1903 Moscow: Union of Russian Artists
1903 The World of Art group and The 36 form new organisation. World of Art exhibitions end
1904 1904 S-Pb, February: New Society of Artists first exhibition
1904 Thirty-second Peredvizhniki exhibition
1904 Moscow Society of Artists eleventh exhibition
1904 Saratov: Crimson Rose exhibition
1904 S-Pb: Vereshchagin (posthumous)
1904 First issue of Vesy 1904 January (until 1905). Russo-Japanese war
1905 1905 S-Pb: Russian portrait exhibition 1905 Stasov, 'Itogi nashei portretnoi vystavki'
1905 Declaration 'The voice of artists'
1905 Dal'kevich on Russian Museum
1905 Beginning of year: World of Art discontinued 1905 S-Pb, January 9. 'Bloody Sunday' massacre triggers first Russian Revolution
1906 1906 Thirty-fourth Peredvizhniki exhibition
1906 Academy: spring exhibition
1906 S-Pb: World of Art
1906 Moscow Socety of Artists
1906 Russian exhibition in Paris
1906 Academy: Union of Russian Artists
1906 Thirty-fifth Peredvizhniki exhibition
1906 First issue of Zolotoe Runo
1906 Union of Russian Artists, Kartiny zhizni
1906 First issue of Adskaia pochta
1906 Discussion of individualism in Zolotoe Runo
1906 10 October. Stasov dies 1906 Censorship Statute ends preliminary press censorship
1907 1907 S-Pb: Nesterov
1907 Moscow, Feb: Borisov-Musatov (posthumous)
1907 Moscow: Union of Russian Artists
1907 S-Pb: New Society of Artists
1907 S-Pb Society of Artists
1907 Moscow Society of Artists
1907 Moscow: The Blue Rose
1907 Moscow: Venok (Stefanos)
1907 First issue of Starye gody 1907 Ballet Pavil'on Armidy
1908 1908 March: S-Pb: Borisov-Musatov (posthumous)
1908 S-Pb: Venok
1908 S-Pb: Contemporary Trends in Art
1908 Moscow: First Golden Fleece Salon
1908 Paris: Russian works
1908 Kiev: Link
1908 31st exhibition of Vienna Secession
1908 Moscow: Union of Russian Artists, 6th exhibition
1908 Paris: Diaghilev's Russian Seasons begin
1909 1909 S-Pb: Salon
1909 Moscow: second Golden Fleece salon
1909 S-Pb: 6th exhibition of New Society of Artists
1909 Polenov, Iz zhizni Khrista
1909 S-Pb: Impressionists exhibition
1909 S-Pb: Venok Stephanos
1909 S-Pb: German artists
1909 S-Pb: Trubetskoi, Alexander III
1909 Moscow: Lemercier gallery opened
1909 Moscow: third Golden Fleece salon
1909 Odessa: first major avant-garde exhibition in Russian Empire
1909 Moscow: Union of Russian Artists, 7th exhibition
1909 Kul'bin lecture on free art
1909 Elena Guro, Sharmanka
1909 First issue of Apollon
1909 Tasteven on 'Apollinism'
1909 Kul'bin lecture on new paths in art
1909 Benua on Union of Russian Artists
1909 Makovskii, Stranitsy khudozhestvennoi kritiki
1909 Denis in Moscow
1909 Artists leave Zolotoe Runo
1909 Soiuz molodezhi established