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To have details of your own research included here (from 2003 onwards) please email rva@exeter.ac.uk.


Carol Adlam, ed., Critical Exchange: European Art Criticism of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (in progress)

Carol Adlam, 'Realist Aesthetics in Nineteenth-century Art Writing'Slavonic and East European Review, 83.4 (2005): 638-63(ISSN 0037-6795)

Carol Adlam, 'The "Frisky Pencil": Aesthetic Vision in Russian Graphic Satire of the Period of the Great Reforms', Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, 3.2 (2004) (ISSN 1543-1002)

Carol Adlam and Alexey Makhrov , 'A Russian Kaleidoscope: Shifting Visions of the Emergence and Development of Art Criticism in the Electronic Archive Russian Visual Arts, 1800-1913', Art On the Line, 1 (2004) (ISSN 1478-6818)

Alexey Makhrov, 'The Pioneers of Russian Art Criticism: Between State and Public Opinion, 1804-1855', Slavonic and East European Review, 81.4 (2003): 614-33 (ISSN 0037-6795)


September 2003; Conference: 'Art Criticism in Eastern and Western Europe, 1700-1900'

Alexey Makhrov. 'Naive and outrageous, or perceptive and skilful? A reassessment of Vladimir Stasov's art criticism'

June 2003: Carol Adlam, Paper at 2003 Symposium of the BASEES Nineteenth-century Study Group

March 2003: Panel entitled 'Nineteenth-century Russian Art' at Annual BASEES Conference (http://www.basees.org.uk/) (British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies), Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, 29-31 March.

Chair: Carol Adlam (Exeter)

Papers: Robert Russell (Sheffield), 'Stasov as an art critic'
Alexey Makhrov (Exeter). 'Avant-garde or Kitsch? Works by Vasilii Vereshchagin in Russian and Western art criticism.'
Peter Webster (Sheffield), 'The AHRB project on Russian art & art criticism'
Peter Hellyer (British Library), 'British library holdings in Russian art'

26 February 2003 Alexey Makhrov, 'Russian Realist Art and the Devices of its Critics' (School of Modern Languages and Centre for European Nineteenth-Century Studies Research Seminar, University of Exeter)

November 2002: Panel entitled 'New Approaches to Russian Art Criticism' at 34th AAASS ( American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies) National Convention, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Chair: Robert Russell

Papers: Carol Adlam, 'Caricaturists on Artists';
Sarah Dadswell, 'Re-Approaching Russian Futurism';
Alexey Makhrov, 'Academic Exhibitions and the Emergence of Russian Art Criticism'

Disc.: Alison L. Hilton, Georgetown University

November 2002: Carol Adlam: University of Bristol Centre for Russian and East European Cultural Studies Research Seminar, 'The "Frisky Pencil": Russian Graphic Satire and Aesthetic Criticism, 1855-1870'

January 2002: Alexey Makhrov, University of Exeter School of Modern Languages research seminar on Moscow architecture

December 2001: Carol Adlam, Alexey Makhrov: presentation at 'Dialogue of National Libraries: Russia-Great Britain, the 2nd Bilateral Seminar', The British Library

April 2001: Carol Adlam, Alexey Makhrov, Robert Russell, SCONUL SEEG presentation, University of Sheffield

Further details of articles and presentations will be posted here.