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The following minor alterations have been made to RVA supporting documentation pages:

  • adlam.html: alteration of factual information (13 July 2006)
  • changes.html: addition of page to site
  • conferences.html: correction of broken link (13 July 2006)
  • index.html: addition of hriOnline logo and link; addition of link to current 'site change' page
  • russell.html: correction of broken link (13 July 2006)
  • postgraduates.html: change to tense in descriptive paragraph (13 July 2006)
  • research.html: addition of research publication (13 July 2006)

One change has been made to the research archive:

  • stas09intro.html: date of Peter the Great's birth corrected; final paragraph abridged (13 July 2006)