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Image details (from Iskra)


We thank the Arts and Humanities Research Board for their extremely generous funding of the Russian Visual Arts project from October 2000 to September 2003.

Of the many people who have assisted throughout the period of the Russian Visual Arts project and beyond, we would like first and foremost to thank the staff of the Slavonic Collections, British Library, for their expert assistance and encouragement. The project would not have got off the ground without the generous response of Dr Christine Thomas (Slavonic Curator, British Library) to our initial, tentative enquiries. We are indebted to Dr Thomas and to the following members of staff at the British Library for their assistance and support throughout the project: Dr Peter Hellyer, Dr Kate Sealey-Rahman and Sadie Morgan-Cheshire (formerly of the staff of the Slavonic Collections). Dr Natal'ia Verbina and Dr Aleksandr Sapozhnikov of the National Library of Russia (St Petersburg) have also been very helpful. We also thank Professor Grigorii Sternin (State Institute of Art History, Moscow) for his encouragement.

We also gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the following individuals at the Universities of Exeter and Sheffield in providing technical and/or administrative advice and assistance: Dr Mike Dobson (Pallas Computing, Exeter); Dr Richard Crangle (IT Services, Exeter); Mr Naciketta ('Nac') Datta and Mr Gary Springer (Pallas Computing); Mr Michael Pidd (formerly Humanities Research Institute, Sheffield); Ms Christiane Meckseper and Mr Jamie McLaughlin (Humanities Research Institute, Sheffield).

We would also like to thank Dr Kelly Miller (University of Virginia) for generously contributing several translations to the project.

Finally, we owe a debt of gratitude to Professor David Shepherd (Professor of Russian, University of Sheffield), not only for his encouragement throughout, but for leading the way in bringing humanities computing to Russian studies.

Carol Adlam
Alexey Makhrov
Robert Russell