Enter a keyword to search the entire database. All keywords are given a wildcard suffix, so a search for "queen" will also return "queene" and "queens". Multiple keywords are treated as an exact phrase. You can also search for a specific STC number by prefixing the STC number with the letters "stc"; for example, a search for "stc1562" will return a record with the STC number 1562.
Advanced Search
User the panel below to search the RCC database. Select a Category from the dropdown menu and then provide a Keyword. The Advanced Search will then look for records within the RCC database which contain the keyword in this category. You can search up to a total of three categories simultaneously. Click on Go to initiate the search.

Phrase Searching: A search for "beverages water" will be treated as an exact phrase. In order to search for two terms which appear separately in the same field, use two category selections, such as 1. Category: Subject, Keyword: beverages and 2. Category: Subject, Keyword: water.

Date Range Searching: Simply select the category "Year" and provide a keyword using the format "YYYY-YYYY". For example: "1579-1580".
Option 1CategoryKeyword
Option 2CategoryKeyword
Option 3CategoryKeyword
The relationship between the search terms is currently AND (i.e. find me records containing query #1 and query #2 and query #3).
Change the relationship to OR
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