Interview with L. (Chernivtsi)

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Key information

Title: Interview with L., AHRC AH/I025883/1/9
Date: 24/03/2012
Interviewer: Nadezhda Beliakova (NB)
Interviewee: Interviewee, L. (L)
Duration: hour(s) 83 minutes and 42 seconds
Location: Chernivtsi, Ukraine


NB Later as a child did you go to church?
L Yes, of course.
NB Did you go to Ryleev street?
L Ryleev didn’t exist then. We went to a different service. When in the 1980s they started building on Ryleev street we took part in the construction.
NB Where did you go before that?
L There was a house here, not far away from here, by the way. It was a subbotnik prayer house, and we, our church rented an apartment there. Then certain changes took place and we were able to acquire this site where Ryleev is now.
NB When you were little, were there any lessons for the children? A Sunday school in the congregation?
L For us?
NB Yes, for you to have some organizational…
L Yes, but that was after we had reached the age of ten… and these lessons were unofficial, let’s say. A sister would invite us, she was quite senior, to her home. We didn’t quite know why, was it for a birthday, were we going to a birthday party, we weren’t even told, but we were going to a sort of circle, for lessons. We were going to a birthday. Or we were invited to visit, that I remember. I think we grasped why later.
NB Were these lessons on a regular basis?
L Yes
NB Was the group large?
L There were about 10 people, maybe 12. Generally, they were relatives and friends of the parents, the families were friends and so a group like this was organized.
NB Among the children who were there…
L Those who we mingled with, yes. Our parents socialized with each other, became friends, and a circle sort of grew out of this. My brother would go, then the brother and sister from another family, and even though there was a slight age difference we were always there together.
NB Did these lessons go on for long? How long, if you can remember?
L The thing is, they went on for a few years afterwards. Maybe about 5 years, probably 6. We were already quite grown up, we were becoming young adults, so to speak. Since we were all so young, our group began to engage in different activities, quite independently, but we were quite cohesive as a group because we’d been together since we were children. And since we knew each other, our ministry was altogether more serious.