Interviwew with 'Z' (Moscow)

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Key information

Title: Interview with Z. (Moscow)
Date: 31/03/2012
Interviewer: Miriam Dobson (MD)
Interviewee: Interviewee, Z. (Z)
Duration: hour(s) 71 minutes and 27 seconds
Location: Balashikha, Moscow area


Z It was my aunt who had come to believe, mother’s sister, she was the one who accepted Christ.
MD Was she Orthodox or Baptist?
Z No, she put her faith in our church, she travelled to the church in Moscow, that means she had come to believe, and of course she told my mother and me, and she prayed for mother and me, and mother also went there to the church a few times. She invited me, too, ‘Let’s go, Z.! You’ll see our church, see if you like it, and if you do, you can go, too.’ She prayed, and God does hear prayers. So I also agreed and I went.
MD How old were you when you began going to church?
Z Probably 23, yes, I think so, I had a daughter already. I agreed and went, I was taken there.
AS That was 1948, probably.
Z Yes, probably 1948, yes. And I liked it. Another reason I liked it was because I had a very jealous husband. How he used to annoy me. There was a large factory, an institute where many people worked. Everyone knew me there, I worked as an inspector. When people said hello he’d ask ‘Is this a friend of yours?’ Someone would say hello, he’d say ‘is this a friend of yours?’ So he really got to me, he’d come home when I was washing the doors and he’d say ‘Waiting for visitors, are you?’ He’d find fault with everything, he really got under my skin, just impossible to deal with. And so when my aunt took me to church I just sighed with relief, life seemed easier.