e-Science Workshops: The Access Grid in Collaborative Arts and Humanities Research

The aim of this series of workshops was to evaluate the usefulness of the Access Grid for collaborative arts and humanities research.

This project held a series of four workshops exploring how the Access Grid might allow arts and humanities researchers who already make extensive use of ICT to share and discuss work in a wide variety of digital media, and thereby evaluate the potential of grid technologies to develop and enhance their work.escience

While the workshops sought to foster new collaborative activities on the basis of interaction between first-phase humanities computing projects, invitees also included researchers from relevant subject areas with less technical expertise; it was anticipated that the workshops would thereby increase awareness of the potential application of e-science to arts and humanities research more generally.

Final Reports

Duration: 1st October 2006 – 31st March 2007

HRI Project Team

  • Professor David Shepherd (Former Director of HRI, University of Sheffield)
  • Dr Michael Meredith (Developer – The Digital Humanities Institute)