There are many people we would like to thank for their involvement in this project:

Our landscape survey respondents and focus group participants for providing us with an insight into research practices and methodologies in the humanities.

The content providers who consented to be interviewed about industry practices and user research.

The Newsbooks project advisory board, Professor Bob Anderson, Professor Tony McEnery, Professor Tim Hitchcock and Professor Joad Raymond, for their counsel and guidance throughout the project.

Yvonne Dittrich (IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark) and Sara Eriksén (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden) for their advice regarding our Participatory Design approach.

Professor Lorna Hughes at The National Library of Wales for allowing us to pilot our Design Group method with their digital archive of the First World War.

Scott Gibbens of JISC Collections who met with us to share the developmental progress of their Historical Texts service with the project team.

Our Design Group participants, Roxanne But, Scott Eldridge, James Mawdesley, Kirsty Rolfe and Michael Seymour; whose enthusiasm and design ideas have been instrumental in creating an innovative and intuitive digital resource for the test dataset.