1. Acknowledgements
  2. Executive Summary
  3. About the Project
  4. I. Summary of Academic Research Practices and Methodologies
  5. II. Methodology for Data Gathering and Analysis
  6. III. Academic Research Practice Survey Report and Findings
  7. IV. Focus Groups
  8. V. Content Provider Interviews
  9. VI. Methodology for Resource Development
  10. VII. Design Groups
  11. VIII. Data Analysis and "Translation" Between User and Developer
  12. IX. Locating and Using Ethnomethodology within Participatory Design
  13. X. Early Outcomes
  14. XI. Development of "George Thomason's Newsbooks"
  15. XII. Conclusions
  16. Appendix 1: Academic Research Practice - Survey Questions
  17. Appendix 2: Focus Group Topic Guide
  18. Appendix 3: Pilot Design Group Report